Types of cheats, their use, fight against them

There is a misconception among professional players and just fans to sit for an interesting shooter in his spare time, that cheats are designed to cheat the game. But this is a wrong opinion, although widespread. Based on the fact that "cheat" in translation from English, means "to cheat. Cheat codes were originally invented not by hackers, namely the developers of games. They were conceived to quickly and accurately test the created games that are being prepared for implementation. With the help of cheats game creators can test any hero, starting with any, even the very last level. And carry out this testing a large number of times, staying in the same place, until they bring the game and the hero to an ideal state. And, of course, the game must bring pleasure and enjoyment from the process. That's why cheat codes are necessary not only for developers, but also for gamers themselves. Each player has his own experience in the gameplay. The same game, players with different levels of gameplay, is perceived differently. For one it is very difficult, while the second easily overcomes all obstacles. With cheats, novice player can simplify the game, and experienced, on the contrary, make it more difficult to be interesting to play. You can activate the cheats in several ways. Developers put the official cheats in the gameplay, and you can activate them directly in the game. But there are also codes that can be activated by means of specially designed software and cartridges.
The motivation of players using cheats and bots, of course, we understand. This is the rapid collection of items and resources to sell them profitably and make money. Rise up, at the expense of cunning in the action of the game, and self-affirmation. Some cheats are stuffed with viruses and so you have to proceed with caution.

Types of cheats

In today's Internet industry you can find a huge variety of types of cheats that are suitable for different types of games.

Client Hook

The most common cheat for games. Can run a program, small in size, which quickly recognizes the code of the game. The use of this cheat, rather difficult to detect and recognize the use. Program developers are struggling hard with hackers to create codes for hacking games, so the latter have to work hard to come up with something new. But all kinds of protection is easily circumvented by professional players.

OpenGL Hack

Ability to take advantage of the special data API OpenGL. It created the graphics engine game Quake III Arena and many others. The easiest thing is to change the quality of light a little, more lighten the heroes of the game, who are hiding in dark corners. OpenGL cheaters are more complex modifications, they help to handle the quality of the game's textures in a more sophisticated way. Up to and including making walls half transparent. When using cheats, the core of the game, the foundation of the software and libraries are hacked.

ESP (Extrasensory perception)

These types of cheats are capable of giving out new data about the opponent in the game. For example, you can find out information about his location, even if he is behind a wall and it is not visible. In the game, we get visual information about the enemy only when he is shown in our field of view. With the help of cheats, the image is superimposed over the obstacles.


Cheat which helps to aim the auto-aim well. The player can run, jump, raising his hand, pull the trigger, auto aim will do its job and with his help it is possible to hit the target well.


The cheat will trigger an auto-fire at the moment when the enemy is in your crosshairs. The cheat reads information about the location of the enemy and sends a signal to make the shot. Most often, the last two reads are combined into one, and the player can just run, but the cheat code will aim and shoot for you.


This cheat removes the recoil after the shot, which greatly facilitates the game with shooting, it is noticeably simplified, becomes easy.
There are also other codes that disable light and noise effects during the shot. Remove and add other elements. Significantly simplify the gameplay.

Fighting cheats

Validation on the server manipulation of the gamer, this is the most productive way to combat cheat codes. If a player has used the code, hacked the game and actively uses the opportunities provided, which can be seen in the dynamics of the game, he should be immediately kicked.
Another way to calculate the use of cheats, is to look at the game statistics. For example, if the player hits an opponent in a certain part of the body, head or heart, then this will certainly cause a healthy suspicion. In this case, it is even possible to block the player's account.
As one option to combat, this is a complaint against the player using cheat code during the game. According to complaints, will be reviewed and a decision will be made to punish the player using it. But this way of combat is not very effective, since it traces an element of manipulation. Gamers are suspicious of each other and begin to throw complaints on all indiscriminately. And some of the tricks and complain about those who play better than them, without the help of cheats, to remove a strong opponent from the game. A large number of complaints are directed precisely against strong and experienced players.

A word in defense of the accused

To summarize this article, one thing we can say is that there are still two categories of players who use cheats. One category, these are people who are dishonest gameplay, engaged in cheating and fraud. And there is a second category, these are players who use the codes for their own pleasure and do absolutely no harm to anyone. They use cheats to facilitate or complicate the gameplay, which is absolutely harmless to other players. Absolutely not all in a row cheaters use unfair methods to gain a victory and show their superiority over other, not as cunning players. These are only certain types of gamers who have not yet realized that they cause immense damage to the reputation of other players and ruin the entire gameplay to rubble.
Of course the problem with the use of cheat codes, for example in online games, is quite significant in the Internet industry. Virtual battles suffer greatly from the invasion of online battles by cheaters. Developers spend a lot of time and effort to deter and resist dishonest players. Built into the game anti-cheats, and they provide excellent support for the game. Such protection is included in the gameplay in the background, monitors the information coming from the server of the game, and if it sees any inconsistency, it simply blocks the cheat code. Everything is so simple it is hard to believe. Thanks to these built-in systems, cheaters become less dangerous. Have less negative impact on the game.

04 September 2021