The terrible events of the Vietnam War depicted in today's games

We do not know much about the Vietnam War. This conflict, involving the use of arms and force, has not received much coverage in our countries. Although the war ranked among the most terrible and sad armed conflicts of the twentieth century. Vietnam, to the pleasure of the countries that were settling their relations on its territory, plunged into a civil war. We realize now that such sacrifices were entirely unnecessary. A terrible, brutal war. It brought death to many families of Vietnamese civilians as well as the soldiers who were sent as slaughter for this war. All the parties who were involved in the fighting did not bother to think too much about morality, the model of humanity and humanity. All behaved ugly, and as a result there were many dead and orphaned people, the military returned from this war not only without arms and legs, but also morally depressed, mutilated in mind and body. The peaceful life that the military saw outside the war pressed madly on them, they could not enter it as full masters, and so they remained thrown out into the background. There is no forgiveness for the people who started the war over forty years ago in Vietnam, a tragedy that cannot be forgotten. Since we know little about this war, few reliable facts, we have tried to put together several projects that cover this event. Games represented a variety of genres, and it is a strategy, simulation, shooters, but they all bring to our hearts terrible and tragic stories of this war.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam

The game is released as a supplement to the legendary Bad Company 2, which was developed by EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment. The storyline unfolds during the conflict between the United States and Vietnam. The player is offered a choice to fight on the side of North Vietnam or sink for the United States of America. Whichever you choose, everything will be interesting. Exciting gameplay awaits you, lots of different units that you may not have heard of. All equipment, weapons, and aircraft belong to the historical period the story is about. The player will take part in battles that just amaze by their scale and ruthless bloodshed. The player should, during the gameplay to keep track of his units, if all the units are destroyed, then his side loses the battle automatically. The gameplay of the game is provided with maps, which are quite correctly and clearly marked strategically important points of the enemy. These you have to capture them to weaken the enemy. The more points one side conquers, the weaker the other side will be, on top of which it will also be penalized.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

The shooter game plausibly recounts the sad events that took place in the north of Vietnam for a long eight years. The developers of Tripwire Interactive did a great job on its creation, all their projects are at the top and are popular. This game is no exception. The main difference is that the appearance of soldiers changed a lot - clothing, weapons, tattoos, and inscriptions on their uniforms.

The graphics is just great, you can see all the fine details. Battles and battles transferred with frightening accuracy and realism. Watch and participate in the battles eerie, around exploding shells, artillery fire, soldiers go deaf and blind from the explosions. In all directions flying extremities of soldiers, in general, a terrible spectacle, and after the battle is all lying on the battlefield. The developers have made in the gameplay is very interesting, new mechanics. The American soldiers in the caves, chasing the Vietnamese, can not use their weapons, but the Vietnamese can shoot in full force and lay a variety of traps. Almost all of the fights take place outdoors, in the jungle. The player, who is not enough fear and terror, can heat up the environment and activate the flamethrowers or organize a barrage of bombardment. If you want, try to learn how to control the latest equipment, you will feel like a real control ace.

Air Conflicts: Vietnam

This game project is a wonderful aviation simulator of the Vietnam War. Created this game developers Games Farm in 2013. The player will be able to take part in combat operations as a pilot, take part in the battles that take place in the air. All the tasks that the pilot of the military aircraft are based on real events and as close to the historical facts. The player in the game will control not one plane, but several, and helicopters, fulfilling various orders of the military command. The player should keep a close eye on the amount of his ammunition, because there is a limit. From time to time the pilot is offered global missions that should be performed. The graphics of the game is made for five points, and even higher, the colorful picture is pleasing to the eye, the view of military battles is impressive. All the actions that take place on the monitor, amazed by the reality of what is happening. If you are at heart a pilot and want to conquer the airspace over the burning Vietnam, then be sure to choose this project and play it. You will learn a lot and be able to feel this war and all its horror to the full.

Line of Sight: Vietnam

The game from the developer nFusion Interactive was released in 2003, but this fact does not detract from its importance in the gaming space and does not discourage interest in it.
The player in this project will be involved in the conflict in Vietnam on the side of the United States of America. He has the opportunity to play as an American soldier who was forced to land, among other military, in the wilds of Vietnam. The aircraft in which the military were flying was shot down, and they barely stayed alive while falling from a great height. But now the soldiers of America have another task, it is necessary to survive in this meat grinder, to get to their military base. And believe me this is not an easy task, around the crowd of hostile enemies. The game strikes the realism of what is happening, as if in reality. The mechanics of the game, quite interesting, and holds a lot of different chips. For example, the bullets that you do not have time to shoot, safely disappear, it is impossible to collect cartridges. Soldiers die from two wounds, and are forced to advance to the target, and in the darkness at night, moreover, through the impenetrable jungle. Soldiers have a night walker with an NV unit. But it is still difficult to move through the woods, the enemy placed mines and traps in all locations.

Men of Valor

An excellent, themed shooter from the 2004 edition tells the story of the war in North Vietnam. The player is given to play as an American soldier who is fighting in the jungle in enemy territory, so fighting is very difficult. The developers have gone to great lengths to make life even more difficult for the American soldier and the player. For example, the limited number of rounds and the inability to save the game, when it comes to change the horn on the machine, the presence of opponents endowed with a truly superpower, to defeat them is very difficult. The enemy can withstand a barrage of fire and avoid death, they just can't be killed. But there is one plus - enemies are unimpeachably stupid, you can cheat them, using logical thinking. Also the makers made some fantasies and added some mystics and fantasy elements to the gameplay. For example, the hero has an abilities that are unavailable for normal person, he is like a vampire. If you will choose this game, you will find a lot of interesting tricks from the developers, that helped to decorate and diversify the gameplay.

28 February 2022