A list of games for grandmothers

As a person grows older, all the processes going on in his body slow down. The same happens with reactions and interests. What was to your liking when you were young is unlikely to be enjoyed by an older person today. The latter due to their age like something relaxing, quiet, and at the same time very exciting. So why do experts recommend the elderly to introduce themselves to computer games? It seems that there is so little useful in this activity, but it is not so.
First of all, games are emotions, and if they are pleasant and useful - only for good. It is especially important if an elderly person lives alone, and games will help to dispel this loneliness. Regular training of memory, attention, logic allows the brain to work better, and therefore - good health is guaranteed by the production of hormones of joy and happiness in sufficient quantity for the body. It is scientifically proven that by training brain activity regularly, the risk of developing diseases of the nervous system and heart, as well as mental disorders and other diseases associated with old age, is reduced several times.

Casual projects gather tens of thousands of fans, and all of them, for the most part, are nearing retirement. No reaction in these games is not required, there is no violence and brutality. And yet, what game will be interesting to grandmother after a busy day at work, to distract even from home affairs? We offer a selection of interesting projects for just such an audience.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds - in this game, the point is to protect the birds of their offspring, which are attempted by green pigs. To make it work, they need to cope with the construction of pigs. The birds do this in a very unique way - they launch themselves from a slingshot. The laws of simplistic but honest physics do break those walls. The gameplay seems to have no end in sight, with hundreds of levels simply taking time, but not aggravating it in any way.
The user will be delighted. Levels of difficulty increase, the material of structures changes, new types of birds appear, which have new properties. Some of them can burst, others can disintegrate into pieces, others can fly and return like a boomerang. The project is not only surprisingly simple, but also quite easy to pass. For the gambling old-timers - that's what you need, because they will surely enjoy watching how the bird changes its trajectory, and it is the user who sets it.


Zuma is a three-in-a-row game with a rather unusual dynamic. The player is invited to put combinations on his own instead of selecting the same color balls on the field, and then shoot the running tape with one colored ball. This game is extremely popular, it has dozens of imitators among the games. But it is worth noting that Zuma itself will always be the best in its genre.
Perhaps the game will not appeal to all grandmothers, because here you have to be a little dexterous and fast. Although the game is interesting because you have to act fast, think fast, and the bright interface can't help but attract the user.

Office games

Office games are a separate genre for those who just need to "kill" time. The developer Alwar presented a lot of casual projects, which are so liked by grandma gamers. Dozens of projects in different genres for all tastes and levels of difficulty. The main thing is to understand what the user wants. We offer a look at some of them, the most popular among players:

Finding Items

This game involves training the user's attentiveness. It is necessary to examine the environment, to consider the locations in order to find the object specified by the game. In this way the user can relax, rest, and distract himself.

Three in a row

The genre involves a lot of different small projects. The most popular mini-games are picking up balls, all of which must be of the same color in order to assemble a row and disappear. Enough fun for fans of casual toys.

The Farm

Business games include those that allow the user to implement their project and get coveted points for it. So you can play farms, and they, it should be noted, are so enjoyed by grandmothers. Keeping an eye on the garden, planting a vegetable garden and taking care of livestock are all on the computer now. By getting money for it, you can progress further through the game, expand your farm, buy new types of plants and more.


For those who like to train their logic, the usual crossword puzzles have been replaced by logical mini-games. For example, a great option is to collect the pipe or a variation of spot-check. They all have almost the same name, and their main purpose is the desire to think logically in order to move up a level. A little mental workload is liked by many, this way people relax, distracted, but with the benefit of the brain. Arcade - no exception, and older people also like, they involve similar rules in this genre - jumping on platforms, collecting bonuses, exploring new levels. The only difference is the complexity, but also the arcades can not be called a game, distinguished by the severity of the passage. But such projects are not suitable for beginners, they are more interesting for users who have already managed to cope with a number of the easiest toys.

Quests for grandmothers

And such games are found, but very rarely, as they relate more to those that are called "search for objects. Nevertheless, the user must carefully examine the location, to find the right tools and solve the puzzles assigned by the game. They are simple, there is no need to rush, you do not need a reaction, so the genre is just right for those who like to think slowly.


Always interesting games, and not just for the older generation. On the computer such games are standard, and their grandmothers like to collect. On the Internet a lot of all kinds of solitaire variations with different levels of complexity and design. The task in this game is one - to put the cards in a certain sequence, which set the rules of the game. Solitaire, Spider and Solitaire are the most popular representatives of the genre. Grandma likes the fact that here the process is unhurried, you can think and decide.


Completes the list of games for grandmothers known to all the game of Mahjong. In the West, this game is quite popular, it is a kind of familiar to us solitaire. A pyramid of knuckles, which must be broken, and to do this is possible only if you remove identical knuckles - that is the essence of the project. At first glance it is very simple, but there is a difficulty - the knuckle to be removed must be free, it can be closed only on one side. Oh, how they love mahjong older gamers. And all because it is fascinating and helps a little immersed in Chinese culture.

With these games, a good mood is guaranteed, so that with the advent of the tablet or PC grandmothers will have a fun and interesting old age!

06 May 2021