Big changes are coming to Dead by Daylight

The developers of the horror game, where one user takes on the role of a maniac and four others are looking for a way to escape from him, have announced their intention to release a major update and at the same time published a list of major changes. Among them are the fight against campers, changes to the Skull Merchant's skills and the work with locations, which will become more diverse. We tell you more about these and other innovations.

What's going to change in Dead by Daylight this fall?

Behavior Interactive employees are constantly inventing something new - recently, for example, Alien from the movie of the same name was added to the game. But only experiments do not please the public - every now and then the simplest flaws of gameplay draw attention to themselves. For example, gamers are dissatisfied with the campers. It's about anti-heroes who catch some of the survivors, hang them on a hook, and then wait in an ambush somewhere nearby instead of continuing the search for the rest of the heroes. As a result, the partner is almost impossible to save and everyone is bored. The solution is simple: the victim is guaranteed to be allowed to jump off the hook after some time.

A similar problem occurred with the Skull Merchant. Her "Eyes in the Sky" skill with launching copters is often used just to keep an eye on the generators at all times. And really, why search for survivors when you can block them from fleeing the location? The developers have decided to fix it this way: reduce the use of drones when protecting generators, but increase their effectiveness during the chase.

They will also add alternative versions of different maps, including the "Macmillan Manor" arena. Among the skills will appear "Spare Player" - this is a bonus to the running speed of the character whose partner has just been caught by a maniac. This enhancement will allow you to quickly get away from the pursuit and choose a tactic to save your comrade. Some edits are waiting for the assassins - in particular, the Hunter will be added a couple of bear traps to the existing ones, and the Shooter will be allowed to reload his weapon more quickly.

19 September 2023