The mysterious magic of the witchcraft genre in the world of anime

Stories about girls with magical powers vividly reveal the classics of the genre of the anime world. The essence of the maho shoujo genre lies in the main character, or rather the heroine. This is a girl or girl who has magical powers or supernatural abilities, which she does not hesitate to apply throughout the gameplay. The heroine fights evil, takes the planet Earth under protection, guards and helps the weak heroes.

It happens that there are several heroines, each with their own unique and inimitable gift. Together they are an invincible, supernatural force. Maho shoujo genre was introduced into the gaming area long ago, the heroines have been represented by a large number, the game is seasoned with everyday sparkling humor. Storylines of anime games, different, as well as a variety of consoles and moods. Fans of such stories about girl magicians, will always find a decent product according to their own taste, desire and mood. Beautiful women's faces and bodies, high-level graphics, noteworthy wonders and transformations, breathtaking storyline, all this you will find for yourself, getting acquainted with the mysterious magic of witchcraft genre in the world of anime. We bring to your attention the brightest representatives of this genre, which, in our opinion, will captivate gamers and send them into a world of amazing adventures and magic.


This game perfectly captures all the subtleties of the unforgettable atmosphere of the maho-shojo genre. The main character, Bayonetta, is a young witch who has no complexes and can easily screw over angels and other similarly holy individuals. The storyline is that the witch-girl, in agreement with a pact once made between her and the demons, needs to capture angels and send them to Inferno. The heroine goes to any tricks and deeds to lure the angels out of hiding and challenge them to battle. Throughout the gameplay, there are a variety of absurdly funny, hilarious scenes, laced with well-honed humor.

The preceding story is that long ago there were two clans of Witches and Sages, who between them did not conduct open hostilities. Still, they were subject to different worlds, some to angels and others to demons, so tension existed. A ban was placed on common children, as such children would possess inhuman strength and the ability to exterminate the entire World. The ban was broken, and war broke out, resulting in the near extermination of both clans. Bayonetta, half witch and half human, was put into a lethargic sleep in those old days, imprisoned in a coffin and lowered to the bottom of a lake, where she spent the last five hundred years.

Now she is awake, but she doesn't remember anything from the past, only that she is a witch and has to hunt angels. This is what she does throughout the game. She can transform into any animal, summon demons demons with her hair, easily distorts gravity and takes advantage of the ability to move through walls and ceilings and can slow down the movement of time.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

The protagonist in this game is again a woman named Shanoa, she has unique magical powers, she can get rid of the monsters around her with a magic rune. The rune is depicted as a tattoo on her back. Her powers and abilities are as powerful as other famous anime heroes. Throughout the many series and sections of the games, the woman holds in awe every evil imaginable. Shanoa doesn't do transformations, which doesn't stop her from being the coolest female mage around.

Final Fantasy X-2

This game is simply a classic, unique and amazing incarnation of maho shoujo. Over the years, the game has enjoyed enormous popularity among gamers. The storyline consists of interesting journeys, imbued with the spirit of adventure, which take place in other worlds, on other planets, with new and diverse heroes. The main characters, whose names are Yuna, Rikku and Payne, with great pleasure indulge in atmospheric adventures with a variety of professions. You can try them all, according to your preference, changing outfits and accessories, which is very important for a woman.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has long been considered an anime clone of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Some critics, said that the game is not expected to have great opportunities, popularity and accomplishments. But the game proved the opposite, winning the love and popularity of gamers in many countries and continents. Many fans of the maho shoujo style have fallen under its spell, thanks to the efforts of the developers. The gameplay of the game is extremely fabulous and appealing, with enchanting graphics and musical accompaniment. There are, of course, male protagonists in the game, but still the majority and priority is given to girls, women and girls, who amaze us with unusual magical abilities, beauty and grace.

Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

The game presents exceptionally beautiful images of the main villains, only a female cast. The main character, immediately wins the hearts of players. Outwardly she looks like Little Red Riding Hood from the good fairy tale of Charles Pierrot. The heroine chooses a weapon and the game begins, at which all resemblance to the heroine of the tale ends and the quest with adventures and quests begins. The female characters, vivid and impressive, are memorable for a long time, striking to the heart. At first the gameplay was overwhelming in its complexity, but with the release of new updates, the developers created more simplified game modes, and gamers began to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir

This is an amazing colorful 2D version of the action JRPG genre. The female characters in this game take part in a variety of exciting stories and adventures. The storylines of the female characters intertwine with each other and influence each other's fate. But at the same time each story is original and individual, the narrative line is held clearly, not blurred. The ending of the game will depend entirely on the player, in what order he will arrange meetings and crossroads of the main characters, and in what order they will meet the main enemies, the bosses in the finale. The women in this game are extraordinary and beautiful, each in her own way. Gwendolyn, in the story, is a Valkyrie; she wields a spear as well as her hands. Fairy Mercedes, perfectly capable of handling a crossbow, hitting targets without a miss. And the witch Velvet can control the whip.

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

A strikingly individual and graphically beautiful 2D version of the action JRPG genre. The female image is brought out in the goddess of the harvest Sakune, around which the entire storyline revolves. Sakune, for some transgression, has been stripped of her magical divine powers. Now, in order to earn her forgiveness, she needs to do a lot of good deeds to help ordinary people. After a series of good deeds, the goddess will be given back her place, which is due to her by law. Sakune is a truly charming woman, and is a pleasure to watch and play as her.

02 November 2021