Top games that can compete with today's bestsellers

Some video games have been recognized as part of art by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2011 and are on a par with movies, theater, museums and academic space. Developers for the creation of new, creative games, receive awards and encouragement, become famous and gain popularity all over the world. Publishers, of course, do not forget about the financial side of the issue, taking care to promote the marketing of games and develop new markets. What outweighs the development of art in games or marketing development. Bowls of the scales with these positions, about the same level, but this fact does not prevent us to choose some of the most intelligent, developing, giving real pleasure games. We selected the game, not just entertain and brighten up the leisure, and make you think, raise questions with serious implications, explore the nature of people and their psyche. Playing them, the gamer unwittingly thinks, looking for answers to questions, he just reads them as a good, informative book, giving the sea of truth.

The Last of Us Remastered

This adult game can be discussed endlessly, and it comes with the powerful and clever Left Behind supplements. The graphics are quite realistic, the female characters and teenagers look believable, suffering and trying to survive in a scary and hostile virtual world. The plot of the game unfolds around the infection of a virus that could affect the entire planet. Infected with a virus, people turn into zombies and become very dangerous. The game is based on saving and surviving uninfected people. Interest generated by the wonderful storyline, does not fade for a minute throughout the gameplay. Serious, thought provoking themes are raised. Throughout the game, we meet a variety of characters whose deep characters are beautifully revealed, we get to know them from different angles. A bonus is the beautiful, mesmerizing graphics, the extraordinary atmosphere of the game and the gameplay. Throughout the game, there is a change of seasons, which brings the appropriate atmospheric changes and conditions for people's existence into the story.


The storyline of the puzzle game is aimed at adults, its genre can be defined as a romantic horror about love. Here the stages of adolescence, the development and formation of a person's personality, the first, most unusual feelings experienced in love and first crush are fully revealed. And also, this game will show how the first attraction can turn life into a living hellfire. Heroes simply burn in that fire from day to day. This is one of the smartest games, raising many questions, awakening contradictory feelings and calling for answers to the questions raised in the story. Along with the game's main protagonist, Vincent Brooks, we live seven days. He lives a full life, loves a girl named Catherine, communicates with friends, visits the bar and other entertainment. Vincent has the right to choose, the player is presented with eight options for different game endings. The ending of the game depends on the choices made by the main character throughout the game. The intrigue lies in the fact that night falls and the worst comes...


A truly adult game, complete with adult expressions, some of which are not even translated into Russian. The story is filled to the brim with loneliness and existence in it. Throughout the game, the characters try to rethink their lives and their actions. Disappointment in life, unjustified, inflated hopes, the question of how to remain yourself when life is just collapsing around you. The main character is simply obsessed with his own thoughts, which tear his brain apart and do not allow him to live in peace. It is impossible to escape from his own thoughts and the protagonist suffers throughout the game, at the same time he explores the surrounding world, solving unusual mysteries and defeating his enemies. The protagonist has the right of choice, choosing his social role, lines in dialogues and their construction. The choice is closely tied to the outcome of the game. Throughout the game, which lasts about five hours, the player has a sea of mysteries to solve. Each mystery riddle carries a surprise, which, once solved, may reveal the answers to several riddles, or may reveal that previous riddles have been solved incorrectly.


There is a deep second-bottom hidden in the course of this game, and the plot tells of deep human suffering. A beautifully mysterious narrative, the plot is a little blurry, but the style is simply unique and original. The beginning of the game is mesmerizing and sets up an atmosphere of mystery. A little boy is running through a black forest covered with thick fog, which has no end and no edge. The boy is looking for his lost sister. There are many dangers in the forest, spiders, caterpillars devouring people, the souls of dead children, tired and angry. As is known in the Catholic faith, Limbo is where the souls of unbaptized children go after death. Limbo rightfully ranks first among the scary, terrifying places in video games. But the biggest intrigue of the game is the lack of an ending. There is no ending, the ending is open... Either the developers wanted the players to think it up themselves and let their imagination run wild, or...

The Last Express

The quest game is simply filled with unsolved mysteries, exciting adventures and secrets. The game's script is bookish and strikingly ingenious and aristocratic. It is at the top of the ranks of the classic quest and took a proud, honorable place at its pinnacle. The developers and creators of the game, brought to our attention the plot is exciting and fascinating. The story is about the last train on the threshold of the First World War, all the action takes place in real time. On board the train occurred mysterious crimes in high society, the investigation of which is engaged in the protagonist. The player has the right of choice and can choose the manner of behavior and dialogue in the interrogation of witnesses. You can pay attention to any detail and conduct the interrogation with full responsibility. You can talk about general topics and learn nothing, you can dodge the conversation. But choosing this way, you shouldn't count on interesting and exciting ending. There are a lot of endings, but the correct one is the only one.


Where does mankind's all-consuming urge for self-destruction come from? This is the question the authors of the game ask themselves, and throughout the process players try to solve this mystery and find the answer to this question. Have you been left alone when everyone has abandoned you, even your closest ones? Or maybe it's self-defeating, and there's always something or someone around? The game makes you think about these questions and may even provide answers. The plot of the game is a journey to a distant and unfamiliar mountain, through foreign terrain, overcoming obstacles and gaining a beautiful, charm-filled gaming experience. Everything here is unusual and interesting, the graphics are beautiful, the music is unforgettable, the scenery, will dream of nights, so beautiful they are. In the game there are no hints or even basic maps, but you can meet a fellow traveler and acquire a friend on this difficult journey. This is a living person, more about the personality is unknown, you can communicate only through shouts or sounds that mimic human speech. You will find out the name of the companion and helper at the end of the game by reading the credits.

02 November 2021