All lovers of Russian sights - games about Moscow

In video games it is quite rare to find fictional worlds set in Russia. And not all of them are made in a high-quality and interesting way. But still there are games that allow players to not just see the beautiful and fascinating views of the Russian capital. Also, the game is able to show us the unusual, but very interesting events that take place in Moscow, in different genres and settings. These games will give you an interesting gaming experience, and you will not notice how time flew by playing them.

Metro game series

One of the most famous and fascinating game projects, which only came out about Russia. The plot of the game will tell us the story of the post-apocalypse in the city of Moscow. People were forced to hide underground - in what were once working subway stations. Now, barely passable ruins in which to remain without light means death. On the surface inhabited by vicious monsters that prey on stranded travelers, and under the ground problems are already between people. The protagonist Artem with his own eyes to see what is this once peaceful and calm city. Although Moscow is presented here in its former glory, but still there is something to see. The Metro games give you the opportunity to explore the metropolitan subway to your heart's content. Stations that were once familiar to us are now presented in a completely different light. Some places have changed beyond recognition. Although most of the events in the game take place underground, we will still be given to go to the surface. Take a look at Moscow from the top of the Ostankino Tower or take a walk on the Red Square. Thanks to the good graphics we will easily feel this world. Even though the world has become hostile to man, many brave men go to the surface and search there for the supplies needed to survive. Three parts of this wonderful game will give you an unforgettable gaming experience and allow you to enjoy the atmosphere of the city of Moscow.

Blitzkrieg Series

The Blitzkrieg video game series is a military strategy game set in Moscow, which we will have to fight for. The campaign tells us the events, inviting us to take the side of the Soviet Union to take part in the battle for Moscow. The player will defend his territory, responding to the enemy's advance with his own army. Or maybe fight back an attacker by organizing a counteroffensive against vulnerable enemy units. And all of this will take place in the Russian capital, Moscow. We will have to try hard not to let the enemies get their hands on our city. All made in an interesting visual style with a view from above. Where we will take on the role of an army general, whose goal is to defeat his enemies.

The Metro 2 Dilogy

Metro-2 is one of a series of first-person shooters, taking place in Moscow during World War II. The plot of the game is devoted not only to the capital, but also to the subway, namely its mystical part - called Metro-2. The game does not pretend to be a serious story, players will meet absurd story with conspirators and atomic bombs with traitors. The game is a shooter, which means you will have to break through waves of enemies with firearms of those times. To defend your hometown and your whole country. The game has a lot of interesting places where the military action will take place, for example, the military operation on the Red Square. The game also has a good soundtrack that adds to the atmosphere of what is happening in front of the player on the screen. The music includes a lot of classical compositions of the Soviet variety. The game will not let you get bored until you get it to the end All in it made qualitatively whether it be beautiful views of the territory of the Soviet Union or the architecture of Moscow at that time. You will feel everything from the first minutes of the game. And you will want to explore the game world and find out how the story ends.

Red Alert video game series

Another game in which we will be allowed to see the beautiful and mesmerizing expanse of the Russian capital. We will take on the role of the commander of a Soviet detachment and carry out missions, reclaiming territory after territory, putting ourselves forward as the victor in this long war.
True, the game can take the side of other countries. The plot of the game is interesting and rich with interesting events and humor. Characters, which we will dispose of and bring back those times, and their phrases and appearance. The game is made in an interesting and specific style that fits perfectly into the local atmosphere. Lots of interesting dialogues between the colorful and memorable commanders of the warring factions. Who don't mind showing their superiority to each other. The game is a strategy game in real time. Here the time to command your resources and orders to your troops, be it infantry units or military vehicles, is limited. Your opponent will not wait for you to make your next move. The player's desired strategy must be calculated and executed in as little time as possible. Playing for the forces of the Soviet Union we will have to fight with the inferior United States and other factions. Anticipating the actions of the enemy and playing on the vulnerability of the enemy's troops is commonplace here. The battle won't end until we've flattened the opponent's main base. We will also have to defend our own territories, including our capital Moscow. The Red Alert series of games will give you an interesting and dynamic military strategy, diluted with humor and a sense of rivalry. Everything in this game is made interesting and the gameplay is well thought out, which will not let you get bored. Look at Moscow from another, unusual for us side in this game world, which is an alternative universe different from ours. A series of video games that not in vain have earned the attention of many fans of game projects. In this game you are waiting for a lot of interesting characters, a lot of interesting game situations and attractive views of Moscow so beloved to us.


Many fans of the series of video games have long awaited and dreamed of the day when we will be allowed to explore the world of the game, the place of action which will be the coveted by all Russia. Transfer to this familiar and cozy world, to spend in it more than a dozen hours. And this game project - Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia in which the main place of action - China, India and of course, Russia. The game again will tell us about the confrontation of the Order of Assassins and Templars and their hunt for powerful artifacts of a forgotten ancient civilization. The game will take us to the year 1919, in which Russia has only recently recovered from the revolution. Our protagonist, whose name is Nikolay Orlov, who is a member of the Order of Assassins in Russia, will have to tell his story. He has a dangerous mission to complete before leaving the country with his family, which will be just the very beginning of his journey. The game has a nice visual style, which is very much in favor of this project. We will have to go through the streets of Moscow, Yekaterinburg and other cities.

13 June 2022