A series of games based on Lego

The world of LEGO is huge, fantastic and incredible, original and colorful. Surely everyone has had a LEGO in their lives, because its history begins in 1932.

Earlier it was only plastic toys, but today it is also a digital adventure of lego characters, both for girls and boys.

What are they like, LEGO games

Children love to play these delightful adventures, based on the principles of the well-known for many years constructor. After all, there are a variety of options for everyone, from simple puzzles, to action games with such a plot that it's simply thrilling. It is also possible to play even those gamers who have only turned 2 years old. For them created such series: Lego Junior, Lego Duplo.

In these games there is construction, creation of their own game plots and even personal lego-heroes (princesses, super-heroes, robots, ninjas and minifigures). The most popular characters of this trend are: Cheema, Bionicle, Hero Factory, Lego Ninjago, Marvel heroes, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Castles, Lego Movie, Mixels, Minifigures and others.
Also, the game involving Lego-figures can take place on the plot of already popular cartoons. All this is created for the purpose of finding treasures, protecting unusual castles, confronting the most incredible goblins and monsters. So, high-quality graphics, exciting plots and vivid emotions are waiting for you.

LEGO games for girls

Lego Friend's

The most popular series is Lego Friends. The main characters are Olivia, Stefania, Mia, Emma and Andrea. They are all very different, but this only strengthens their friendship, prevents them from getting discouraged and allows them to help those around them.
The Lego Friend's section is popular with such colorful games as: "Beauty Salon", "Cafe", "Swimming Pool", "Race to Hartleit", "Shopping" and various coloring and creating cards. You can also play with horses in this section (the "Stables" game) or water sports (the "Water Skiing" game).

With such interesting and positive stories, you can also find out "Who are you from Lego Friend's Girlfriends. Olivia is an imaginative and imaginative girl with gorgeous, curly, russet-colored hair. Stephanie is a ball athlete with blonde hair. Mia is a redheaded animal lover whose face is dotted with freckles. Emma is a brunette who loves shopping and fashion magazines. Andrea is a swarthy sweet-tooth with black curls, who will find a reason to have fun everywhere.

Lego: Disney Princesses

It will also be interesting for girls to play "Lego: Disney Princesses. In the story to meet with the main beauties and become a stylist for them. Help become even more charming and choose the right outfit for Princess Elsa, Jasmine, Moana and Pocahontas. Also, having collected the necessary image for the main characters of Disney, you can make them a photo against the famous Lego locations. This is a tropical island in the middle of the ocean, the Lego city itself, a palace, or a snowy valley.

Lego: Ponies

Recently, very popular have become a pony and everything associated with them. The game "Lego: Pony" is no exception. In Lego City lives a girl jockey, who has a cute horse at home. She loves sweet carrots, with its help you can conduct training for the pony. Such a tasty treat will throw the mistress-jockey, and we have to manage the very favorite. Horses must catch the favorite treat 10 times to win. However, the mistress can joke and throw not a carrot, but for example - comb, be very careful.

LEGO games for boys

Lego Superhero Race

"Lego Superhero Race" is a dizzying race in the middle of the city. In the game you are a young hero, and in order to help the inhabitants of this city must train a lot and improve their skills. You have to learn how to drive a car, compete with other racers and learn all the city roads to know where the culprit can turn off the road.

Speed Champions

"Speed Champions" is a car race in Lego City. To participate in the race you are invited to choose a racing car: Audi, McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, Ford or Chevrolet. And to become the champion's cup must pass three laps of the track and come to the finish line first of the five participants in the race. During the race it is also important to collect lego figurines and stars, which will eventually allow you to open a new track, on which you can also show who the real champion of Lego City races is.

Bits and Bricks

"Bits and Bricks" - robots, the kingdom of Saybit and various puzzles, puzzles, logic games. Manage the little lego robot, which is entrusted with the mission to save Princess Bittina and all the inhabitants of the kingdom. After all, once in Saybita was discovered a strange container with teravirus, which infected all the robots and even the king. The infection affected everyone but your robot and the princess.

Lego Batman: The Chase in Gotham City

"Lego Batman: The Chase in Gotham City" - Evil bandits, who escaped from Arkham, threaten Gotham City. The outrage and chaos on the streets can stop our hero Batman in his Batmobile. To do this, you will help him restore order in the city and return all the villains back to the hospital in Arkham. The game is based on chasing the villains, maneuvering away from their obstacles and traps, and collecting gold coins and lego blocks to attack the enemies. Also earned gold will allow you to increase: health, magnet, missile power and other things in the main character.

Lego Nexo Knights

"Lego Nexo Knights: Rade of the Stone Monster" is an adventure of real knights. You will have to help the heroes to cope with the stone monsters that threaten all life on earth. To prevent a disaster, you need to destroy the enemies, and in this will help such brave and strong heroes: Clay, Macy, Aaron, Lance and Axel.

Lego: Powerful Heroes

"Lego: Powerful Heroes" is a game about three superheroes of Lego Land, who save their hometown and even the entire planet. To start the game you should choose: Batman, Robin or Flash, and then go in pursuit of the antagonist in a super car. To do this, it is important to dodge bushes, hydrants and other obstacles.

LEGO games for everyone

It is clear that the division of boys and girls in the games is conditional, because girls can play and robots, knights, racing, and boys - in ponies, puzzles and pool. But there are also such game plots, which initially have a common focus.


"Mosaic" is not ordinary, but magical, bright and colorful. When all the Lego bricks are assembled, you can get pictures of Elsa and Anna, Jasmine, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and others.

"Lego Puzzles" - puzzles with images of different Lego characters.

Lego Minecraft

"Lego Minecraft" - allow you to create and build an amazing world by yourself. For this purpose, the game has a special inventory, plants, blocks and resources. The island consists of lego-blocks, which can be destroyed in order to extract certain resources. And then with their help you can create beautiful and original landscapes. Development of imagination and just a pleasant game for all ages.

Out of step

"Out of Step" is a game carried out by a squirrel, a Lego figurine. It is very similar to the character of "Ice Age," the saber-toothed squirrel Scrat. Journey through a rainbow world, but with a mass of obstacles: chasms, boulders, high platforms and bats. The squirrel is always going forward, and the player must build bridges, jumpers, hexagonal cubes on its way to pass the difficult and thorny path through the colorful world.

Lego Junior: Fuel the Racer

"Lego Junior: Fill Up the Racer" is an opportunity to become a participant in a rally, but not exactly a racer. But the movement of the car itself depends on the fueling driver. When filling up cool race cars, it is important not to overfill. Otherwise, the racer will be angry and go off the race track. So, this game is a chance to prove that you just can't do without a gas station attendant at the rally.

06 May 2021