Online game "Eternal Fury"

Eternal Fury
  • Release date:
    12 September 2019
  • Game type:
  • Game website:
  • Operating system:
    Windows, MacOS
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
    Intel Pentium D / AMD Athlon 64 X2
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    NVidia GeForce 8600 / ATI Radeon X1600 Pro
  • Disk space:
  • Internet:

Eternal Fury Game Review

Eternal Fury was released relatively recently, in 2019, but it has already managed to gain popularity in the browser entertainment market, offering almost everything we love full-fledged online RPGs for. In addition, it stands out for its vivid graphics and dynamic gameplay. All other details are in our review.

About the world and the story

The Eternal Fury universe is based on the now popular Scandinavian mythology. In the kingdom of Vartuna, humans and gods got along peacefully, but then a bloody war broke out, the emperor died, and now all hope is connected to the appearance of a group of brave adventurers and heroes. Each of them has their own concerns at first, but in the end they are all united by a common misfortune. The gates of Helheim, the mythological world of the dead, have once again been opened, and Hel, queen of the undead, has begun to inflict throngs of zombies on the abode of gods and men.

And if only they killed, they would raise the defeated and turn them into the undead. That is why, for example, many of those who oppose us were not seen wanting to destroy the kingdom before, just now are under the influence of evil charms. To end the spell, some even ask for it themselves: "Kill me!" And after a while we meet them again, and they again climb into the fray - because they have been raised from the dead. And even our heroes, our enemies pathologically, with malicious laughter, promise to turn them into their loyal comrades-in-arms after death.
We will meet this leader again and again
Naturally, Hel does not send monsters out of hooligan motives: she wants to awaken Yormungand, the mythological sea serpent, who is capable of causing much trouble.

It's up to the player to stop the outrage, who immediately from the start is inundated with tasks - to pass such a dungeon, kill everyone in the enemy's camp, kill 10 opponents there, defeat a particularly dangerous monster, and so on and so forth. Some story chapters are only opened after a number of conditions - to pump something or improve your equipment, to complete additional quests, to clear certain locations. All this encourages you to engage in all sorts of activities, and there are plenty of them in Eternal Fury, including side activities.
The dialogues here are simple, but well within the genre

About classes and the role system

But before you go to save the world from the undead, you need to choose who to play as. In Eternal Fury there are three traditional classes to choose from. The knight, understandably, relies on melee combat, wields a sword and is reliably protected by steel armor. In addition, he gives a defense bonus to the entire squad. The archer (well, or archeress, you choose your gender) aptly shoots enemies with arrows and is a master of disguise. He has a high level of attack and critical damage, and the rest of the team members such a fighter also improves some parameters. Finally, wizards can not only destroy crowds of enemies with fireballs and lightning bolts, but also heal allies, so they are simply indispensable in group battles.
Naturally, the chosen hero must be improved, earning experience books and money over the course of the game. And, first of all, we have to upgrade his active and passive skills. The first allow you to use different powerful strokes, spells and tricks in battle, and the second give bonuses to the characteristics.

After reaching level 30 a special mechanic called "Astrology" turns on - it's thanks to it you can further increase the combat parameters of the character. At the same time to pump you need to fill the slots with precious spheres of varying degrees of rarity and not use gold, but the so-called "selenite", a special type of currency. And after the hero reaches level 40, will be able to buy and apply different looks, unique to each class and sex. In addition to changing the appearance, they increase the characteristics, as well as the amount of Fury - a resource that is spent on the use of abilities in fights.

