The start date of the Once Human beta test has been announced

Starry studio employees announced that the closed beta testing of Once Human on PC will start on January 6, 2023. It's about multiplayer actioner with elements of horror and survival, where squads of players fight with monsters and against each other. Anyone can sign up for the test, but it's necessary to fill out a special form, the link to which we share with you.

What is known about Once Human so far

The game is set after a global catastrophe: Earth has been contaminated by some kind of stardust, which has caused zombies and other monsters to settle in the ruins of cities. Gamers must unite in a small squad to land on the map and try to collect supplies. Destroying bosses brings especially valuable loot, but trophies can be taken away at any time by a team of opponents also exploring the map in search of loot. Somewhat reminiscent of Hunt: Showdown, only here the weapons and scenery are more modern.

Provided and progression: you can improve the characters, collect equipment from the blueprints found during raids, and even equip your own base. At the same time, survivors take part in the investigation of the origin of stardust, which turns people into creepy mutants. Of course, the closed beta test will not evaluate all aspects of Once Human, but will introduce the combat part of the project and some of the enemies. The exact release date of the game is unknown - if we believe the page on Steam, the release is scheduled for the last quarter of 2023.

19 November 2022