Crazy drifting in our top games with dizzying car racing

Most people who are interested in beautiful sports cars want not only to see them with their own eyes, but also to feel how strong emotions a fast drive can give. There are many different types of race cars in our world. Each has its own uniqueness and unique characteristics. And to really experience the model you like without the risk will video games. See how much you will be carried away extreme race on the tracks with obstacles. Various game projects, which are racing simulator. Will be able to give you an unforgettable experience of speed and drive. All you need is to download the game and try out what it offers the player. Fans of racing and drifting these games have long been familiar, and if not, you will not be disappointed in the future. The sport that is called drifting originated in the land of the rising sun - Japan. Though once it was considered to be illegal, now the bans were abolished. And gradually drifters began to appear all over the world which proves the popularity of this sport.

RDS: The Official Drift Video Game

This is one of the popular and interesting racing simulator with beautiful sports cars. This simulator is dedicated to RDS, that is, the Russian Drift Series. In the cybersports community this game in all seriousness is considered one of the best realistic and spectacular simulators. Video game looks just great, its graphics are smooth and colorful. Cars look detailed and beautiful, making you want to get to know them better. After choosing a car you will not only see another model of the car on the screen. Gameplay will also take into account the technical characteristics of the sports car, besides the complexity of the race will still depend on the road surface and the number of obstacles on the track. Each time you will have to adjust the unique gameplay with its own difficulties. Cars look very worked out, so they are detailed and in their characteristics, approximated to the realities as closely as possible. In rainy weather the tracks will be slippery and the car will skid harder. A lot of interesting game details you will notice on a regular basis, being amazed by the detail of the gameplay. In addition, it is worth highlighting its top-notch optimization. Even on a fairly weak PC you will feel great in the game on acceptable settings and enjoy a beautiful picture without lags.


One of the beautiful representatives of racing simulators, thanks to which you can join the drift and insane speed. The sports cars are not only beautifully rendered and detailed. But also allow you to experience each of them, thanks to their individual characteristics. Each such car has its advantages and disadvantages, allowing you to get a new perspective on the gameplay of the game just by changing the racing car. Drift 21 is one of the freshest simulation games that has been available on Steam since 2020. The game project boasts detailed and varied upgrades to every part of the cars. You can improve literally everything in your favorite car, which will allow it to cover huge distances faster. You will be able to repaint your sports car in the color you like, giving it a sense of individuality. Modify the specs of your car through flexible upgrades and customize your car to specific races and tracks. Plus, before the race you can test your improvements with a practice run on the track to see what you need to put in place and what you should change in your car. After coming out on the real track you have to compete with their rivals, who do not forgive the mistakes.

Each race will be a pleasant test of your wits and reactions. With what precision you enter the dangerous turn at high speed, leaving your rivals behind? No one limits you in how you will play, you are free to play fair, outplaying others in corners and picking up speed. Or use workarounds to catch up with your opponents or get away from them far ahead. Graphic of Drift 21 game is also made at high level, adding to the colorfulness, allowing the player to see the spectacular moments from different angles. The game will not disappoint as for those who are new to the genre, only learning the genre of racing simulators. And connoisseurs of the genre, who are interested in learning new racing simulators, understanding the intricacies of the game mechanics.

Absolute Drift

Game project released in 2021 and very pleasant surprise fans of racing simulators. And, in particular, fans of drifting on tight corners and the accuracy of their performance. The game is made in isometric form with beautiful graphics, which will not let even the most sophisticated gamers get bored. Its strong point is just the gameplay. Choose a sports car, listening to your preferences and try out the driving tracks in this game. After all, race tracks in this game are moderately difficult, without some training you will be difficult to pass them the first time. But the game encourages you to understand its mechanics and nuances. The physics of the cars and their behavior deserve the highest praise. Everything in this game looks and moves exactly as you would see it in reality. The music during the intense extreme races is a joy to play and sets the right tone, making you feel fun and dynamic.

Drift Tuner 2019

As the name of the game implies, you will be preparing your cars for dangerous, but enchanting extreme atmosphere of the tracks. The game allows you to decide for yourself what your car will be. Integrate it various details and modifications, making from a standard by all standards car something unusual and interesting. And of course you will be able to try it out on the beautiful maps that the game offers. In addition, this game has an open world mode that allows you to choose your own unique route for drifting or simple races for time. The physics in the game is very close to the reality. You will be able to fully feel the control of your car. Get full control over your racing car with responsive control and fly to conquer different colorful routes and landscapes. Beginners will find this game suitable for beginners, too, thanks to its minimal entry threshold and responsive simple controls that have a lot of interesting mechanics.

08 September 2022