Top 5 quest games for the youngest

Quest - English word, which is the best way to characterize the game genre: amazing and peculiar, which is able to captivate the user with an interesting story, charming visual design, make you train your logic and solve the most difficult puzzles. Many people ignore this genre in vain, because today they have such a huge number: for every age and taste. And how they love children - they're like no one else every day crave adventure, and the virtual world in this the best solution!
If you decide to spend a little time with your child, to train his logical abilities and develop strategic thinking skills, our article - just what you need to have a great evening. First of all, pay attention to the game of "quest" genre. We did not offer the youngest gamers more complicated options with action, where you have not only to wander through mysterious places, puzzle over tasks, but also be afraid of villains on your way. A little departure from the more insidious genre, we present interesting outstanding toys that will appeal to the taste of kids.

The Adventures of the Little Monkeys

"The Adventures of the Little Monkeys": this time the mischievous monkeys went to school. They were so curious that they couldn't resist finding out how the children's lessons were going. But what happened is what happened - they got lost. Their mother must cope with all the challenges of the game to find and save her little ones. School quest puzzles are waiting - hurry up and start playing!

The first thing to do is collect notebooks. They are everywhere: on desks, in cabinets, on the floor. But not everything is easy - some can not be found without solving the puzzle, guessing it, you can get the answer, where the notebook is hidden, how to open the door and more.

The Loud House

"The Loud House": Children love the Nicelodeon channel. Surely they are familiar with the animated series "The Loud House". Interesting time can be spent not only at the TV for your favorite cartoon, but also at the monitor screen, where it is necessary to make logical and attentive efforts to find the mysterious objects.

Favorite characters are already waiting in the game! Everyone except Lincoln, went on a summer vacation - with this begins the plot of the game. The principal of the school where he studies, for bad behavior came up with a punishment for violator of discipline: he will have to work on community service in the school. The user must save the noisy boy - there are a lot of errands ahead.
You can go with Lincoln to the park, where he has to remove a whole mountain of garbage, collect items, send them to the trash can. Everything will turn out quickly and easily - just press the Space bar to pick up the item, and drag it with the mouse to send it to the trash can.

Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker

"Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker" - this game is the sixth in a line of the simplest logical quests for the youngest. The plot of the game is tied to travel, the main character is a primitive man. His name - Adam, in this part of the online game, he ate a lot of fruit from a sleepy tree, why suffers from increased sleepiness. But as soon as the user allows his hero to lie down for a nap, he immediately becomes sleepwalker and wanders in his sleep. Next, sleepwalker Adam goes in search of his Eve, whom he decided to look for somewhere in the North Pole. But whether the strange traveler will be able to escape death and survive such a difficult adventure is a question for the user.
It is the ingenuity of boys and girls will help Adam cope with all the difficulties and reach the finish line. The first level begins with the task to lead the main character through the abyss, you can do it by creating a bridge out of the box. The second level is complicated by the fact that Adam has to save himself from a predator, he is about to be attacked by a hungry polar bear. If this succeeds, there are many adventures and breathtaking stories ahead. But everything is so simple and logical that children from such a quest just can not tear away.

The line of games about Adam and Eve - adventure quest online about primitive people. The game is available in free mode online, where each part - a separate story.

Adam and Eve 4

"Adam and Eve 4": It is impossible to stop after passing the first parts of the game. The plot unfolds against the backdrop of the events taking place in paradise, where Eve and Adam lived. The wedding made the bride a very grumpy wife, and Adam had to flee from her in search of adventure and wanderings.

The user has the task to save the main character, help him escape from the house and go with him on an unforgettable adventure. But it's not all that easy - the dangers and obstacles, that's what awaits the player in the quest. Only ingenuity and excellent wit will help boys and girls keep their hero alive. Mass of logical puzzles awaits gamers: to increase the water level in the river, help the turtle to find his home and more, it will be interesting for both children and adults.

Kogama: Spooky Halloween

"Kogama: Spooky Halloween": a mystical, and at the same time one of the most beloved holidays of children. This game invites everyone who likes Halloween and Kogama, for fans of spookiness and candy is prepared a most interesting and dangerous adventure. According to the plot, in honor of the celebration of All Saints' Day in the city opened its doors amusement park in the style of "Halloween". But visitors won't be able to ride the swings so easily - representatives of the dark forces have already prepared their tricks for them.

Adrenaline and nothing but - that's what awaits the curious gamers who dare to such a quest. Ahead - the park, populated by monsters, fear and ghosts, creepiness and ghosts, all the undead that could wake up that day, here. A random traveler won't get over the park zone that easily, you'll have to get covered in slime that damages your health, get a weapon and destroy the undead.

Prison Break for the Gentleman of Fortune

"Prison Break for the Gentleman of Fortune": searching for items, this is something that both adults and children love. This logic game is not without its object search tasks. The hero is a bank robber, and everything would have gone well as always, if not for the case when the accomplices framed Jim. They took all the money in the bank vault, and they locked him up there. All Jim got was the prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison while the friends who once betrayed him enjoy a life of ease with stolen wealth. He cannot accept this and decides to make his escape. And then a user comes to his aid: his wit and ingenuity should help Jim leave the walls of the prison cell.
Knocking bricks in the wall to find a geocache, complex ciphers and collection of improvised objects to implement conceived - the game is extremely fascinating. Shine the logic of thinking and you're sure to find yourself on the other side of the prison bars!
Each game is interesting to the point of simplicity, even the youngest users will cope with the gameplay of these versions. Install and dare - ahead of a lot of interesting spent time!

03 June 2021