Exciting space combat strategy games with an open world

Are you a fan of interstellar or interplanetary exploration and like to travel to other planets? Then join the world's best space strategy games. Global, turn-based, local or real-time, the choice is yours. Boundless depth of space, just fascinates, so space battles are a special delight for players. For a few hours, maybe even days, we become the conquerors of the Galaxy, building secret bases near unnamed planets, fighting the aliens, open up mysterious worlds of unknown interstellar civilizations. The variety of games of this genre is great, so we have chosen, in our opinion, the best projects.

Homeworld series of games

This series of games can be called a model and a classic of space strategy. Some of the games that came after it can't compete with it.
The mechanics of the games are so well thought out that they don't let the game go to waste, new updates and sequels are released. At the heart of the gameplay, there is an exciting story. Players fly through the galaxy, in search of a planet suitable for life. Throughout the game, the characters are accompanied by an atmosphere of mystery and mysticism. Overcoming enemies encountered on the interstellar path and investigating ancient secrets, the heroes conquer the expanses of the game. The design between missions is given in the form of comics, which looks pretty stylish. The gameplay is three-dimensional, you can adjust the choice of flight heights and styles of turns, moving over huge distances. The game features nebulae, asteroids, and unfamiliar stars. The sequel to Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak has some original innovations. The storyline was transferred to the surface of one of the planets, that should be inhabited. Also the gameplay has changed, upgraded for the better. Units, in addition to speed and steep turns, got radio conversations. The style of the game, and the curious plot, remained on point. I consider the Homeworld series to be some of the best space adventure games out there. They are able to keep players in front of their screens, for many days. And time after time, the player will return to conquer these cosmic spaces, to experience exciting and blood-stirring events. This is considered the best proof of the game's popularity.


The Star Crafts series presents global strategies that have gained worldwide love. The game appeared at the very time when strategy was on a wave of popularity. And became the best-selling game of 1998. In the game all the characters have their own personality, and even units. A huge part of the game's gameplay is cyber sports, bringing Starcraft to one of the most significant cyber sports disciplines. And in South Korea there are competitions for the first two parts of the gameplay. The game's plot revolves around the hostilities between the three intergalactic species, the Protoss, the Zerg and the Terrans.


The gameplay is very diverse, the story presents the players with a huge galaxy in which there live side by side ethnicities and species of aliens. They are intelligent and coexist in a society. The player will have to achieve unprecedented success in learning diplomacy, the ability to trade, it will help win the game. The strategy offers to participate in the gameplay of a truly enormous scale. Maybe somewhere nearby are intelligent galaxies with which it is necessary to establish communication. This is exactly the kind of galaxy represented in this project Stellaris. The player can play as a diverse and interesting creatures. Galactic creatures strive to survive through economic development, so it is necessary to achieve success in trade and be able to find common ground with a variety of creatures. There is also an excellent, advanced combat system in the game. Spaceships seem to live their own independent lives. They strategize, hunt each other down, hold large-scale battles and battles. These battles look beautiful and are a classy spectacle. In most situations, the player observes spaceship battles from the side, but it does not evoke such strong emotions.

Master of Orion

The game, presented as a global strategy, with many elements for development. This is the economy, the management of the working resources of each planet, which is taken under the control of the player. You can also build diplomatic relations between races. Build modern military blocs. Diplomacy, economy, war, all against the backdrop of maddening with its mysterious light, the stars and planets. The player chooses one of the presented races and begins to play for her. The appearance of all ten races remains the same, not changing from game to game. The project proved so popular that a board game was created based on its storyline.

Endless Space

The game was created in the image and likeness of Stellaris, the creators have put a lot of effort to catch up and get ahead, bypassing its competitor. While playing the game in open space it is necessary to actively develop diplomacy and economic development of the planet, this is the key to the success of the game. Every experienced strategist knows that the development of resources, entails a victory in the conduct of hostilities. Only a few battle races, out of the total number of the game, take part in hostilities, the rest skillfully use the ability to negotiate and trade. In the next part of Endless Space, the developers made an attempt to improve and make more qualitative, various aspects of the game. As in the last part, the races prefer a quiet existence. There are a lot of unoccupied planets around, and the races prefer to explore new territories rather than fight. According to the traditions of the project, each of the races can win legally. It is possible to win militarily, scientifically or diplomatically.

Supreme Commander

The game is one of the most significant and famous space strategies. The game's story takes us to a distant future, where communications between planets and star-to-star flights are already organized. The gameplay is built on colorful, all-consuming battles. The player controls tanks, bomber planes, and a battle fleet of ships. Participate in the battles three factions who could not divide the place of residence and arrange a division of joint property. The game is action-packed and very diverse. All lovers of the genre, appreciate this project. Here you can and spend hostilities, having fun in the vastness of space, shooting, each other. And force yourself to think, train your logic, learn to calculate the actions a few steps ahead.

27 December 2021