Online game "League of Angels. Heaven's Fury"

League of Angels. Heaven's Fury
  • Release date:
    10 December 2013
  • Game type:
  • Game website:
  • Operating system:
    Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
    Intel Core i3-4160 3.60GHz
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    RAM 1024Mb, DirectX 9.0c
  • Disk space:
  • Internet:

League of Angels game review. Heaven's Fury

As you know, games are designed, above all, to entertain and give the opportunity to relax. However, many often go to them as to work - especially when it comes to MMOs, where you regularly have to perform some compulsory actions, engage in pumping, trading, and so on. Especially for those who get tired of it, was invented genre of idle games (idle - in the translation means lazy), where many of the actions are performed automatically, and you can in the meantime step back for a while, take a bath, have a cup of coffee. One of the brightest in this genre today is "League of Angels. Heaven's Fury", which we are talking about in our review.

About the world and the story

Many of the names League of Angels will probably seem familiar - indeed it is a whole series of online role-playing games, which came three numbered parts, the mobile League of Angels - Paradise Land and here League of Angels. Heaven's Fury, which can be called a kind of spinoff, that is a branch of the main series. This branch lies not only in the fact that the game uses a fairly new idle-mechanics (and the "Heaven's Fury" was released in 2021), which has changed the classic for MMORPG gameplay, but also in the fact that the winged angels, the main characters of the franchise, are involved in a truly mythological events.
The fact is that the plot is based on the myths of ancient Greece, but, let's say, in a not quite traditional interpretation. When Zeus learned that Prometheus had provided people with access to fire, he sent Pandora with a box to punish humanity. The box contained vices that escaped into the open, scattered wherever they went and affected everyone, including the gods. Naturally, we need to fix everything and save everyone, along the way solving the mystery of Pandora and her box - to communicate with her, too, accordingly.

In principle, the story tasks and their filing are standard for the conditional-free MMO - help, rescue, find, kill 70 wolves, bring 15 healing herbs, find an antidote. And here, as it should be in idle games, you can include not just auto-fighting and auto-move, but also auto-execution of anything and everything.
Your hero or heroine runs up to the next quest character, who says something pathetic and, as a rule, sends him to slay another dozen or two ice bears anyway. The hero runs there himself, slays them all himself, comes back, gets a reward and runs to the next one to do the same thing again.

And what they tell him and where he is sent - you do not really get involved, simply because you do not even have time to read properly. And this is a quite normal situation for such games, where people don't come for the story. And yet, if you stop and turn off automatic mode, you can learn some pretty interesting things. Here the gods do experiments on people, they feed them some "soup" from "Granny" - it spreads a plague, which in turn threatens...the world tree Yggdrasil, which moved into this version of ancient Greek myths straight from the Scandinavian. At the same time, in order to save the tree, a very young girl and her brother have to be sacrificed, which means that there is also drama. So, as you can see, the plot is actually quite nontrivial.

About modes and battles between players

And in any case, you don't get bored in League of Angels. Heaven's Fury is not that you don't have to, you just don't have time. In addition to endless (at least it may seem so, because the story is very epic) story quests, there are many other challenges, missions, raids, events and activities.

Every day you can perform tasks of your personal angel, take on a hunting mission to kill certain monsters, participate in different events. Lots of them - here and treasure hunt, and heavenly invasion, where you have to defend the land and receive rewards, and the heavenly quiz, where you get to win the power of speech, correct answers to questions. You can also try to escort and deliver the princess in one piece or, conversely, to intercept her.
And, understandably, there are plenty of different dungeon challenges and raids. There are single-player ones, from the Tower of Eternity, which opens in the early levels, to the Infinite Abyss and the Chaos challenge. There we tend to climb the levels/floors sequentially and defeat powerful enemies, each time receiving rewards. There are also specific dungeons designed for something specific - such as collecting experience, materials or weapon upgrades. In some dungeons you have to fight while on the back of a huge flying creature.

And, of course, a special interest represent multiplayer dungeons, which are designed for different levels of players and designed to pass in a group. Also League of Angels. Heaven's Fury is different in that here every day you can fight (and get good rewards for it) with the bosses, which is a great variety - there is a personal boss, world boss, treasure house boss, the boss event "Heavenly Invasion" and others. And there are bosses on every level - the 150th, 200th, 250th, 300th, 350th, 400th. Yes, they don't trivialize the game, and the levels are measured by these values, but about this later.
Once you join an alliance (and the sooner you do, the better!), an alliance boss will also appear. In addition, you will periodically engage in a global battle between alliances called the Battle of the Royal City, where players are dynamically divided into attackers and defenders, and the ruling faction that must eventually defend the city has allies - and they all receive rewards.

