Vampire images embodied in games. Noble or ruthless? The choice is yours

Throughout the vast history of the video industry, we have come to know a multiple cast of vampires, bloodsuckers, and other monsters from the dark side of the world. These iconic scary monsters are not just cruel, they are horrible in their cold-bloodedness. But the imagination of game creators is also evolving all the time, not standing still. Therefore, the appearance of vampires all the time, then struck us with his ruthlessness, then outright kindness and mutual assistance to ordinary mortals. No matter what kind of monsters their developers and designer-artists created, but they always amaze us with their stunning negative charisma. The cold energy radiating from them imbues us with sticky fear. There it is, a shadow lurking around the corner. Now mysterious music will play, and someone enchantingly beautiful, pale and slender, will take us by the hand... How will it all end? You can easily find out by choosing a game to your liking from our list and begin a fascinating journey into the mysterious and magical world of virtual vampires.

Castlevania series. Gabriel Belmont. Dracula.

Dracula, as the image of a vampire, is familiar to every player in this world who has touched at least a little bit of world literature. That's why the developers made him the hero of the Castlevania game series. The project tells the story of the confrontation between the bloodsucker hunters and the main monster of darkness, Dracula. Each series ends with the final battle with the Count. As the game progresses, we learn that Dracula was not always a vampire. He used to be an ordinary man, his name was Mathias Cronquist. He suffered a misfortune in the lives of ordinary people. Matthias had lost his beloved wife. He sincerely considered his wife to be the best and kindest of people and was astonished that she had suffered such a fate. Enraged at such injustice, he became angry and wished with all his soul to become immortal. In this way, he takes revenge on all temporarily living beings, that is, all people in the world. Matthias finds a remedy through magical attributes, and becomes a vampire. At first he hides from everyone in distant lands, sending curses to God himself and to all living things on this earth. His heart becomes black with accumulated hatred. And now the decisive step is taken, there is no turning back, only forward into darkness and gloom. Matthias takes up residence in a castle that matches the name of the game, Castlevania. Here he finally transforms into the ruler of darkness Dracula. The game becomes more interesting and fascinating thanks to the fact that we get to know the prehistory of the protagonist. Well, in Lords of Shadow, we will be able to see our beautiful Dracula as the protagonist of the gameplay.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Babette

There are a large number of attractive and interesting characters in the game Skyrim, but Babette simply attracts all eyes and attention. The kind of child, in quotes, with a cute and innocent look, is busy deceiving and misleading her victims, and then happily ruining them. Babette is always ten years old. It was at this tender age that she was attacked and bitten by a vampire. Therefore, having become a demon at the age of three hundred, she still wears the deceptive and innocent image of a child. The girl's adventures are presented to us in a way that is both creepy and funny at the same time. Such a mixture awakens a sense of creepiness and somehow in a special way excites, to the point of goosebumps. And yet we feel some sympathy for this little monster, we forgive her cruelty, and we hope that something new will awaken in her that will change her difficult fate. In my opinion, this is one of the best vampire heroes.

BloodRayne. BloodRayne

The story of Raine's life and transformation into a vampire begins in early twentieth-century America. The vampire Kagan, an evil and cunning vampire, raped Raine's mother and then exterminated her entire family. Raine was tormented all her conscious life by a thirst for revenge and a search for her family's killer all over the white world. Diving headlong into the search, Raine ended up in Europe. It was there that she met the members of the society for the extermination of all supernatural evil and became an active participant. She many times saved humanity from evil vampires, monsters and zombies. The image of the good and fair dampire, is actively exploited. Rain has become the main character of cartoons and comics and even movies. Raine is incredibly beautiful, behaves boldly and liberated, it helps her to lead a successful fight against evil and darkness. She is a half-vampire woman, with several advantages over ordinary vampires. She is wary of garlic, silver, and sunlight. Water, with which the game destroys demons, can only cause burns to the girl. You will at once get sympathy for this attractive and defiant heroine. Her actions and rigorous progression to the intended goal, causes respect and admiration. She does not leave us even one chance, we begin to love this heroine, to empathize with her.

Legacy of Kain. Cain

The Legacy of Kain series of games tells us the story of Cain, who in the distant past was an ordinary mortal man, but with noble roots. After Cain became a vampire his aristocratism simply became the basis of his character and his distinctive feature. At the very beginning of the project the main character is killed by robbers, he is revived and after his second birth, Cain is obsessed with a thirst for revenge. He tries to track down his murderous robbers. Eventually he achieves his goal and punishes his abusers, but the taste of revenge turns out to be luscious. The satisfaction of satisfaction is short and unpleasant. He realizes that he is simply damned in his immortality. Being a vampire is a heavy cross to bear. Throughout the gameplay, Cain is given a variety of assignments, such as destroying those who keep the pillars. But Cain is not an obedient puppet in the wrong hands, he thinks and resists very actively. His character develops and reveals himself better and better to the players. This is a prime example of an antagonist, he is violent and commits murders to achieve his goals faster. As the years go by, Cain grows more sophisticated, cunning, and agile as he gets older. Throughout the game we see Cain trying to change his own destiny. Whether or not he succeeds, you can find out by choosing a game for a free evening.

24 July 2022