Online game "Drakensang Online"

Drakensang Online
  • Release date:
    08 August 2011
  • Game type:
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  • Operating system:
    Windows XP / 7 / 10
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
    Dual core Intel / AMD 2.8GHz.
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    Nvidia 450 GTS / Radeon HD 5750; DirectX 9.0
  • Disk space:
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Drakensang Online Game Review

Even before Diablo Immortal and Path of Exile came out, Drakensang Online secured its place in the pantheon of the best free-to-play action/RPG. It is despite the fact that not all players have not expected from the developers turn in the direction of the genre. However, the idea succeeded, the project became a success - the game has been almost 12 years and, judging by the online statistics, still attracts active users from around the world. What attracts them here and what does Drakensang Online have to offer?

About the world, plot and quests

Why is it that not all players expected the developers to make just a conditional free action/RPG in the style of Diablo, which, moreover, was initially exclusively browser-based? The fact that Drakensang Online is based on the famous role-playing system The Dark Eye, which was published in Germany in 1984 and became so popular that it sold better than the classic Dungeons & Dragons board game. The key to its success is a well-developed world with many races, including very exotic ones, and deep gameplay that includes challenging turn-based battles, a system of critical injuries, and constant skill checks with a die roll.

Rules became complicated and changed, and the Dark Eye almost immediately began to appear the most different computer games - and role-playing, and adventure, and even horror. One of the most notable computer variations was the party RPG Dragensang: The Dark Eye, which was released in 2008 and earned flattering comparisons to Neverwinter Nights. Many fans after that were waiting for the sequel in the same vein, but as a result, in 2011 the conditional-free Drakensang Online was released, which already had no turn-based battles, die rolls, the system of relationships with the opponents and many other things from The Dark Eye.
Instead, it turned out to be a free-to-play Diablo with simpler and clearer mechanics. Nevertheless, Drakensang Online won its audience and remains popular to this day. What are the reasons? Well the first thing that catches your eye, of course, a very nice graphical performance. Especially the level of images was striking when the game was still browser-based, but even now, when it is available on Steam, Drakensang Online is hardly inferior to the mastodons of the genre such as Diablo Immortal and Path of Exile.

And with such beautiful, largely epic graphics, an equally epic story is told. The story itself isn't surprising - we'll have to save the world again, fight evil, and even confront the legendary dragon of Inomir. But here again the scale of what is happening and the study of the world amazes. Immediately feel that the case unfolds in the world of high fantasy, with its history, its heroes and villains.

At the same time, there are a lot of tasks. We are simultaneously asked to deal with some cult, and fight with necromancers in the crypts, and look for the same high-ranking priest, and go to an audience with the king, and then the prince, to fulfill their requests, look for some lost cargo or even listen to the complaints of subjects who came to the court with their problems - they, respectively, also need help.

About interaction with other players

It is clear that most quests are typical of the genre, but in this case it does not confuse. On the contrary, the excitement is overwhelming - there are so many tasks, so many different interesting locations to visit, so much to do and so much depends on us. Immediately there is a sense of being involved in big epic events.

And even if you are just asked to kill all the monsters in a cave - it's not that boring. Because in this case there will be the main boss of the dungeon, which will not be easy to defeat, but the rewards will be worth it. And in this sense, Drakensang Online is even more interesting than many of the conditional-free action/RPG in the style of Diablo. As a rule, there passing the story campaigns do not cause any problems - the enemies (not only the ordinary, but the bosses) offer almost no resistance, and a really interesting challenge (the so-called "endgame") is opened only after the passage of many hours of the story - but until then you have to twenty-four hours, yawning, to transfer the experience and trophies of hundreds of monsters.

So, in Drakensang Online pretty quickly you get to meet with really strong rivals - even in the first acts of the campaign will come across dungeons, catacombs and crypts, where we choose the level of difficulty. And there are many of them, from normal to painful, excruciating and fatal. And on the second level after the normal one, where the enemies' power and health increase, the problems can start. Even if you manage to get the hang of it and defeat all the monsters in the location, it will be very difficult to fight the boss level, that appears after that.
In addition, there are often events and events where you are offered a ticket to a previously unexplored area for a new and difficult challenge. And often it can be a "one-way ticket". That's why it's best to pass such tests in a group with other players. Fortunately, to find the right company of up to five users can be quickly by pressing a button - a menu appears where we see which groups, at what level of difficulty and in what locations are now.

