Exciting representatives of action games in the fighting game genre

If you love to win and are willing to strive for them, despite the obstacles, fighting games are just for you. Here you will sharpen your reaction and attention, learn to make quick decisions. Games of this genre are focused primarily on the art of hand-to-hand combat. Different characters with unique abilities and fighting styles, looking forward to you in games of this genre. In most of the projects, the player progresses by fighting against increasingly stronger opponents. These games are suitable for thinking and focusing people. After all, you have to lead a battle strategy, anticipating the maneuvers of the opponent, trying to destroy his defense, and intelligently distribute their capabilities.

Street Fighter

In the fighting game genre this is the most famous project. The game began in the seventy-seventh year, and was very popular among fans of the game on the machines. The project then evolved into a collection of games, and became one of the founders of the fighting game genre. Gave us a lot of original and memorable characters that we loved with all our souls. From project to project the game is improving, graphics, colors, animation became better, changed the concept, but the characteristics of the characters remained unchanged, which is very appreciated by fans of the game.
The main thing in this game is the distance between the opponents, and if you correctly master how to calculate and keep the distance, you can win in a few moments. And also popular are the characters that have the ability to knock your opponent down quickly and apply some combination of blows before he recovers. Strong characters must constantly manipulate the distance and competent tactics of battle, looking for an opportunity to topple the enemy and stun a quick series of knockouts. As a result, the round lasts no more than a minute.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat followed Street Fighter in the early nineties, and immediately occupied its niche of popularity in the fighting game genre. It has a simpler fighting system and realistic fighters, fights and injuries. The distance between the fighters is not given as much attention, and gain the victory is possible in other ways. For example, you have to keep a close eye on your opponent, block his blows, react to lunges and wait for the right moment when he opens up to deliver a series of blows. Attracts a lot of attention from players around the world because it is easy to control and has an original gameplay.


Tekken has replaced Mortal Kombat in the fighting game arena with unique mechanics and great graphics. Spacing has returned to the game with honor, which has made the game much more difficult, because you now have to keep the range in 3D space, and move several times faster. The trick of the game was pressing countless buttons to perform, for example, a super blow, and the fact that the buttons are not tied to the strength of the blow, and to a certain part of the body. There was an opportunity to cheat and trick, to bypass your opponent. As a novelty was that the main battles, diluted mini games, tekken force mode made it possible to play volleyball between rounds. All the characters in this game are involved in an international tournament of the iron fist, and are fighting for the big prize money and the title of king of the iron fist. Therefore, the characters are quite diverse ethnically and have different unique abilities.

Marvel vs Capcom

The classic fighting game appeared in the ninety-sixth year and amazed and delighted fans with an unusual approach to the genre. Offered to fight in three teams of three players per team. The player could switch from one hero to another, controlling them simultaneously, trying to avoid combat combinations of blows of the enemy. The winner would be the one who defeated the entire three-player team. A few unique features of Marvel vs Capcom, the main kick that can't be blocked and incredible movement speed are the main features of this game.
The game is challenging and even the regular punches are hard to block, with a light show going on every moment of the game that is distracting. The player's chance to win, is to conduct a quick super hit, lightning switch to another hero, who with a series of blows will knock out the enemy, and then, by calling the third hero, completely finish the enemy. Various combinations of punches and characters are allowed, and the one who moves the fastest and has lightning-fast reaction will win.

Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus (2003)

Exotic fighting game from the creator of Mortal Kombat, released in the early 2000s. The game has no timer and no rounds, the fight goes on until the final victory of one of the players. Your opponent's body is bruised from blows, you can hurt your opponent's limb to incapacitate him. Fighters tear each other's clothes off, smashing glass and stone statues. In past fighting games players are propped against the wall were in a helpless position and almost could not move. In this project, the heroes are gifted possession acrobatic techniques. You can untwist on a pole, and fly feet first, striking blows. And if the player turns out to be squeezed in a corner, it is possible by doing a somersault to push off the wall and change their position in the game on a more favorable.

Tobal No. 1 (1996)

A fighting game designed for those who are tired of fighting in arenas, here the player is sent to a dungeon with a huge number of levels, where you have to jump over suddenly appearing chasms, dodge the clumsily rolling huge boulders, avoid tricky traps.
The action takes place in 2027 on the fantasy planet of Tobal. The planet is valuable for its mineral deposits, particularly ore. For the right to use the ore as energy on the planet unfolded not a humorous struggle and organized the tournament to determine the winner. Heroes of the game can be improved, using the food and potions left by the defeated opponent. If defeated, the player goes back to the beginning, to the start. The game has eight characters, each of which can conduct a variety of attacks, using martial arts and blocking systems, allowing for counterattacks and battles.

16 August 2021