Top 100 Hour Games

For the seasoned gamer, a standard game, even if it's new, is a few evenings before the finale. Speaking of the bestsellers like Modern Warfare or Call of Duty, their fans shooters easily pass in a day, going back to the start. And you have to pay a lot of money for a quality game, but in return I would like to get not a couple of hours of story for the kid.
Buying projects that take months to complete is the real fun part. In our list of games that will easily take 100 hours of your personal time, and maybe even more. Of course, this number is relative, you may be able to work in story campaigns for 50 hours, but if you go deep into the game and don't spare time for all accompanying quests, even a hundred hours will be not enough. That's why this list contains the games that will probably take 6000 minutes to learn, to complete the quests and to fully immerse yourself in the process. We chose those games that have a complete story, and the user will see the final screen saver and credits, even if it's a hundred hours later. Let's go!

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

A Polish-developed game whose plot originates from Andrzej Sapkowski's books. The Witcher first appeared on monitors in 2007, it was an RPG project with cool quests, humor, and a controversial combat system. Unlike other similar games of that period, The Witcher offered to become a real detective.
Investigations, hunting monsters, interesting leisure time in taverns, fist fights with friends, the sea of alcohol at the bar and girls of easy behavior - all this is the typical life of a witch, with so much mystery and romance. In the second part, which was called "Assassins of Kings", interest was somewhat diminished - the game was without the inherent scope of the first part, users were frustrated. And here it is - the final part, truly unique and incredible, on which it is not a pity to spend even a hundred hours!
The game is an interesting quest, where the secondary tasks are as carefully worked out as the main ones. This game can be said to be the only one among games where there are no formulaic quests, where each story is prescribed to detail, the characters of the story - memorable and interesting characters, and the plot - it just turns inside out! Now it's worth the effort to find a game where the story unfolds in its entirety, not divided into scraps. Each plot twist is a mystery worth working hard to find the answer. Playing The Witcher 3 for a few months is no joke, and even after seeing the final credits, there is a bitter residue that your favorite game has come to its end.

Dragon Age: Origins

It took the developers about five years to finish this role-playing game. The scenario here is unified and quite familiar: the situation is unfavorable, we need volunteers to save the world and cope with the main enemy. This plot has already been seen in similar role-playing games.

The main difference is the unique prologues, which are offered at the beginning of the multi-hour, no, just a huge game. You can choose one of the six characters yourself, and run the game on his behalf. It is possible to choose not only the player, but also the quests, and even decide who is destined to survive in the end, and who will suffer a different fate.
The game has a choice of three classes - warrior, mage or villain. The most powerful, obviously, is the mage: he gets his power thanks to the big tree, and becomes a powerful sorcerer, who fights his enemies, not giving them a chance to survive. In his hands is power over flame and ice, lightning and thunder. The warrior, as you know, will fight with swords, daggers, try himself in virtuoso hand-to-hand combat, using dexterous and stealthy blows. Unsurpassed in this game are the quests, which prepare the most interesting missions for the player. The mission will take a very long time, but it is impossible to notice how it flies.

The Elder Scrolls

The developers agreed that the vast locations and the obvious plot is no longer interesting to anyone. The user expects a coherent storyline, he is interested in the goal of passing, rather than meaningless change of maps and wandering through their expanses. Despite the old moulds, the game is very addictive.

The iconic parts of TES are known to everyone, and are already considered old, but the fifth part is intended to be the best in its line. The player finds himself in the north, in the land of Skyrim. For the user opens quite a variety, if compared to the previous parts of the game, the landscape design. The plot unfolds in the heart of the world - Syrodil. Small snow-covered settlements, mountain ranges, bays, caves and large cities. Danger hangs over all this beauty - the cities are gripped by civil war, and that is not the only misfortune from which mankind must be saved. Dragons are the main goal of the hero.
The game can be completed in a day, but that's not enough time to realize how exciting it is. With the characters that the hero meets in the village, you can talk, they are happy to tell you about the history of their land. In addition, a world of interesting quests awaits the player, from which he will not be able to break away for the first fifty hours, or even more, for sure.

Final Fantasy

A Japanese game, and it should be said at once, for a fan of this genre. As we know, many Japanese games find their enthusiasm only among part of the population. This part got into our selection because the previous one, the 14th game's story, was released without an ending. Titles can be seen by the most persistent players who had enough energy and time, which is probably more than a hundred hours, to see them.
Social conflict is the center of the storyline, and all the action unfolds around it. There are two ruling worlds: one is Cocoon, hovering in the sky, and the other is Pulse, situated far below. The rulers of Cocoon are interested in people who are connected to the world of Pulse. The sister of the protagonist Lightning falls under suspicion. Not a bad mess ensues when the girl begins to go against everyone, breaking the system alone. The confrontation escalates, and other characters - already in the game - take an active part in the conflict.
This is an action where you can not only fight, but also communicate, wonderful interlocutors are other characters who help explore the world, share history. Beautiful scenes and touching plot are the merit of the developers.

Star Wars

Last on our list is the famous "Star Wars" part, which came out not only on TV, but also successfully conquered the hearts of gamers. A major project that will simply and unconditionally steal all your time. Here the player is waiting for a thoughtful, deep scenario.
An entire universe with many planets opens up before the user, where many missions await him, both main and side missions. When landing on the planets Tatooine and Kashyyyk, it's impossible not to shudder at what you see. Unfortunately for fans of the movie saga, the main characters of the movie are not in the game, because according to the story the events take place long before the story of the Star Wars movie.

06 May 2021