Top actors who starred in computer games

Digital space is being attacked by Hollywood stars at the speed of light. This time we take a look at which of Hollywood's famous celebrities have taken the plunge into the world of computer games and played a role in the gameplay.

  • James Dean was an actor who would become famous thanks to "Looking for Jack". Unfortunately, in 1955, the celebrity was gone. But digital technology does not stand still, modern systems recreate the image of James Dean exactly for the purpose of his participation in the game Death Stranding. It is so beautiful and technically perfect game that even the most experienced gamers sometimes find it difficult to distinguish what is really going on in front of them - the plot of a high-budget blockbuster with an unsurpassed cast, or still the game.

  • Keanu Reeves - perhaps there is no person who does not know about the films "The Matrix", "John Wick", "JJohnny Mnemonic" and other directorial masterpieces. This time the actor managed to become famous in the gaming industry - he was offered a role in the cyberpunk setting of the dystopian future. The product development is engaged eminent Polish studio computer technology. Reeves appears in the game in the role of the deceased member of the famous rock band "Samurai. In the head of the main character settles the digital ghost, which has not only his own consciousness, but also the memories, of which he strongly reminds him. Keanu really liked to cooperate with the developers of computer games, he was absolutely delighted with his character, and even asked to add episodes in the game with his participation.
    The first time Keanu Reeves got to know about his role in the computer game was when he addressed the participants from the stage at the computer games exhibition. The actor appeared there as a guest, and spoke after the presentation of the trailer for that very computer game. The audience came to be really excited about the news, which caused a genuine stir among the actor's fans.

  • Next on the list of famous actors who played a role not only in the movie, but also took part in a computer game, was Rami Malek, who played the role of Josh Washington. Rami Malek is the winner of the golden Oscar statuette. Real fame came to the actor after his role in the TV series "Mr. Robot", where he played the main character. The computer game "Until Dawn" from the horror movie genre in an interactive version.
    The plot unfolds during the celebration of winter vacations, in the mountains, where by a coincidence of strange circumstances disappeared two young girls. Rami plays the role of the brother of the two sisters, who, a year after the tragedy, travels to the same mountains, to the same mansion where they once vacationed with their sisters. The purpose of the trip is to pay tribute to what happened, and to honor the memory of the disappeared. But terrible weather conditions leave the company in danger, and cut them off from all possible and accessible communications and means of communication. No rescuers can be called, no signals can be sent, and then comes the most unexplained and terrifying dangers.
  • The sci-fi adventure game Omirkon: The Nomad Soul was released on computers back in 1999. The plot unfolds in the city of Omirkon. The player is a legendary musician and actor, known to many fans of rock music, David Bowie, who has to investigate the murders that happened under the aegis of mysteries and riddles, and not to lose his humanity. Users lavished the game with different reviews, opinions were mixed, criticism even after 20 years is a bit poor, but this game was the debut of musician and actor David Bowie in the world of computer games. Unfortunately, for the legendary musician, this role is his last in that direction. In addition, the game's musical accompaniment is Bowie's own work; he wrote several songs specifically for it, which are played in the story. The musician's wife, Iman, also took part in the game, and played the role of one of the characters in the video game.
  • The spaceship Normandy and the deputy of the protagonist, the partner of the ship's captain, and the star of "The Handmaid's Tale" appear before the users in the game Mass Effect. The role of the former employee of "Cerberus", confident and strict, arrogant and haughty heroine went to Yvonne Strahovski, who in this series of games became the image of the character and voiced Miranda Lawson. Family and friends were the ones Miranda sought to protect no matter what. There was not only one Hollywood actress involved in the video game, a famous actor of comic genre, director and screenwriter Seth Green had a hand in the creation of the popular game series. He got the role of the pilot of that very ship, he is the captain, the assistant and deputy of which was Yvonne Strahovski. She became famous after playing the main female role in the legendary "The Matrix", where she played Carrie-Anne Moss, and voiced an alien Azari who headed the enemy organization.
  • The beloved actor of the public, the "Never Too Many" star of "Fast and Furious" known as Dominic Toretto, also took part in the creation of a computer game. His famous film character, Richard Riddick, became the hero of the video game, voiced by the celebrity. The actor himself is an avid fan of computer games, so he wanted his character to be as similar as possible to the famous hero from the film "The Chronicles of Riddick", so he voiced himself Vin Diesel. The game was successful and by the moment of its release it had thousands of fans, but still we haven't heard anything about the sequel.

  • Mark Hamill received a portion of his popularity after the release of the Star Wars saga. After Mark played his character Luke Skywalker, he delved deeper into voicing cartoon and video game characters. For more than 20 years, the famous Joker character has been speaking in Hamill's voice.
    The game Batman: Arham City is the brightest work of the actor in the world of computer games. Joker went down in history, Hamill's work struck not only users and experienced gamers, critics did not leave the video game without attention. Willingness to leave at the height of fame and stop voicing the famous clown fiasco, and Mark Hamill again gave the world the Joker is already in the work called Batman: Arham Knight. The actor talented not only worked with the Joker, he is the voice of the Caretaker in Darksiders, Wizard of Erakus in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and many other video games, the characters of which speak in the voice of the famous character Luke Skywalker.
  • Kevin Spacey is a two-time Oscar winner for his brilliant roles in American Beauty and Suspicious Faces. For fans, the real shock was the actor's participation in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It should be noted, Spacy coped decently with his character Jonathan Fyronce. By the way, the actor admits, that he has never been keen on video games.

06 May 2021