Video games with such an interesting and intricate storyline that they can compete with bestselling books

For many people video games have taken on almost the most important place in life. We choose projects that surprise us and become the most interesting for us. And also we are guided by the fact that the plot of the games was exciting. But sometimes there are strong scenarios in game projects that are a direct rival to detective novels. These projects take us into an interesting virtual world, and make us completely forget about reality. Screenwriters have used all their talents to create such unique stories, following the development of which is sheer pleasure.


This is one of the very first projects to be released in the "interactive" movie genre. The plot of the game as much as possible owns the player's mind. At the center of the plot is the main character Lucas. This is an ordinary bank clerk, who lives an ordinary life. But at one point his life is abruptly changed. Lucas falls into a trance, and being in an inappropriate state, commits a murder of a random passerby. He wakes up, but the way back is cut off forever. Now for him begins a completely different, new life. The main character is being chased, he is in a stressful state, in between chases, trying to remember what happened and why. These questions just wear him out.

The police and detectives who are investigating the incident suspect that everything is not so smooth here and the crime is not an ordinary case. It was immediately clear that someone was in charge of Lucas, all of his actions were under control. This third person was in the shadows the whole time. Now the police have only one most important task is to bring this mysterious third party into the open. The plot of the game would be the envy of many famous novels and detective works. There and exciting scenario, fascinating and mesmerizing, and the unexpected ending that will impress even the most discerning players. The main characters of the project, like real, living people, the story develops very dynamically, with great speed. The morning after the murder, Lucas wakes up at home, covered in blood. The doorbell wakes him up, it's the police coming for him. Panic grips him, he tries to quickly clean himself up, to wash off the blood. At this time, the screen splits into two parts. In one part we see an impatiently knocking on the door by a policeman, and in the second part we see the hero rushing through the dwelling with frantic speed. The player has to save the main character, find out the mystery and unravel such a tangled case.

Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason

Action Forms Studio, has already gained its well-deserved fame with the game Vivisector: Beast Inside, Beast Within. This unusual shooter was created based on the plot of the book "The Island of Dr. Moreau". Project Cryostasis sends the player to a ship stranded in ice and snow, the North Wind. Aboard the ship is the entire crew in its entirety. They are all doomed to a lifelong imprisonment in the cold snows. A similar fate awaits the main character. The protagonist gets on the ship, and there he has to endure many difficulties. He gets into a real hell. The ship is perpetual permafrost and can be killed by the cold. But the most unpleasant thing is that the ship's crew turned into monsters and they are hunting the protagonist. Everywhere looking for an outsider and want to exterminate, perceiving him as a threat. The hero tries to make sense of the disaster that has occurred. In this, he is helped by the crew's records that they kept before the disaster. And also the protagonist has the ability to penetrate the memories of the crew members, he gets into the body of the one whose memories he wants to view. This option provides an opportunity not only to look into the past, but also to change it. The gameplay of the project is incredibly fascinating, it is very interesting to find out and investigate the causes of the disaster. A peculiarity of the game is that it is necessary to watch the temperature of the hero all the time. And if the degree decreases it is necessary to warm the fire, otherwise the hero may perish. Well, have fun, you do not even notice the game, as time has flown by.

Heavy Rain

The game was created by French studio Quantic Dream, and the project is very successful, gaining popularity around the world. Gameplay in the game is almost no, almost all of the game time is to explore the space of the house, wander the rooms and feel things and objects. You also need to have a dialogue with the people around you and based on this communication, make decisions that affect how events will unfold next. At the beginning of the plot resembles a detective. In the center of events is a very happy family, the developers show us how everyone loves each other. Then life takes a sharp turn, and the family begins to have tragedies and troubles. One child is hit by a car, another child is stolen by a maniac. The police do nothing, the family falls into unrestrained grief. They are forced to comply with all of the maniac's demands. And then a journalist appears in the storyline to assist in the search for the child and information about the kidnapper. Also, the search team is replenished with an FBI agent and a private detective.

The player has an opportunity to play in turn for each protagonist, this is a very interesting feature of the game. The way each of them starts alone, but with time their paths come together. And the criminal, in the meantime, rampages, he puts the boy's parents the most incredible and terrible conditions. He forces him to drive on the oncoming lane at high speed, to drink poison, to cut off his finger. The choice is up to the parents and if they avoid it, the course of the game changes. There is also the possibility of losing one of the heroes, but he could help everyone at the most important moment of the game. After all, each hero has his own purpose. The game finale depends entirely on the player and his decisions and actions.

Until Dawn

To create the characters of this game, were invited real actors. The developers took, to create the main characters, their appearance, movements, voice and behavior. The plot of the game is somewhat reminiscent of the youth horror film "Scream". A company of young people goes to a house, which is located in the mountains, to spend the weekend and have a good rest. The company mainly consists of the so-called "golden youth". But they don't know that a maniac is running around the place where they are vacationing. The young people die one by one. The survivors must survive the night. The night will be terrible and unforgettable. The survivors will remember it for the rest of their lives. The peculiarity of the game is that all the decisions made by the heroes, greatly affect the outcome of the game. But the time to make decisions is very little, only 1-2 seconds. The plot up to the half of the game reminds the usual story of a maniac, but with each minute it becomes more and more complicated and interesting, there is a second bottom, which will be revealed in the finale.

08 September 2022