Tower of Fantasy has its own "battle royale"

For the MMORPG Tower of Fantasy released update number 2.1. In it fans of the game waiting for a mass of items of decoration and equipment, the next chapter of the story, a new location, but most importantly - the "royal battle". Take part in these battles will be able as singles, and squads of three people. We tell you about the patch in more detail.

Tower of Fantasy version 2.1

The patch is already installed on the servers, so that any user can evaluate the new content. The first thing people want to do, of course, is to participate in battles to the last survivor. "Battle Royale" is available to everyone almost around the clock. Up to 48 heroes - singles or groups of three - gather on a single battlefield. And if there is a shortage of match participants artificial intelligence adds bots to the location - in this mode, they, as well as the characters under the control of live people, are equal in characteristics and capabilities.

Also employees of Hotta Studio introduced a location called Chaotic Chasm, which serves as the scene of the next chapter of the story. In the equipment of the characters appeared a new device - a tactical visor. But even without it there are enough items, including guns and clothes. Also in Tower of Fantasy 2.1 you can take a ride on an individual vehicle Warcraft of Tomorrow. Of course, the list of changes would be incomplete without fixing all sorts of bugs - the developers paid special attention to the game's editions for PC and iOS.

23 November 2022