By the way, the battles are in turn-based mode, when the opponents are facing each other and attack in turn. It is true that in Eternal Fury they strike without any commands from the player, automatically, but the user can always (and must in very dangerous battles) decide for himself which skill the main character (or heroine) will use and when - will he cast an earthquake on the enemies, for example, or take cover behind a magic shield to reduce the damage. On the one hand it's convenient - you can quietly go to the kitchen for tea while your squad is fighting the enemies. On the other hand, it does not turn off the player from the process, forcing him to intervene in the most important moments.
A skill used in time can change the course of a battle
A character's power is also determined by ranks. For example, a knight can become a sir. The higher the rank, the more will be paid wages, and the steeper the privileges we get - in particular, we get access to powerful equipment and epic shard sets to upgrade it. Yes, as in any RPG, our character becomes stronger with new, steeper equipment - and it's not just weapons, but also armor, amulets, headgear, and so on. At the same time all items can and should be enchanted and improved with different, sometimes rare ingredients (well, and money, of course, too).
However, in the world of Eternal Fury one hero is not a warrior. It is no coincidence that we kept talking about squads, allies, and team battles. In addition to the main character you need to recruit both warriors, which are produced in barracks (and they also belong to different classes), and unique mercenaries. The latter we summon (or rather, try to summon) through a special portal, paying for it from our own pocket. If you're lucky, you can get a powerful ally or ally - well, or their fragments, which are also very useful later. Some of these mercenaries include Merlin (able to increase the health level of all squad members and can destroy up to 4 enemies in one round), Thor (can counterattack and can also stun an enemy for one round), Ku Roi (healthy as an ox, plus creates a shield that takes damage for several rounds) and other legendary heroes.
You can even swap mercenaries
We personally place all hired fighters - both regular soldiers and unique characters - on the front or back line of the attack, thus determining the formation of the squad, which can be changed at any time. Both are also developed with our money and experience books earned. When you reach the maximum level you have to invest in upgrading your ranks and awakening your warriors, so that they can develop further. The level of all your wards ultimately determines the overall Combat Power (BC) of the team - it is the main measure of the player's "coolness" in the world of Eternal Fury.

About building and donating

As in many such games, there is also, shall we say, a strategic-building part. As we progress through the story and achieve success, more and more buildings open up to us. These include the town hall, where we regularly replenish the treasury; the barracks, which allows us to hire and develop soldiers; the altar of recruitment; the academy, where various useful research is conducted, increasing the power, protection and health of the main character and the army as a whole for special crystals.

There is also the Arena, where with each won battle we gradually get closer and closer to the top of the ranking; a warehouse; a crypt; a secret shop; an alchemical laboratory; a board of orders, where you can accept new orders. And so on. You must also strengthen the walls of your castle to defend against uninvited guests.
You have to start at the bottom of the Arena
Buildings have to be constantly upgraded to unlock new possibilities and further upgrade your troops. Naturally, as usual in such cases, not only resources are spent on upgrades, but also time, during which other improvements are not available. You can speed up this process by spending special blue crystals. And if they are not enough, there is an option to buy them for real money. Or buy VIP status - it increases the experience and reduces the overcharge of active actions with buildings. However, crystals can always be earned in the game itself. Especially because almost every day for every step and every sneeze we get different rewards - for entry, for inviting friends, for completing achievements, and so on.
Here it is, our urban (or rather, chivalrous) economy

About battles with other players

When we wrote about a full-fledged MMORPG, we meant that Eternal Fury has a rich, high-level content, designed for powerful, pumped-up heroes. They open up more complex activities, deadly battles, and elite dungeons.

And most importantly, there is an opportunity to engage in battles with other players. To do this, there are several modes. For example, just pick up an opponent, based on his rating - the day by default allowed to make five of these "raids". In addition, you can join an existing guild (permanent association of users, here also called "clan") or create their own. And then - together with your companions to challenge particularly powerful "world bosses" and participate in clan battles. To do this, however, you have to develop the hero to at least level 33. Interestingly, before the battle, the guild leader can "inspire" the members of his organization and strengthen their skills. If they all fall, the battle will be lost. Clan Wars didn't appear in Eternal Fury right away, but have already become an important and integral part of it.


Of course, Eternal Fury does not hold any revolutions and does not offer any special plot intrigue - it's quite a classic browser-based MMO. But it is really well made and, as they say, with heart, so it is not for nothing is considered one of the most notable in this market. Try it for yourself.

December 2020