Shooters with dangerous adventures and shootings for undemanding computers

Most people have had a love of spectacular and dynamic action since early childhood. Be it movies or video games. Such projects give you an unforgettable thrill and colorful firefights. Be it sports car chases or fierce hand-to-hand fighting, breathtaking. Many interesting and memorable moments steeped in the hearts of people around the world. And there is a strong desire to become a part of this, mesmerizing event, in what the game is very successful and is still developing. Thanks to many game projects a dream to become in the middle of a steep firefight or dynamic battle with a strong opponent, is becoming a reality. True, few can afford a powerful computer. Allows you to enjoy a detailed colorful images with good performance. And for these people still exist spectacular action video games that are not very demanding to your iron.


One of the many multiplayer games that allows you to participate in team fights with firearms. The game is available for free, which greatly draws interest to this game. Point Blanck is rightfully one of the most dynamic and addictive network shooters even to this day. Not a bad part of the graphics, contributing to a full immersion in the action. Many different maps and modes will not let you get bored. What can be more fun than to compete with your friends in marksmanship and reaction? This game will give you an unforgettable gaming experience, and you will want to return to it more than once. Aside from pretty visuals, the game will also please you with lots of different factions. You will be given a choice of which faction you will be fighting for. The game also contains a great number of firearms. They differ in their characteristics, classes and types. Many fans of shooters will love this diversity. In addition, the game provides for the development of your character. After every battle your hero gains experience and becomes stronger. Nice shooting and competitive spirit is waiting for you in Point Blanck. In addition, the game is well developed cyber-sports discipline, that confirms its high popularity among the players. Almost always you can catch the next competition for the victory, in which professional players are fighting.


A game that to this day is still spoken of positively and with warm memories of the time spent in it. Team Fortress 2 was released back in 2007 by the studio that released Half-Life. In spite of the fact, that it has been released long ago, this game is very popular and loved by shooters' fans. Till now a lot of gamers are still using it. Moreover the game doesn't demand to your computer, so it is not very demanding. And in spite of it, it has a very attractive graphical design that has its own features. Since the game became very popular and hasn't lost its popularity up to now, it is considered to be one of the longest and the most successful multiplayer projects. The gameplay itself drags you into what's going on with your head. A lot of unlike each other gameplay matches, with live players in your team and the opposing team. The game also gives you a great number of playable characters. You will have to choose one of them at the beginning of the match. Each character has not only his own class, but also unique appearance and personality. Choose the one you like best and start improving your skills to keep up with your enemies. Each character has their own tools for combat, which will delight and excite everyone. Many game situations and interesting events await you in this great game. In addition, it is worth to say that the game is not only not demanding to the iron, but it is free, starting from 2011. The fact that the game has high online presence and vast audience up to this day, Team Fortress 2 is hard not to attract attention.


A game that to this day is at the peak of its popularity and has by far the highest online presence in the world. Many players are happy to play this game in the long run. After all, the game captures, allows you to develop their reaction skills and marksmanship. Developed the game a long time and now it is almost unrecognizable in contrast to older versions. Many graphical changes and improvements have certainly benefited the project. The game is a team multiplayer game where two teams compete against each other. Some choose terrorists and try to plant a bomb in an assigned location. Others will take on the role of counter-terrorists and will do everything in their power to prevent their opponents from planting the bomb and, if possible, eliminate the threat.
The game requires time and patience, because to learn to shoot quickly and accurately you will need a lot of strength and time. After all, the players with the best shooting skills will have an advantage over you. Counter-Strike is full of surprises and various gaming situations. Sometime you will be very lucky, and sometimes you will have to admit your defeat. Also the game has nice eye-catching graphics and weapon models are made in details and close to the real life. The environment is also very good. And it is well optimized. That will allow you to enjoy a good picture, even on a fairly weak computer, without losing performance. In addition to graphics there is something that draws you into the game most of all - its gameplay. A lot of modes and a lot of different game maps will also please you. Explore this or that map for loopholes, where you can outplay your opponent will bring you a lot of fun and pleasure. You can try it out for free and decide whether it's right for you. After all, the game is available for free. Many different types and characteristics of weapons waiting for you in Counter-Strike. To this day, this online shooter is one of the most popular and is not going to give way to other game projects.

The F.E.A.R. game series.

Another representative of dynamic shooters that will not let you get bored. Although it is a single player game, it is no less interesting to play. The developers of the game released the game to the world. Everyone thoroughly shows what you can do with a game that combines the genre of horror and science fiction. The main role in Fear is taken by the story and its gameplay. Both of these are executed to a high level and draw you into what is happening. The plot of the game is dark and mysterious. Amazing with its interesting plot twists and events that the main character encounters. In addition to engaging time-lapse shooting and excellent graphics, the game also features well-developed artificial intelligence of the enemies. Every enemy will stay out of the way during a battle with you. They will try not to risk their own lives to smoke you out with a grenade. Or even begin to organize to take you in a ring and surround you. Many aspects of the game will please you in full. Enjoy this game can even owners of fairly weak computers.

24 July 2022