It's time for new Purges in Conan Exiles

The developers of the multiplayer survival simulator in the Conan universe are preparing the public for the release of the second chapter of Age of War. The release will take place on September 21, but before that, gamers would do well to know how exactly their favorite game will be transformed. So Funcom employees have revealed the details of the upcoming patch: they told about the change of rules, about trophies and something else. But let's tell you about everything in order.

What's going to change in Conan Exiles in September?

Every now and then, the open world fantasy sandbox game has a Purge. This is an attack by a squad of characters under the control of artificial intelligence on the base of live players. The goal of the bots in the battle is to capture the clan treasury, added back in the first chapter. It is, in fact, a mountain of gold in one of the rooms, which the heroes must defend as best they can. You can learn about the upcoming aggression by the appearance of a Stygian camp near your property - they are making devious plans. Have you noticed something like that? Get ready: repair walls, set traps, call your friends for help. The level of threat is measured in points from 1 to 10, and in the end it all depends on the pumping and the number of defenders of the treasury. The stronger the defense forces, the more powerful the attack will be.

The attack will come in waves - from weak warriors from the Stygian enslaved nations to elite fighters. The boss will be a character named War's Hand. If you defeat him, the Purge can be considered complete, and its participants will start sharing the booty. Just don't forget to pick up the key from the leader's corpse, which you will use to open chests in the enemy camp. In addition to the main rewards, you should also pay attention to the captives - among them you will find the mercenary Issacar. If you save his life, you will get a merchant who is ready to exchange the ringing coin for various useful items.

14 September 2023