There is in Drakensang Online and its endgame, which also opens not immediately - namely, when you reach level 50, you can pass particularly difficult tests in the locations of the so-called "Between Worlds". This is a series of dangerous quests that will offer to perform a powerful mage Amman - before that he alone tried to stop the forces of evil, which rushed from Inomir to Drakonia (this is where the events of the game unfold). But he failed, and as a result the abyss of worlds destroyed the structure of reality and mixed it with the structure of possibilities - Inomagia. And all of this led to the emergence of the In between-worlds. And now we can help Amman deal with the situation. But not alone-it's definitely better to act as part of a well-trained "group of comrades.
PvP modes designed for battles between players are not easy either. Drakensang Online has several of these modes - one-on-one duels in the Arena, a team fight to the death in a three-on-three format, "Capture the Flag" in a five-on-five format and "Assault on the Fortress", which involves teams of six players. The most interesting, of course, is the assault - the process is divided into two stages, where first the attackers must destroy the towers and bridge mechanism within the allotted time to prevent the defenders from blocking the way to the base, and then if successful, they are already trying to destroy the opponents' fortress.

At any time you can register for the available modes or try to join matches. There are also areas with free PvP and even the opportunity to engage in open confrontation with other players in public locations. By obtaining this status from the Guardian of the Arena, you will be able to attack any user (as well as you too), but Marks of Fame will be issued only for victories over really worthy, not over those who are known to be weaker in level. In addition, there are quest characters that give out tasks related specifically to participation in also modes - win so-and-so matches, defeat 30 enemy players, and so on.

All this, as well as participation in such trials, raises your rating with the same Glory Badges (there is, by the way, the rating of the MeTerworld), allows you to develop group talents, useful in group and PvP-trials, as well as earn special currency for the purchase of unique items.

About classes and the role system

To win in serious trials, you have to not just cast adversaries, as it usually happens in such games, and wisely use the skills and features of his character. In Drakensang Online there are 4 classes available. Dragon Warrior - is a fairly typical "tank" fighters who do not deal much damage and are quite clumsy, but have better protection and indispensable in group battles. They also need to get close to enemies attacking from a distance. And to use superstrikes and skills you have to save up a special resource - rage. But the moves are really powerful.

A circle mage, on the other hand, is weak in defense and has little health, but he is able to destroy crowds of enemies even at a distance. True, in order to survive, he constantly has to move and think about mana reserves. Pathfinder is considered the most versatile class in Drakensang Online, he has average health, defense and damage, but this fighter is able to attack in close combat and at long range. And he's also trained to set traps. And to inflict near-range damage you don't have to have a cold steel weapon in your hand - it's enough to learn and apply the relevant skill. However, to use the skills you need to save and spend a special resource - concentration.
Because of its versatility Pathfinder is considered almost the best class for PvP-modes. However, others prefer pyromechanists. They are such analogues of engineers, the main advantage of which is the ability to install turrets. In addition, pyromechanists do a lot of damage - this is partly compensated by the rather weak defense and the fact that these fighters attack from medium ranges.

All classes have their own tree of skills and abilities, which are opened after reaching certain levels. And then it's up to us to decide which skills to improve when you get new levels and which of them to make active. Cells and "hotkeys" for all is not enough, so you have to choose depending on your preferred tactic. Thank God, there is a very handy feature to quickly change the second active skill, which is tied to the right mouse button. In the case of pathfinder, for example, it allows you to quickly switch from powerful blows in front of you in close combat to flaming arrows, which are excellent at splitting opponents at a distance (although it wastes concentration unlike conventional attacks).

Also, you can and should develop the already mentioned group talents that work when all allies are near each other in a certain radius - it can be a group protection from poison, increase attack speed of all allies, and trigger the "Network" effect, when all comrades in a certain radius deal extra damage to stunned opponent, and also heal by 2%.
Naturally, as is expected in such games, a lot of attention is paid to the selection of the best equipment. Things come in different qualities, from ordinary to legendary and unique. They can insert themselves various gems, gems and runes, strengthen things or giving additional properties such as resistance to poison. And items themselves and their parameters are improved with the help of glyphs of power. If you want, you can take gems and glyphs from the workbench or a special character and melt the item.

There is also alchemy, crafting, trading, the ability to summon minions and pets like a funny monkey, as well as spectacular roam the locations on the horses - from the usual horses to riding dragons and wyverns. Well, and, of course, in place of the rather familiar for such freeworld games monetization system. There is a combat pass, entry rewards and so on, but there is also a special currency, which is allowed to earn as in-game ways (for example, given out for completing quests), and for real money. For it, among other things, you can buy premium status, which, for example, gives bonuses to experience and additional tabs in the inventory.


Overall, Drakensang Online is fun to play even now, 10 years after its release - and even if you already did it a long time ago, the return still won't disappoint. A lot has changed, been added and revised in the game, from which it still looks quite modern. Recently the project has even appeared on Steam for the first time. Of course, some things are missing - for example, new classes. But we can not say that the authors are sitting idly by. For example, commenting on the release on Steam, they said that now when you enter the PvP-arena on the players superimposed effect, which makes these battles more interesting and balanced. In addition, the developers have plans for a new endgame content and even the long-awaited introduction of a new class. So it turns out, as strange as it may sound, that with the release on Steam Drakensang Online in some way everything is just beginning.

Zarium. January 2023