Mysterious and mysterious underground world of games

If you are the kind of person who likes dungeon-themed video games, you should pay attention to the following game industry projects. Thanks to them, you will easily go to the dark, mysterious, full of deadly dangers, for the ignorant explorer, cold dungeons. They will be waiting for you exciting adventures and reward for their overcoming will be for you untold wealth, which will receive only the most worthy and enduring traveler.

Dungeon Keeper

In its day, when this video game came out, it was an unbelievable success with players. It had a pleasing picture and an incredible, at the time, setting that was considered revolutionary. And all this was served in the genre of "God Simulator". The game attracted by an unusual feature - we did not play as good heroes, the role we often assume in most video games. You will not be on the bright side, you will take in your hands the most real infernal demon, whose goal is to arrange his new underground kingdom and dreams to destroy the world of people he hates.

Once you start diving into this game, you'll find that the main goal of the game is to run your own dungeon. Your dwelling will be a vital necessity to equip, provide provisions and important materials for new constructions, which your faithful servants will extract.
As an evil Dungeon Keeper, you will seize other people's lands, expanding your own domain. But no one will just give them to you, you will have to fight for them with the so-called light forces, which are Heroes and other Dungeon Keepers. By conquering the lands you not only get the strategic advantage, but also get new places for gold and diamonds mining, because the game has a good economic component. And of course you can use magic, learning new magic skills to crush your annoying opponents.

The creatures controlled by Dungeon Keeper are not so simple. Each one has its own personality. You will not be able to mix up these creatures. They also need to be fed, and take care of them, give them time to sleep, give them money. And depending on whether you pampered them or not, they will have their own personal opinion about our keeper.

Map of our underground estate is a rectangular area divided by cells, in which we will place buildings and creatures. The only currency in the game is gold. This can be stored in your treasury and locked away. If you neglect mining this important resource, the happiness level of your employees will drop until they decide to revolt against you and actually decide to leave your domain. So it is worth neglecting the economic part of the game, because how can you fight back without a strong army of your own, furnished with deadly maze traps, and of course, powerful spells.

Legend of Grimrock

Even before its release, the game has already attracted the attention of players who are fond of dungeon games. In this game, you will have to take the role of four adventurers at once, who have a difficult journey in a dungeon. In each dark corner and around the bend and await strong opponents and unforgettable sensations.

In the world of this video game is quite original in every sense of justice. Convicted criminals who disagree with their sentence can also choose a different path, leaving the judgment of his life to fate itself. All that is needed is to pass through a mountain in which endless underground passages and confusing labyrinths have been dug, inviting the unfortunate to remain in them forever. We begin our difficult journey, full of dangers, at the very top of the mountain.
Our four heroes are just such prisoners, who hope to get out of the dungeon and clear their name before the law by clearing themselves of unjust charges. They have a lot of courage, but no one has ever returned from the dungeons of Grimlock, but it's still better than spending the rest of their days in a cramped and dank dungeon.

The mountain itself might look like a dungeon, though there are no guards, and most of the doors are unlocked. But you should not rejoice before the time because there are enough dangers here too, the remains of the prisoners, who were not very lucky and were looking for a way out, will tell us about it.

Walking through the numerous corridors of the dungeon, you will find strange at first sight notes, left by the previous visitors of the dungeon, so the game has enough secrets and riddles besides the main narrative.
At the beginning of the game we will be given to choose our own characters, each of which can be equipped with their own appearance and specialization. After all, this is a game with a good RPG element. And their journey will begin with a small little room, where our team was sent to the mercy of fate.

It is worth noting that the player takes under his control not one, but a team of four people. After all, the squad in this game is considered one unit. Two heroes will be in front, and take the main blow, the other two will be in the back. You can equip your squad members with anything you want. There are a lot of weapons and magic in the game that will help you to stay alive in this unfriendly place. In the game, despite the fact that the gameplay consists of turn-based movement, the game is played in real-time, so you won't be able to relax in the battle. It takes time to get used to such mechanics, though, after a couple of hours the game becomes clearer and instinctively understandable. Tense real-time battles will allow you to delve deeper into this challenging and full of riddles adventure. Playing on high difficulty can be a real challenge. The game will show you a new side of you that you have never seen before.
The high-level map will need to be drawn by hand, because without it in these many labyrinths it is not difficult to get lost. More than once you will wander around the map, looking for that missed turn on the map layout. After all, Grimlock's labyrinths are quite confusing and vast.

But not just battles and the exploration of underground locations rich gameplay. Namely the presence of numerous intricate puzzles in the game, some of which are mandatory to move on in the story, and the rest can be left aside, but undesirable. These riddles are not so easy, but without them it would lose much of its charm. In this ambiguous game you can have a lot of fun, get to the most intricate and difficult parts of the dungeon. Enjoy an excellent role-playing system that allows you to play your characters as far as your interest and imagination allow.

28 February 2022