But the battles between players (i.e. PvP gameplay) are not limited to this - there's the Arena, the Demon Treasury event, where it's every man for himself, and everyone is eager to get the treasures they're seeking, and two modes in which players are divided into three factions and fight among themselves for various rewards ("Demon Battle" and "Demon Battlefield"). In addition, even some daily activities (like escorting/intercepting a princess) involve you being attacked by other players.

About character development

Naturally, before you participate in all this abundance of events, challenges and activities (and we have not yet said that you can arrange weddings between the players), you need to choose a character class. In League of Angels. Heaven's Fury in this sense, everything is standard - available mage, archer and warrior (here called dragoon). Each has its own skills, some attack from a distance, some close, some are able to replenish their health, and some are not. But in fact there is no fundamental difference between the classes - the game does not rely on that.

The main measure of your character's coolness and at the same time the main pledge of success in all the mentioned activities and especially in PvP-modes is the Combat Rating (BR) level. And it is the sum of all parameters, affects the total power of your character and even access to some activities where the "Recommended BR so-and-so" bar can hang. That is, as we have already said, you can gain levels very quickly due to the fact that there are so many things for which you get experience, but the main indicator will still be BR.
And it is raised in many different ways - this is also a feature of the game, that there are so many options for leveling. In addition to raising the levels, we, of course, put on and improve as many as 12 types of equipment - it is also paid special attention here. First available is a basic version of the outfit, then gradually open up (or you have to open them somehow) other sets, allowing you to try on new, more and more cool things. There are also seemingly purely decorative costumes, designed, as they say, for going out and for beauty, but in fact they also increase the performance, and thus the combat rating. When all items are upgraded to a certain level, we get an overall bonus from this set.

In addition, the player has a personal pet, a racer ("mount"), many angels, gradually open the possibility to get titles, use relics, wings, holy artifacts, insert gems in a special seal - all this (and we have not listed yet all the tools of character development) gives a boost to some or other indicators and increases the BP level, and so all this also needs to be improved.
And pumping is always divided into several stages - after the usual, when you reach a certain ceiling, you can carry out procedures for further "improvement", "growth", "ascent" and so on. And the hero or heroine after achieving the tedious levels and special tasks can improve his class.

But it's especially important to mention angels, which is one of the key mechanics of Rage of Heaven. Each player can use one angel of light and one angel of darkness - by filling the appropriate scale, we call them into battle, activating the most powerful skill - and at that moment the player becomes invulnerable. Gradually more and more angels become available, with their own unique combat techniques. And after you pump them up to a certain category, the angels will start to give the character and various passive bonuses. So choosing which one to take with you has a direct influence on your tactics.

Tips for Beginners

Another thing is that at first it's not obvious, and it seems to you that you can't influence anything here. Experienced people and veterans of the League of Angels series adapt quickly, but newcomers, as a rule, do not understand what is happening here. As it should be in idle projects, the game plays itself, the character jumps somewhere, takes and passes quests, fights, gets 10 levels per minute, and every second there are messages with the offer to pump, put on or activate something.

Therefore, at first you need to find the button responsible for autopilot, and turn it off, and also click the checkbox in the pop-ups, prohibiting them to appear before your eyes for an hour - just enough time to exhale and read the quests, descriptions and more or less understand what is happening.
In fact, it's not difficult - in front of us a regular MMO, just with a special emphasis on pumping everything and everything and with the ability to automate this process, which it is at later stages just valuable and convenient (and also, for example, the fact that there is a single menu, which contains all available activities, which you can immediately go to one click). So when you more or less get the hang of it, you can switch back on auto-pilot, but you shouldn't agree to all the offers to pump something

At first, the precious diamonds, which are usually spent on upgrades, it's better to invest in the development of your pet. Having it upgraded to the 7th category, you'll get a guaranteed chance to drop items from any enemy and boss, and this in turn allows you to collect cool equipment faster.
Well, of course, as we have already said, you need as soon as possible to join the available alliance - good thing there are many and almost all are active. After that, you can perform daily tasks of the alliance, make donations, which allows you to get bonuses to damage, defense, health, and so on at your choice. It is especially important to use the warehouse alliance, where you can dispose of unnecessary items, and received for it coins to get, on the contrary, the necessary. After that, the game really opens up, and it becomes much easier for you to understand and develop

It is clear that in order to feel competitive in top PvP battles you may have to invest real money to buy in-game currency (gold). But as is often the case in these games, and free rewards here give out so much that, at times, have nowhere to go, and for the constant entries into the game for a long time are put and especially cool gifts. So to pay or not to pay - it's a personal matter.


League of Angels. Heaven's Fury may at first seem like a specific game with a high entry threshold, but in fact, if you give it a chance, it opens up and turns out to be a very exciting (one might even say addictive) MMORPG, which provides a huge amount of content - quests, challenges, items, modes, constantly updated events and special events (the game is brand new and is actively supported). It allows all of this to be conveniently automated, but it also leaves room for, what they call, creative exploration. So go for it.

Zarium. September 2022