Stealth action, play without being detected

Stealth-action genre in the game industry has settled relatively recently. And the peak of popularity among gamers around the world reached only in the late nineties. In these years came the real hits of the genre, which we remember with nostalgia to this day. Stealth, meaning invisible, hidden, undetected. The player involved in the action is necessary to conduct covert tactics fighting to avoid detection, all the time to hide and hide, destroy enemies quietly, without making unnecessary noise and without attracting outside attention. To do this, the player throughout the gameplay has to use disguises, hide and hide. And the more successfully he advances in this direction, the more his chances of winning.

The protagonist can be anyone, a policeman, a warrior of the special unit, a criminal, a person skilled in martial arts, a ninja. Such gameplays have developed special rewards for espionage, increased mystery, elusiveness, territory reconnaissance, counterterrorism, out-of-the-box thinking. This stealth action favorably with the simple copies. These games are forced to the manifestation of outstanding abilities, levels are passed several times, each time making their skill higher and higher. Mechanics of stealth action games, most often offers a choice of options to deal with enemies. We have chosen several excellent games, in our opinion, where you can become a spy, a thief or an assassin for a short time. Catch our selection and spend your day off with your heroes.

Invisible, Inc

The most important thing in this turn-based tactic is stealth and stealth again. The main actors here are spies, who perform complex tasks in the automatically created game content. They carry a small supply of all resources. With such weighting, the game, unfolding, becomes more and more interesting. But the most original thing is that with each successful mission completion, the securiti system perceives this as a disorder and makes the alert level higher and higher. So the player has to increase his caution several times, think through every action and every step. The difficulty is that there is no time to think long, you have to act, and the more steps in the mission you make, the more guards will come to this level. The game is on the limit, all the time you have to walk on the edge, on the knife edge. Demonstrate your out-of-the-box thinking, considering every, even the most minuscule opportunity, using the slightest chance. This game quickly captivate and do not let go until the final. You are guaranteed both adrenaline in the blood, and unforgettable positive emotions. Play, you will love it.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Our next masterpiece, one of the most famous and spectacular in the stealth action genre, with a completely open world. Developed by Kojima Productions in 2015, with the participation of the world-famous game designer Hideo Kojima. In front of us opens up a wide expanse of game, equipped with a variety of active military bases and camps, security patrols. The main protagonist tries to revive his own company, which is fighting threats on a global scale. There is no limit to the actions, you can choose the tasks, time and place to perform them. Standard gameplay overcoming will not pass, the game intelligence will actively resist it. When applying the same tactics to destroy enemies, the system takes action and strengthens enemy forces at their weak point.

The behavior and methods of destruction have to be changed all the time. In the hands of the player are spy sorties, which is as close as possible to guerrilla warfare full of make-believe and experimentation. Each mission is like a Hollywood blockbuster, striking incredible beauty and the ability to solve all kinds of problems and issues very imaginative, non-trivial methods. For example, tie a sheep to a balloon and send it flying. Why? To eliminate the enemies who are distracted by the flying animal in the sky, and destroy them with a shot to the back of the head. What's it like? And these chips performed by the legendary game designer a lot. Hideo Kojima did a great job, the gameplay is filled with beauty and spectacle to the fullest!

Hitman: Absolution, Hitman, Hitman 2

IO Interactive released Hitman: Absolution in the twelfth year in the stealth action game genre. Of this collection of games, it is deservedly listed as one of the most successful. Each mission consists of set of mini-levels, and it is necessary to get to the end of the game by successfully overcoming them. The enemies in this part became more clever and resourceful, but the protagonist became more sophisticated and gained various abilities in strength and power.

The game Hitman was released in the sixteenth year. The developers didn't make optimally new introductions, but, on the contrary, went back to the sources, where they began. Albeit this part is not as good as the previous one, according to the critics, but there are some positive moments. The levels got completeness and wholeness, but it takes a lot longer to be ready for passing them.
Hitman 2 was released in the eighteenth year, as a sequel to the previous game. The game hasn't changed much since then, one of the innovations is that there are additional heroes that may be played for. Knight and Stone have additional features, such as the ability to use unique ammunition.

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation was created by Creative Assembly. It is not just a scary effects-filled way to spook the player, but an original alien monster, endowed with a remarkable intelligence. The higher the level, the smarter and more attentive the monster becomes, remembers the player's actions and takes appropriate actions. The game simply transitions smoothly into real life, there is nowhere to hide and escape from the alien, so you have to adapt, hide, sneak attack, in general, survive.

At the initial stage the player does not even have a gun, a little later getting a weapon, it is still impossible to kill the stranger, just to scare away, to drive away for a time. You must be careful and move without making unnecessary noise, otherwise the monster crawls right away, bleeding green saliva. Scary, horrible. He's about to overtake me and claw his paw, and that's the end of the "Game over". Ammunition is catastrophically low, so you must kill the opponents judiciously, calculating your strength. All forces the player to the fact that it is necessary to hide, the developers have tried, and there are a great many such places. It's only necessary to have a good look around. And on some levels there is a great opportunity to set the alien on your enemies, and set them on fire. So you can get a lot of profit out of this monster. But still, danger is everywhere. The alien is just a perfect creature, it's everywhere, it's everywhere.


Dishonored, saw the light of day in 2012. The story is based on the story of Corvo Attano, who was slandered and illegally punished and convicted. He was accused of the murder of his empress, and he is illegally punished, obsessed with a thirst for revenge. Everything is twisted exactly on the story of revenge, the goal of the protagonist one by one to destroy the traitors, to find the princess, who was stolen, and help her ascend the throne. There are a lot of weapons in the game, smash everyone right and left, as much as you like, but no ... there's no guessing. The more you lean into the stealth path, the more options open up to the player. The game suggests that the less blood, the better. You can slip past the guards unnoticed, saving time. Kill a bunch of guards, will take a longer time. Try to spend your free time with royal games and intrigue, hide, sneak kill, run. All these options are at your service.

10 January 2022