Significant battles that take place right behind enemy lines

It's no secret that the most memorable battles are always the most colorful and large-scale. Many video games boast an abundance of colorful and dynamic scenes in which there is some significant battle for the country. Fascinated by the action taking place in front of our eyes, many playing these game projects more than once lost track of time. These interesting events is rich in the so-called series of games "Behind enemy lines". Each part of the game tells us some interesting story about the battles during the Second World War. They are a strategy games in real time. Many of these games deserve their time and attention, encouraging the player to keep playing.


The very first part of the "Behind Enemy Lines" video game series, which started the history of all the other parts. Being a real-time Acrtion/RTS strategy game, the setting of which shows the player certain events of World War II. Developed and released this interesting game project Ukrainian studio Best Way along with its publisher 1C Company in 2004. The game perfectly shows the military events of those difficult times for mankind, because in addition to all seen all the strategic elements in the gameplay of the first part of the "Behind enemy lines" also present the opportunity to manage the state of their military equipment. The game also has a lot of interesting RPG elements, which will please a large number of players who are going to play it.
Special attention is drawn to realistic shooting mechanics, where the player will have to consider the range of his gun, its accuracy and killing power, which will not let you aim thoughtlessly. Each miss in the camp of the enemy can end badly for you. Without exception, all military vehicles have a limited supply of ammo and fuel, and military infantry units have their own inventory. All of the game's gameplay features are done at a decent level, which contributes to how warmly players are talking about this great part of the "Behind Enemy lines" series.


The next installment of the "Behind Enemy Lines" video game franchise, which has undergone some changes in its own gameplay. Which served to create a more interesting and versatile gameplay. At the beginning, the player does not get a whole army of units under his direct command, but six saboteurs, who will have to sneak or fight their way into the enemy protected sector and take it under their control. Every mission in the game that our group of saboteurs will have to cope with is not so simple. Not only are your fighters easy to kill, but there's also no backup. All will have to do yourself relying only on your wits. Many missions will require from the player individual approach, that is very pleasant. Also in missions there are various solutions that are not similar to each other. This part of the series surpassed its predecessor, continuing its history and diversifying the gameplay with more interesting and complex gameplay.


A video game from the same line of games, continuing the story of the "SILENT HEROES" series, this time telling us the story of not some nameless group of saboteurs. This part of the series "Behind Enemy Lines" focuses on the adventures of a military sniper and saboteur. Advancing stealthily into the most dangerous hot spots full of enemies is Ekaterina Strelnikova, who hails from the Soviet Union. Passing with his group to the point of a secret mission, they were defeated, and the only survivor of it is our main character. It is she and then to continue the work that has begun alone. Going deeper into the enemy rear of the occupied territories of the enemy, she will have no connection and no one else's support to carry out its deadly dangerous and secret mission. Tactically approaching the difficulties and the ordeal piled upon her, she will stubbornly go forward, all but to protect her homeland from the invaders.


The third part of the notorious franchise, addictive with its interesting gameplay, allowing the player to experience the fate of the military during World War II, who have to work cut off from their forces behind enemy lines. The third part of "Behind enemy lines: SILENT HEROES" appeared in the distant 2008 and was released by the same Ukrainian studio Best Way. Though the plot in this part of the game is almost not. The game offers us to go through a variety of missions, which are operations to penetrate into the rear of the enemy. Under the control of the player will be offered different saboteurs, with whom we will pass these important missions. The game boasts an interesting gameplay and large-scale events that unfold during the missions. The missions themselves are quite a bit more complicated. Some you'll pass fairly quickly without too many difficulties. Others you'll have to try hard, thinking through every step and action during the game.


One of the most versatile games in the series of the "Behind Enemy lines" franchise. The only part of the series that is not related to the events that took place during World War II. The action of this particular part of the video game franchise is now dedicated to the military actions that took place in the Vietnam War of 1964 - 1975. The war arose in its time because of the rather acute conflict during the civil war between North and South Vietnam. In the future, it and grew into a confrontation between the Soviet Union and the forces of the United States of America, which supported the opposing sides against each other. A game that left many of the great things from past installments of the series such as the high destructibility of objects. Every surface, building or structure reacts to the slightest explosion and collision, which will please many players who prefer a more realistic approach to detail in games. It also keeps interesting mechanics of intercepting enemy's vehicles, and of course it is possible to control any of the military vehicles in the game. And most importantly, we should pay attention to the transfer of the game series universe in a new setting with real weapons and military equipment of that time period. And there are no interesting and exciting missions, which reflect the significant events of that time and that war.

13 June 2022