Online game "Bloody Pirate 2"

Bloody Pirate 2
  • Release date:
    16 May 2019
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    Windows / MacOs
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  • Graphics card:
    DirectX 9
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Bloody Pirate 2 Game Review

Bloody Pirate 2 is an anime-inspired turn-based role-playing browser game. It's a story about pirates, adventures at sea and on land, treasure hunts, gathering your own crew and battles with bandits. It is available for free and without installing any additional software. There is both a single story and entertainment for a whole group of users. Let's find out why Bloody Pirate 2 is worth paying attention to.

What is this game about?

The action unfolds in the One Piece universe, known from many anime cartoons and dozens of games. It's a fairy-tale world with a single continent in the middle of a vast ocean, inhabited by humans, monsters, mermaids, giants and other bizarre peoples. Given the abundance of water on the planet, the main occupation of the local inhabitants is swimming, fishing, and sea trade. And where goods lie and coins jingle, called bellies here, piracy thrives. To keep the gentlemen of fortune at bay, the world government has taken some captains into its service and created a Sea Watch from them. However, the rest of the filibusters live on their own - fighting and joining forces for joint raids, building fortresses, ships, and also fighting against patrols of the Watch. The fight gets especially heated after the death of the pirate king, because everyone wants to find the treasure he hid.
In this whirlwind and gets the hero under your control. But before you go in search of the treasure, you have to choose the class of your character. It can be an archer, capable of causing great damage to a single target from afar, a swordsman, a sorcerer-caller or a healer - a supporting character. As the battles are tactical and you're up against the enemy as part of a squad, each specialty is useful: for example, a healer will feel more confident in line with a couple of tough swordsmen, and they fight better side by side with long-range fighters.

After choosing a hero, the story begins about the search for the treasure - what pirate story is without it? Single campaign introduces the player to the basics of the combat system, pumping wards, and at the same time leads through dozens of tasks, not all of which are associated with maritime romance. In particular, in one of them you have to rescue civilians from slavery, and in the other - to fulfill several small tasks of the village headman. However, every mission in one way or another boils down to slapping all kinds of enemies - be they common brigands, the Sea Watch or huge monsters. The heroes perform their exploits on locations decorated in anime style. Fans of the One Piece universe will be especially pleased - here they will meet both familiar locations and famous characters, including Monkey D. Luffy with one-armed Shanks.
Moreover, the heroes of the anime of the same name can be taken with you as partners: some keep you company in the story, others join the squad after certain conditions are met, and others are waiting to be hired in the tavern. Be that as it may, the hero does not travel without support. The ship, which you are given in one of the chapters of the story, requires a crew, where there is room for both tough fighters and ordinary sailors. With them, you'll visit remote islands in the ocean, fight a multitude of enemies in story mode, and then, having gained strength, act against the living players. In between you can amuse yourself with quizzes, hunt rare beasts, trade at the local market, or participate in regular events for a valuable prize.

About the battles in Bloody Pirate 2

The basics of the combat system you learn on the maps, represented by the chains of battles with different enemies. There's a huge variety of enemies in the game, from hooligan gangs to monsters like the sea dragon and the giant lion. After defeating one gang of bandits (or another monster), you take a new task and start fighting with the next enemy. All the action unfolds in a separate window - here you can see how your fighters and enemy forces are positioned, and which skill you can use to inflict particularly heavy damage and watch the spectacular animation. Battlers move around one by one, and you can either choose the automatic mode or press the action buttons manually - the latter variant doesn't change the result of the fight, but adds interactivity.
The formation of the squad before the battle takes place on a three by three square field. Here you can determine who will face the enemy head-on, and who to put in the back row - of course, this applies to shooters and support characters. Over time, there are more and more partners, so you have to choose which of them to take with you into battle. The easiest way to do this is by evaluating the characteristics of the enemy to fight. For example, robber-shooters will quickly surrender under the onslaught of melee warriors, and for the campaign on the sea monster, resistant to physical attacks, it is useful to take with you a sorcerer - and beat the creature with lightning or pour fire on it.

As the hero and his team develop, new modes are added to the usual skirmishes - for example, raids and challenge towers. And from level 20 open PvP battles against units under the control of live players. The first format of this plan is called "War" - in order to participate in it is enough to register and collect a team stronger, and then there is something resembling a soccer championship. Users are divided into pairs, so that the winner of the duel moved from the quarterfinals to the semifinals and then fought for the award with the same finalist. There are no skills required in this competition, as the winner is whichever squad is stronger. In the arena, available from level 29, everything is arranged similarly, only the value of the prize is influenced by the rating of the participants, updated every day. In "Selection" mode, the opponents recruit a squad of free sailors - here it's all about the skills of the hero. In "Boarding" the two teams are divided into pirates and Sea Watch, and the battles on the "Ladder" allow you to earn souls - the currency for hiring rare allies. There's even a "Battle Royale" counterpart, the "Meat Grinder", where you have to fight to the last survivor.
In general, Bloody Pirate 2 gives a lot of reasons to look at others, and show yourself, which is not often found in free browser RPG. Of course, the fun of the game would be incomplete if it only offered participants to fight with each other. Users can also be friends - to create clans for joint action (in the same "War"), to communicate and exchange items. By the way, equipment greatly affects the strength of the squad, so a rare weapon or armor can contribute to the victory over a monster or the enemy team.

How does pumping work?

Improve the performance of all members of the squad, including the main character, can be achieved by new equipment, which is given as a reward for completing tasks or sold in the store. But each item has a requirement for the level - sometimes, having received a rare gloves or armor, you still have to wait until the character grows up to them. However, without these upgrades in battle is not easy, especially in battles with other players - every other opponent in the same arena or "Board Attack" has purchased artifacts, and their quality is higher than the consumer stuff of a similar level. Without this there is nothing in the genre: you like to ride - like and pay money. On the other hand, there are quite free ways to get good clothing items and weapons: it is enough to be active in competitive modes and exchange the resources to equip.
In addition to uniforms, the strength of the squad is also affected by the level of the fighters. The upgrade of the hero and his companions is separate: if the captain strengthens his skills with experience points given for successful fights and missions, the partners spend special books for the same purpose. They can be bought or received as a reward, but it is not possible to spend them evenly on everyone at once. Therefore it is often necessary to choose who to pump faster - a common situation when one fighter in the squad has matured to level 14, and the second has so far reached level 12, while the main character has already reached 16. It is clear that such a variety of good in the battle with the usual monsters, but will be detrimental during battles with teams of live opponents, because under-pumped character brings under attack the other allies. But the selective development of the actors adds an element of tactics to the game.


Bloody Pirate 2 is a bright and distinctive game. Its specific style, inspired by the comics and anime One Piece, is remembered for a long time, and because it works in the browser, you do not have to install anything extra. But the work has a disadvantage familiar from other RPGs with the experience, which use Adobe Flash technology - it's about low resolution and frame proportions 3:4. So on modern monitors the pirate story looks a bit old-fashioned. On the other hand, this does not affect the game mechanics, which can long captivate fans of Japanese animation and fans of the role-playing genre.

December 2020