A great selection of good games, without violence and fear

Sometimes you want to relax after a hard day's work and rest. Almost always video games come to our aid. They are a great way to relieve stress and tension after work or study. We are attracted by the possibility to disconnect from reality for a while and plunge into the magical world of virtual space. Game industry offers us a huge number of options for games to relax. This is a thriller with a shooter and kills, detectives with an intriguing mystery story, fantasy with incredible fabulous beauty and adventure, space and underwater worlds with the battle for life and death. Of course, great to play horror and blow off steam, relieve accumulated tension and stress. It may be the best way to end your day filled with negative emotions. But it is possible that you are tired of the bloody scenes of violence and senseless brutality, where you need to destroy all life on your way. Then the kindest and most educational games without killing and scary monsters are at your service. Relaxing, allowing a full disclosure and relaxing stories in which the developers have invested their soul and talent to brighten up your leisure. The world of games full of kind, gentle, responsive and at the same time educational masterpieces. Here is a list, in our opinion, of the most positive and interesting games that you can play yourself and offer your children.

You can choose several games in the series LEGO, developers pay attention to popular blockbusters and actively exploit these images and stories in their works. Therefore, the masterpieces of this series are always the most focused on good, funny and funny. From this they do not lose their original essence and traditional style. On each individual product developers are working separately and individually, putting into it all their talent and soul.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueling

The game was created in the genre of flight simulator racing in 2019. Its fans are young lovers of speed and racing in auto competitions. The player is given the opportunity to master the magnificent in beauty and scale of the tracks, playing as a vivacious red fox. Crash Bandicoot, cheerful and funny little fox and also a lucky racing driver. This human-like fox has superpowers that break all the laws of physics. The higher will make the jump Crash, the faster will rush his car. For beginners introduced in the game gradation levels, from this point the track will be able to pass and experienced players and new. The track is located traps and weapons, forcing the player to be attentive and all the time to defend. The game has interesting matches, such as death match and capture the flag. Deathmatch, very reminiscent of the battle royal. After successfully completing missions and levels, you will have an interesting opportunity to get a fascinating character. Characters and skins can also be purchased for in-game currency.

LEGO Worlds

This is a fascinating and interesting game in the sandbox genre, filled with interesting adventures. The story is filled with tranquility and poise, with no murders or horrible monsters. In the game we have to create houses and megapolises, have racing competitions, interact and communicate closely with other characters in the game space. The storyline will tell us about a certain astronaut, who got into trouble. He crashed his ship into a passing asteroid. After that he was thrown, with great force on a neighboring planet. Astronaut is armed with a gravipushka, with its help it is necessary to get gold blocks. The more gold items the protagonist has, the faster the planet flies, and the astronaut will return to his ancestral home. During the journey protagonist will meet different planets, which have the opportunity to explore and learn the lessons that carry these places. At the beginning of the game the hero can create some simple buildings, then in the middle and end, will be able to build a huge structure. These games will bring unforgettable pleasure, will help you relax and spend an evening for a good and interesting game.

The Sims

The game is completely devoid of scenes of violence, murders, fights and shootings. We are faced with a magical world filled with perfect inhabitants. This world is very similar to Earth, but there are plenty of differences. The game has a lot of opportunities to play in different ways. For example, you can create an ideal place where you can just live well, communicate with the residents in the neighborhood, organize holidays and parties with friends. It is possible to choose another option, but we decided at the beginning of the article, to go the good way. So, if you want to have a quiet family evening, play with children, try to plunge into the fictional world of Sims. You'll love it, it's exactly what you're waiting for.

Rayman Legends

An interesting platformer with arcade elements, consisting of small games and levels. In front of the player unfolds at once six worlds in which he can exist, travel and learn a variety of adventures. The main character is able to reincarnate, and he successfully uses this gift, adapting to the situation. In this variant he should become very small, in the other one should pave the way with his teeth, just gnawing obstacles, in the third one he should become invisible and learn to hide and hide. The game combines the large and small in length levels. Therefore, the game is peculiar, at first all the tasks are performed fairly quickly, but closer to the end of the level is complicated and have to work hard. All six worlds can be passed in a chaotic order, without observing the sequence, choosing the one that you like more. The difficulty of the game is to get to the difficult levels, you have to solve the logical problems and sweat at the levels of low complexity.


The game contains exciting and positive adventures. The game's creator, Will Wright, has presented us with something incredible, filled with kindness and cuteness. Graphics, like a cartoon, colorful, clear picture, a variety of fauna as a background. The storyline is the development of relationships between races and diverse species. A variety of battles are fought, with no scenes of violence or cruelty. The game is full of jokes and humor, absolutely kind and positive. The game is so kind and beautiful that you can spend evenings in the family circle.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

This game is suitable for children who are very active and they need to develop diligence and attention to what is happening on the screen. The plot of the game lie adventures dragon Spiro, who advances through the game space, overcoming level after level. Drakosha collects jewelry and successfully interacts with other inhabitants of the fantasy world. It's easy to control the characters on land and water. Air levels, a little harder, but for their passage there is an opportunity to receive bonuses. So you can work up a sweat.

Mario Series

We can't ignore the Mario series of games. This is a true classic of games, a kind, positive and naive game. Even though he's our old acquaintance and we've been together for nearly thirty years, but Mario doesn't get old, it's a pleasure to play him. Here good is always good, it holds the victory in any case. And evil is denied and always fails. Mario's world, is a world of magic and goodness, it will become close, at the closest acquaintance, both a child and an adult. It will help you come to your senses, free your head from problems and heavy thoughts, and give you the pleasure of successfully overcoming all the game missions.

10 January 2022