Top cool Chernobyl-themed games

To find a place similar to Chernobyl is probably not possible, it simply does not exist on the planet, and even the like cannot be found. Chernobyl is not called a special zone - an exclusion zone - for nothing. There was a terrible cataclysm, after the accident at the plant in 1986, the zone was covered by radioactive contamination, which to this day leads into a stupor even the bravest. The explosion of the fourth power unit of the plant triggered a huge release of radioactive substances into the atmosphere. The developers liked the interesting idea of sending the user into the world of alienation. What could be more unusual, when the player can put on his own gas mask and go on an adventure through the city, where the horror of the emptiness and alienation is chilling in your veins.

The accident was the largest man-made disaster, and it is not surprising that the theme of the abandoned zone has become the basis for many movies, books and even games that cannot be said to be dedicated to the tragedy, but accurately convey the scale of its consequences. We offer to remember the most exciting games, the plot of which is devoted to the theme of Chernobyl and Pripyat. Russians can not get into the closed zone, to personally experience those feelings, which is Pripyat. Therefore, the popularity of the game and in general the theme of Chernobyl is understandable for residents of Russia and the world.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: ShadowofChernobyl. The scenario of perhaps the most popular game with the theme of Chernobyl is worked out "to holes", if not to say "to creepiness". Unspoken atmosphere in the game accurately conveys the whole essence of what has happened. Its first part was presented to the user 15 years ago, and, it must be said, the success of the game was enormous, it has won a crazy popularity not only on the territory of the CIS, but also among Western users.

The story is about the territory of the city, where people came to find expensive artifacts, which, in their opinion, should have appeared on the territory of Pripyat after the explosion. But not artifacts, and terrible mutants - that's what appeared and crowded the once inhabited territory of the city. The task of the user - to explore the area, it is important, while avoiding dangerous areas with radiation, to take part in the battle with the mutants, helping other stalkers. The main goal is the "Executor of Wishes", which will allow the getter to fulfill any whim of the winner. The game itself is unique - any action performed during the game directly affects its main goal and ending, which as much as seven in this part of the "Stalker".
Remembering the popularity of the game S.T.AL.K.E.R., we can accurately and confidently state that any user of the CIS or the West would like to be in the abandoned territory of Chernobyl, to see the alienated zone themselves and take the maximum number of pictures to remember. For such an excursion you would have to pay a lot of money, but the game Chernobyl VR Project eliminates this need.

The background for the story became a ghost town, mired in legends and unusual phenomena. The computer game is sure to appeal to fans of the virtual world. Gamers are invited to go for a walk through the deserted and abandoned area Pripyat, and even have the opportunity to visit the famous power plant.
The virtual world of the game Chernobyl VR Project will help those who have long wanted to visit the Exclusion Zone, but were afraid of radiation and other features of such an excursion. The game combines elements of a movie, a bit of learning and a direct video game, a fascinating plot - the user learns a lot about the disaster itself. Creators have worked hard on a video game, used for its creation panoramas, 3D scanning of the area Pripyat, stereoscopic video and photos, integrated CGI.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first-person military tactical shooter game where the user is invited to complete an entire mission in the once populated town of Pripyat, which became a ghost after the Chernobyl disaster. This is the 16th installment in the famous CallofDuty franchise. Captain Price is one of the main characters in the game, and his flashback recounts their trip with his partner to the town of Pripyat. Their task was to eliminate a serious representative of a terrorist gang that was going to arrange a serious deal. There were cordons and restrictions on entry and exit to the area, fighters and military equipment everywhere.
The main player, Price, and his partner, McMillan, dressed in camouflage suits, lying on their bellies, crawled far enough to get to one of the high-rises where their plan was to eliminate the terrorist leader. The weapon of choice for the mission is a sniper rifle. Real action unfolds in front of the user, and a special atmosphere gives the game a place - Chernobyl.


WarFace is a military style shooter, narrated in first person, the events of the plot unfolding in the year 2023. Classic battles, individual class characters, missions, and more. Particular interest in the game is the location - the scenario involves the most serious and dangerous cooperative special operations in the city of Pripyat.

The "Battle Royale" mode is something that is present in the modern gamer mode, where the map is the same, mentioned above, the area of the abandoned city of Pripyat after the disaster.


FeartheWolves is a multiplayer game that offers the popular shooter format "Battle Royale". The authors made an important decision - to design the game scenario on the territory of a huge, open, but uninhabited city of Pripyat. Twenty square kilometers - the world-famous Exclusion Zone, Chernobyl.
All the battles of armed conflict are about surviving, along with having to avoid the wild beasts that are everywhere, and flee from the deadly radiation. To establish a new world order is the main goal of the instigator organization. Warface - in sand-colored camouflage, in every way prevent this. Their base is located in North America, commanded by General Wharton. Nine game modes and more than 60 types of maps for each battle - the user will have a real adventure in the most mysterious city of the world - Pripyat.

03 June 2021