Dark fantasy and the best games in the genre

Dark Fantasy is a rather interesting and popular genre in the gaming industry. The oppressive and sometimes merciless atmosphere of such video games has been to many people's liking. It is impossible not to notice the charm of a fictional game world, made in gloomy colors and filled with different types of creatures, which in the real world is not seen. All this bribes the player, keeping him even more interested. After all, the more you play a game like this, the more you want to know its world and what it holds.


One of the most popular and successful game series in the gaming industry from the Japanese developers. Dark souls tells the story of the medieval world in the fantasy genre. Everything in it is made in rather gloomy colors, emphasizing its decay and chaos occurring in it before our arrival. The graphics became better and more detailed with each new part of the game, more and more strongly immersing us in this beautiful, but filled with something mysterious and sad world. Though the game looks great, its main merit is the gameplay itself. Many players remember the complexity of Dark Souls game series. After all, just walk through the story here is not possible. The main feature of the game is that while exploring the world you will face more and more challenges. And after overcoming them, you will be able to say with certainty, what is the appeal of this game. You will meet many mysterious and interesting characters. Each one has their own story and goals to which they are going. More than once you will notice that you are not the only one traveling through this world. Many characters you've seen before will meet you again, helping you slay monsters or telling you something new about the game world. If you consider yourself to be persistent, not afraid of dangers and difficulties - then you can be sure. The world of Dark souls games is exactly for you.

Grim Dawn

Game project, which imitates such not unknown and accepted by many game series Diablo. A game in which you can take on the role of a real hunter of evil. By choosing a particular style of passage of the many available, you can safely go into battle with hordes of enemies, leaving them no chance. After all, the world of the game is not peaceful and calm. Torn apart by a ruthless war between two creepy and mysterious factions - the Ephyrials and the H'tonians. Neither of them will yield, which means we will have to face various manifestations of their conflicts more than once. In the arsenal of the player to choose from a variety of tools and opportunities to destroy the enemies. Whether it's quite an interesting magic, allowing you to deal with your enemies with powerful and destructive spells. Or maybe you prefer firearms or melee? This great game will allow you to play whoever you want to. After all, this ruthless world has no mercy on the weak. To get to the truth and how to fix this unideal dystopian world, you will have to defend yourself more than once. Humans are here too, but they are in the minority. Once in this world they barely keep their losses to a minimum. This is where you come to their aid. Their fate will depend on you.
Break into a brutal cycle of epic events and try to make this world a better place. And for this you need not only good equipment and experience in battles, but also the trust of those with whom you will fight shoulder to shoulder. By defeating the cruel creatures capable only of destruction in this already cruel and difficult world to survive, we can bring new hope for better change to others.

The Witcher series of games

One of the most popular and warmly received series of games based on the books of Sapkowski, which affected its universe of many people. The dark saga of the adventures of a witch - monster hunter will not once surprise you. In this game project is all done in the best tradition of dark fantasy. The world in which people are experiencing bad times, destruction and decay is felt almost everywhere. People not once will make you think about the purity of their intentions. After all, the game shows us a lot of different situations, prompting us to ask different questions. After all, the world of the game is presented in a very realistic colors. Showing us an age of the Middle Ages with all its vices and the difficulties of people living in it. Not only that, it is also inhabited by a variety of monsters, the problems with which the protagonist and will solve. But even a witch doctor will sometimes wonder - who is more dangerous, human or monster? The developers managed to show us this world full of horrors and sufferings, and the cruelty of the Middle Ages is really very bright. Greed of people, discrimination, greed, malice and unscrupulousness. All of this is expressed here unvarnished. And adds to the already interesting and fascinating fictional world in which one wants to stay for a long time. A series of games that can teach us that our every action and decision always has consequences. And it's worth thinking ahead, because it's up to us to live with the consequences of our decision. The Witcher raises themes that are relevant even today. Forcing you to carefully analyze your actions and to be penetrated by the history of that brutal, but no doubt cozy and attractive game world.


A game that will pleasantly amaze you with its interesting setting and multifaceted plot. Tyranny will allow us to plunge into a dark and complex fictional world, in which kindness and understanding are the real luxury. A grim fantasy in the CRPG genre filled with cruelty and hopelessness. A world in which the dark side has long since prevailed over the good, and has been parasitizing on the unfortunate inhabitants of this world for years. Taking on the role of the protagonist, which is not so simple. As one of the subordinates of the dark lord Kairos, we will more than once solve the problems of the people we meet. Although being a subordinate, we still have in spite of its difficult status, his own will and the right to choose how to act. The gameplay is the strongest point of the game, because it has a non-linear nature. Allowing us to play in this dystopian world filled with hopelessness and death as we see fit. By deciding what to do in this or that situation, we not only decide the fate of people, but also influence the main development of the story. Which allows us to fall more in love with this fictional world filled with all kinds of interesting events and difficulties.

13 June 2022