What we played 5, 10, 15 and 20 years ago

It seems like it was so long ago - the 2000s. There were a lot of interesting things going on in the technology market then, but I don't want to list all the discoveries of those years. And here the market PC-games constantly delighted - almost every month on the monitors gamers appeared new hits, which have long ago received the category of "classics", but not gone from the memory, even after 5, 10, 15, 20 years. Who knows, maybe on someone's desktop can still find a shortcut to a game of yesteryear? I don't want to allocate places between games, and you shouldn't, because there can't be any places here - they were all good for their time, and it would be wrong to compare them with each other.

Today the world of video games offers products for all genres and tastes. Colorful gameplay, super abilities and opportunities - all in a computer monitor under the guise of virtual reality. A certain sense of nostalgia covers as soon as we begin to remember our hobbies a quarter of a century ago. It is hard to believe that 20 years have passed since users first tried on the image of Agent 007. Join in and let's take a look back at what we played 5, 10, 15 and 20 years ago.

Darksiders 2

A game that came to us only 5 years ago, but definitely worthy of this line. Despite the press reviews, users liked the story and the concept of a hybrid of a spacer and an action game. The plot is fascinating, interesting, with its own mythology and brutal protagonist, puzzles and mysteries for all tastes. Contrary to all expectations, Darksiders 2 turned out to be the most unexpected variant of all the expected ones. First of all, the main character was War's brother, Death appeared as a hard rocker, with a scythe, black hair - irony for sure!
The gameplay, unlike the first part of the game, is for sure Blizzard's work, and it feels that way. Darksiders 2 - a lot of mysteries, a super-developed adventure system and the ability to create your own Death. Even if you wanted to get past the hero's personalization, it's impossible to get past so many loot drops from enemies. Not everyone appreciated the "perversion" of the developers, a lot of censure and negative feedback from the press, but in general, users were able to appreciate this masterpiece.


Quite a down-to-earth, average shooter. Heroes find themselves in the most banal war, there is no talk about saving someone, extracting them from the fire or fighting back with a sword. And then a new version of the game comes out as an example of how to make a "different" action game. The underwater city is worked out to the last detail, the "magic" and technology are one and the same. The world of the game is so qualitatively executed that the user will have nothing to do but want to look into every corner, get all the information the gameplay offers - the interiors in the game are amazing.
A city with the interesting name of Delight greets the unsuspecting user, and immediately puts him in the right frame of mind. Mad locals scurry tirelessly through the corridors, young children holding syringes, and dads shackled in spacesuits. Phenomenal work, it's worth noting, and it's an absolute credit to the authors. It showed in everything: The combat system includes firearms along with plasmids with which to attack the enemy. At the time, the video game industry had no analogues, and BioShock authoring was a real breakthrough. It was an author's work with a unique gameplay, the only one in its genre.

Mafia: The City of lost Heaven

Let's go back 15 years, and here, in the early 2000s, we are greeted by a video game world that didn't have many options for what to play. The bulk of them offered the user to explore the open world and three-dimensional graphics. And these were few - only three, including Mafia: The City of lost Heaven. Fellows, if you can call them that, had in their stories sharp adventures, where the user could be in the role of a cop undercover or dissipate in a car like GTA. But even this version of the game failed to become a full-fledged criminal action, it was mostly perfectly written sketches, defined in separate missions. And only in Mafia did the scenario come together in the right way, if I may say "perfectly".

In the game, the storyline unfolds as follows: a simple cab driver gets into the middle of crime, in the heart of the mafia, where he gets the status of an informant for the police. Quite a career! In fact, it's based on a true story about a Mafioso named Valachi. It was he who managed to become famous in the 1960s for infiltrating and exposing the most dangerous Mafia gang in the United States. And the Mafia, in this connection, received an excellent offer to make an old story in an interactive design.
The action unfolds from the third person, the race - this is how the user sees the gameplay. But we should not forget that this is still not the Underground, and dashing, as we would like, will not work. The quality of the product allows you to safely put it in the line with the classics of criminal cinema. Of course, today you can point out the shortcomings, but they move aside, given the year of release of the game. Mafia at the time was considered the perfect game, although there is no such thing, because it is impossible to satisfy everyone's interests.

GoldenEye 007

How long ago it was, but even 20 years ago we were already playing computer games. Though it is hard to believe it, and yet - the video game GoldenEye 007. It is worth just remembering the first games for PlayStation, where the entire gameplay was identical, the graphics are quite modest, and the control scheme did not differ from each other at all. Remembering all the typical games of that time, similar to each other, constantly striving to reach the products for the PC, it is worth noting the one that was "different", and it's not about technology.
The video game came out in the first-person shooter genre in 1997. It is based on the plot of the seventeenth film of the famous "Bondiana". Many publications have marked the product with high estimates, especially liked the multiplayer. Of the 20 levels of the game two are absolutely secret, in each level - a new goal and three levels of difficulty. The more difficult the level, the greater the number of goals to achieve.
The main character is, of course, James Bond, who is presented with a lot of guns. The real samples of guns are taken as the basis, but the names have been changed. It didn't prevent the game from being the most interesting and exciting in its lineup, considering the year of release, it resonated with millions of users.
Maybe you should reconsider the list of favorite games for which everyone was so eager to buy their first PC. Good luck! We hope that our article inspired a desire to plunge into computer nostalgia.

03 June 2021