Shooters about military action, which is strikingly realistic

The most popular in the game industry, of course, enjoy first-person shooters in the military genre. Projects that tell about the military actions, whether it is the Second World War or military conflicts of today, all deserve attention, capture and make you return to such games from time to time. Each of the games is an individual project, with different storylines, entanglements and finales. All of them are as close to reality as possible.

Some plausibly tell us about the events of the past or happen very recently. Military genre is very common, so all created, new projects should be strong, in all respects, to withstand competition from already created powerful games. The variety of military shooters offered to us is rather big, so it is rather difficult to choose a worthy project. For this purpose we have chosen several games that are the most interesting in our opinion. With these projects you can perfectly spend your spare time, relieve your tension and learn a lot.


This wonderful project was released in 2015, the multiplayer game has earned high marks from players and critics. The developers made every effort to make the game fascinating and to please fans of military battles, a shooter of high quality. Players are invited to participate, albeit virtually, in the tragic events of the First World War. With maximum accuracy we are shown the company on the Western Front in 1916, the gamer can take part in the battles of Verdun. The team of creators of the shooter was very reliably able to portray the horror of military action at that time. Dirty trenches, rivers of blood, horrible atmosphere of waiting for the outcome of the war. Artists designers have attached great importance to the credibility of the equipment of soldiers who fought on both sides. All the subtleties of clothing, patches, shoes, hats are transferred with high accuracy. Weapons of soldiers of that era we can learn, examine and with its help participate in battles. The player can try on the role of any ordinary soldier of any units that participate in the war. The game tries to show the truth of the nightmare of such conflicts, all the filth and horror of war. When at the expense of the lives of ordinary people, trying to advance their interests people of higher ranks.


It is currently one of the most weighty and popular shooters about military action in outer space. The player will not get bored for a second, thanks to a variety of missions, a huge number of opponents and enemies. This game with sci-fi elements starts its action in the solar system, the player will have to play for unknown race Tenno. The race was once a highly developed people with a well-developed technological civilization. In the course of the wars that ravaged the race, the former glory of the people was lost, but the technology left behind and is used to its full potential in this war. The people are equipped with half a dozen exoskeletons, which they call "warframes. Each exoskeleton has its own individual characteristic, skills and four abilities. The game features a cooperative mode, with players fighting in teams against mobs ruled by artificial intelligence. Mobs can join any faction the player fights. These include earthlings, robots, and infected members of any group. The infected look terrible. It is impossible to look at them without disgust. Enemies and opponents are numerous, and seem to grow in number by the minute. Every enemy must be eliminated.

There are only two main modes in the game, there is no confusion. It is necessary to hold the defense and maximize the mopping up the enemy. Another seven modes, there are a variety of tasks and missions on other planets and even asteroids in the vast solar system. The missions include releasing prisoners, hostages, reconnaissance, conducting sabotage activities, and spying on the enemy. At most four people take part in the gameplay, so you won't get bored. Go ahead, conquer the space worlds!


This unparalleled, full of realism game is simply impossible not to mention in our list. The shooter reflects the events of the First World War, but already on the Eastern Front in 2014. The project very authentically and realistically depicts the Battle of Tannenberg, when the soldiers of the Russian Empire were imprisoned in the "cauldron". This battle has also earned its popularity due to the fact that it was the first time small arms were used. Unparalleled mechanics, graphics and sound, all together give the illusion that you are on the battlefield. There are bullets flying around, blades whistling and trying to take your life. The developers offer us realistic fights filled with the atmosphere of pain and horror. Up to 64 players can participate in the game simultaneously. It is with this game in full force you will feel all the atmosphere of the First World War.


This is a military shooter that must be played as a team, be able to hear your comrade and calculate your actions one step ahead. The project features huge maps that can accommodate battles involving 150 soldiers. The storyline gives us the bloody events of World War II in a variety of nodal points of these military actions. The player will be able to take part in the battle for Moscow and Stalingrad, to take part in the liberation of Berlin. The scope of the game is great, the developers have created battles, in which freely take part close to a hundred soldiers. The player can take command of a detachment of soldiers who will thoroughly follow your orders. There is a function of switching between several heroes, you can play first for one, then switch to another and so on. At your disposal are pilots, machine gunners, ordinary infantry, tankers. The gamer can use a variety of historical weapons, which the game is more than enough. The project is striking in its enormity and beauty of graphics.

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis

Classic tactical shooter devoted to large-scale combat operations, created by Czech developers. The storyline of the game fantastic, tells the story of a fictional war between NATO and the Soviet Union. One side, as is often the case in such projects, put natural monsters. But the most important thing in the game, this new direction in the creation of combat simulations, as well as a lot of military equipment, tanks, planes. The game pleasantly surprises with its scale. The player will not be bored, trying to figure out which side you are shot from, you can die several times. Virtual death comes after two, three wounds with firearms.

28 February 2022