Shooting games, which you can let children play

According to scientists, in the next 30 minutes after leaving the game, the player's thoughts still remain in the virtual world, and mental abnormalities can manifest themselves the very next day. Therefore, the content of games for children in the series of "shooting" should be controlled, and it should be done very carefully.

We offer a selection of games with an interesting story, which belong to the section "shooters", but are absolutely safe for the psyche of young gamers.

Hit the Bullseye

"Hit the Bullseye" is a game for those who want to hone their skills and the ability to hit the target accurately from a great distance. The plot of the game is as follows: you hold a crossbow, from which you have to make a shot at the apple, located on the head of the person standing opposite.
The dangerous thing is that this shot, if you miss, can cost a person his life, and here you have to be absolutely accurate. However, it is difficult to hold the crossbow and draw the bowstring - the excitement makes your hands tremble and the confidence that you will hit the apple and not the person's head gradually disappears. As you hit the bullseye the distance between you and the person increases and it becomes harder to hit the bullseye later on. The game trains marksmanship and accuracy, and does not affect the player's psyche in any way.

Shooting ducks

You can go hunting from the comfort of your room - shooting ducks with your hunting dog. With your four-legged friend you can develop a plan of action and go hunting. You hide in the distance behind trees and bushes, and your dog looks for a duck. Once it picks it up, your goal is to hit it with a shotgun. If you miss, you will hear the dog laughing loudly at you.
It's a well-known game, loved by adults and children alike, and most importantly, no violence or murder.

Vampire shooting

"Vampire Shooting" is a great shooter option for the youngest users. So, you're on an ambush, and word has it that it's not just nocturnal birds or animals you're likely to encounter tonight, vampires are likely to come out of the darkness to you. Perhaps somewhere near the lake by which you are sitting, they have set up a sanctuary.
You need to destroy as many vampires as possible, and most importantly - have time to reload the gun, the second such chance to shoot may not be.

US Sniper

Another game in the series of harmless shooters - "US Sniper". Here you can try on the role of a real sniper with a rifle and in a camouflage suit. Through the sniper scope you can watch people, and yes, everyone you see can already be sent to the number of the missing, because they are already all zombies. Where they inhabit, you can look around - there are their houses, a little further away there are monuments with their names on them. As you know, zombies are the risen dead, which must be destroyed.
Each level sets a different number of zombies to kill them and move to the next level. They can't see you, so they pose no danger. And you, hiding well, can continue to destroy them.

Hunting Season

"Hunting Season" is a game that beckons with its nature and the opportunity to do what you love, hunting. Many people do not approve of such an interest of children in the destruction of animals, but most people like such games. And yet, taking into account the possible cruelty in the game, where you have to kill someone alive, the rules of the game have changed somewhat
Now you don't have to shoot, but look for the numbers appearing on the right side of the screen, which will allow you to open up new levels. And remember - the game is for time, it's not only safe for the child, but it's damn interesting!

A game for boys

What boy doesn't dream of going hunting at least once? Of course everyone does! But, as a rule, to hunt birds, you need a gun or rifle. This game proposes to use the skill of archery with arrows to hunt.
Hunting with such a tool is very unusual, because today no one uses such a tool in everyday life. As soon as a bird flies up, you have to track it down and shoot it. Do not be afraid to shoot - this is a game, and in reality none of the birds will be hurt.

The Shooting Game

It's every boy's dream to go on an African safari and try his hand at hunting. But not everyone can afford to go to Africa, and even more so to hunt there. Shooting exotic animals in the wild is quite a treat if you put down the moral and ethical standards and attitude toward our lesser brothers.
The game's interface is bright, colorful, offering unique weapons and stunning scenery that will literally capture a child's attention. Know how to handle a sniper rifle, aim and hit the target, be it elephant, giraffe or antelope. Interest is fueled by the limited number of rounds - there will only be 4, which makes you save them and shoot as accurately as possible. But if you miss and the animal notices you - run for your life!

And now we can go back a few centuries, when the profession of dinosaur hunter was very popular. "Dinosaur Hunt" is a game that allows you to test yourself in the role of the hunter of the most ancient animals of our planet. The player's task is to protect human settlements that suffer from reptile attacks. It is you who will be the very brave hero who will defend humanity. You have to be very careful, at any moment the pterodactyl can attack, which will not spare neither the garrison nor the people living in it.
The weapons offered are a bow and a huge crossbow, which can be fired with fiery arrows - it will kill them.

We have chosen the most popular games that get the highest marks in the rating among the harmless shooters for children.
But there is another side of using mobile devices - the ability to go night after night, level after level of the game, where there is a bloody battle and destruction of enemies. Such "fun" - absolutely available on all free platforms product, which the modern young user will not be difficult to find.

Parents may not even notice what the child is passionate about all day long. Safe cover video game - just a cover, a mask that could hide the real bloody carnage, and there are hundreds of these games!

Undoubtedly, the guarantee that a few hours of playing a little user with killing and violence will not affect the child's weak psyche. The developers are not responsible for the consequences of playing with such content. And in most cases, after leaving the game, returning to reality, the gamer experiences some aggression to the world around him, which is fraught with dangerous consequences.

01 April 2021