What can players expect in the Throne and Liberty beta?

The developers of one of the most anticipated MMORPG 2023 published an open letter explaining why and how they intend to beta test. On behalf of his colleagues from NCSoft, the head of the studio, Choi Moon-Young, spoke. He outlined the thoughts of the entire team about what the game should eventually turn out to be and what role ordinary gamers would play in its production.

Details of the Throne and Liberty beta

The main reason the developers decided to put their project to the test was to get an independent opinion. Choi Moon-young believes that the public's evaluation will be more objective than the feedback of the people who create the game. That's why the week-long closed beta test will begin on May 24. To participate, you'll need to register on the official website and leave an application, and the feedback will be able to be posted on the forum in a special discussion thread.

The trial version of the public waiting for the content that is available to heroes up to level 30, and the bosses, various equipment and a fully ready system of classes. More guild activities will be available, including joint raids and Capture the Flag mode. The developers pay special attention to the economic system and monetization. They report that this part of the game is not yet 100% ready - and its fate is determined by fans. This is also important because in Throne and Liberty will be able to earn real money - by selling rare objects on the exchange. Finally, raises questions about the stability of the servers, which will pass a serious test during testing.

23 May 2023