Famous battle-ship tie-ins

There is a rich historical legacy of naval battles that have been fought since time immemorial. Since time immemorial, conflicts between people have often erupted into all-consuming naval battles. Wars were fought over territory and ownership of the sea. Those who owned the expanse of the sea could afford to organize the transport of materials, ammunition and goods to trade with other countries, by sea. Therefore, the navy had a huge influence at all times. There is an opportunity to find out what it is, one of the most important industries for the military potential of any country. All you need is to play a variety of game projects on the subject. Most games of this genre are presented in the form of arcades and simulators, in which to understand the gameplay is not quick. In them you can control your own battleship or maybe the whole fleet.

Rule The Waves

The project is considered to be a really fascinating game that will take you more than a dozen hours. Unlike most games of similar genre, this game project from the developers' studio Divide By Zero Software Inc gives us really many possibilities. This game is a grand strategy game. Here you will have to command an entire paramilitary fleet. You will be the leader of one of several possible factions in the game, participating in the biggest and grandest armed race that took place on the eve of the twentieth century. The project, of course, has a basic storyline, but you are also free to develop your country as you please. There is no dynamic and brisk sea battles, often found in other games. Here you are waiting for the real strategy of rapidly accumulating the military power of the navy and everything to become the best. Rather simplistic graphics do not put you off, but on the contrary attracts you with its pleasant and understandable style. The greatest strength of Rule The Waves, of course, is that it provides the player with a huge number of wagering opportunities. But once you've earned general acclaim and strengthened your fleet, be prepared for the consequences, because your opponents won't sit idly by.

Project Victory at sea

The developer company Evil Twin Artworks gave us. It is unlike any other project of the similar genre. It completely lacks the naval battles and fleet simulation that other projects can boast. This game gives us a very different gaming experience and emotion. Those who are not very fond of strategy and strongly indifferent to dynamic and fast games on the theme of battles on the water, the project will suit best. Not a bad graphic design will allow you to dive into the gameplay even deeper. The project will tell us about the events of naval battles during the Second World War. We will be given control of this warship to fight our enemies and not to give the enemy the advantage in this war. Managing the ship is made simple and understandable, which will allow you to relax and enjoy the exciting gameplay. The game's dynamics are fast and unpredictable. The variety of factions for which you can show your martial arts, the battlefield also pleases. There are the familiar forces of naval military units from different countries. In the battles will participate military fleet of Britain, America, Japan, Germany, Holland and Italy. Victory at sea lets you not only understand the complexity of the craft of war on the water, but also imbued with an interesting military story that tells us about those difficult times.

Port Royale game series

This game is a real-time economic strategy game. Control your own seagoing vessel as you navigate the waters off the insecure and unfriendly shores of the Caribbean Sea. But it's not just one ship we'll be steering. It is also possible to capture cities and develop them, thereby increasing your military might and having a safe place in this world full of enemies. At the beginning of the game you will literally start everything from scratch, taking control of a small ship you are free to develop further. The player will have to achieve fame by his own efforts. Increasing the force and increasing your capital, you'll be attracting attention to yourself. To do this you will have to take over the settlements and cities, develop the capital of your newly founded state. More than once you will have to conduct diplomatic agreements with representatives of other powers. Fulfilling their orders and making good deals you may well make powerful and reliable allies. But the most important thing is to develop your navy. You have a lot of fighting to do at sea. To defend the borders of your country or to punish your enemies for plundering your territory. All this awaits you in the Port Royale series of games.

Transocean:The Shipping Company Project

This is another curious game, but taking place in our time. You will be in charge of your own city, overseeing its well-being and prosperity. But its main feature is that you have at your disposal a large fleet, which includes both civilian, merchant ships and warships. The goal in the game is not otherwise, but to take possession of one of the huge ports, which are of great importance throughout the world. We have to develop our city and port, building up military and naval strength and power, defeating our rivals in this race. There is another option, it is an opportunity to surpass everyone in the economic part. Take control of the entire economy of the world in your own hands and keep the greedy neighbors in check, just waiting for your mistake. The player is waiting for a difficult, but very fascinating and addictive in their process of work.
Keeping track of orders, paying attention to the technical condition of their ships - it's all your job. The game also features randomly generated play events that you'll have to deal with personally. All of this can drag you out for a huge amount of time.

Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail

Project-strategy, which will take the player to an interesting, from a historical point of view, era of the struggle for the independence of the United States of America. We will take part in interesting historical military campaigns. The game has a pretty good graphics and gives us a clear picture of what is happening on the screen. The gameplay consists of dynamic military battles ships and more. Even the battles on land paid attention. Although most of the battles take place on the sea. Ships get realistic damage, which can be seen thanks to the detailed work of the models of ships. The game companies include a lot of historical military skirmishes, which will not let you get bored.

13 June 2022