The most memorable and charismatic heroes of the games

Every year the game industry develops more and more and puts on the market new game projects that conquer our hearts, occupy our minds and take away a lot of free time. The modern man spends most of his life with them. Each project has its own hero, who is so charismatic that players begin to identify with him, try to resemble him in character traits, actions, reactions and determination, behavior in unusual situations. The heroes of the games, of course, are all different, someone unusually simple and kind, a friend is angry and aggressive, there is a sullen personality, cold-blooded murderers and heroes-rescuers of the world. But they are all united by fortitude, irrepressible will, drawn to victory. It is these bright qualities that help them successfully overcome difficulties and achieve a resounding victory over their enemies and adversaries. Heroes with their extraordinary qualities and actions have a huge impact on the course of the gameplay, the story of the game and its continuation.
In the list of attractive and charismatic heroes, we have tried to collect, in our opinion, the brightest and most memorable representatives.

Marcus Fenix, Gears of War

Marcus Fenix, the protagonist of the Gears of War series, is one of the most memorable protagonists of action games. Marcus' appearance is deceptive; he appears to be a cold, tough, taciturn man. His appearance leaves an indelible impression. But the inner being of the protagonist is radically different from his cold exterior. Throughout the game he is tormented by painful memories, worrying about the fate of his family and friends. The excruciating pain of feeling like he couldn't save his father is unsettling throughout the game. Still, Marcus holds up well and completes all tasks with optimal speed and clarity, steadfastly keeping his course to victory. Playing as this protagonist, is a pleasure. You want to be just like him, just as brave, proud and independent.

Commander Shepard, Mass Effect

Mass Effect, the popular space epic, has a well-developed setting and a storyline filled with drama and tragedy. A huge space universe needs a strong and brave protagonist. Commander John Sheppard is just that. In addition to attractive appearance from which the female half of the players are hard to look away, the captain has outstanding character traits. He is very sensible, does not commit acts in a hurry, everything is thought over. Very loyal to his friends and relatives, brave as a lion, he rushes into the thick of events, without hesitation, saves the lives of others, risking his own. This is a man and a captain of high moral standards, he is willing to go to great lengths to achieve the goal and win. The player is given the opportunity to play as John, to make more and more feats, thereby elevating and exalting his hero, creating your own image of the protagonist. All the actions and behavior of the protagonist are influenced by the actions and manipulations of the player. But whatever appearance or even gender of the captain is chosen at the very beginning of the game, it will be impossible to suppress the charisma of the protagonist. It will still remain in the hero and have a positive effect on the gameplay and outcome of the game.

Nathan Drake from Uncharted

The protagonist of the Uncharted series, Nathan Drake. It is a pleasure to look at him, and listening to his sarcastic speeches is funny and pleasant. The main character's sense of humor is strongly developed, it helps him to cope with various life situations, works without a hitch and always helps out. You don't have to force him to act, he easily gets into the situation and takes part in it. Drake is always ready for adventure, able to cope with difficulties, with respect for his friends. The fate of the main character is not easy, he was left alone early, having lost his mother, and his father got rid of the boy, surrendering him to an orphanage. But all these difficulties could not break Drake's cheerful disposition, because with jokes it is easier to cope with troubles and problems. Looking at him the player himself infected positive mood, want to imitate him, listen to his jokes with his mouth open. This is the charisma of the hero, in his unbreakable positivity. That is why it is pleasant to look at him and play for him. Many people should learn from his cheerful optimism.

Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid

This game series has beautiful drama and an intricate storyline. The story has a lot of digressions and side lines, so the longer you play, the more interesting it gets. There are a lot of heroes in this series, but in my opinion only one character has unforgettable charisma, and that is Big Boss. This is his alias, but his real name is Jack. As it should be a charismatic hero, he did not stop there, and has another name, for some people he is Naikid Snake. Confusing, isn't it. The developers created the image of Big Boss by combining several interesting personalities and movie characters. His personality can be traced back to Sean Connery, Snake Pliskin, and the characters from Escape From New York. In the first few installments of the game series, Big established himself as a villain, but this has changed in recent projects, with him acting as a protagonist. Whoever Big is, he's still a charismatic character and a great warrior for us. He is not afraid to take responsibility, he helps and saves his comrades, the dangers do not scare him, but amuse him. We look forward to new parts of the game, where we can enjoy the look and the great charm of Big Boss.

Leon Scott Kennedy from Resident Evil

Resident Evil horror has a huge number of charismatic, intelligent and handsome characters. But still we need to mark out Leon Scott, that is an agent of American government, and in the past he was a policeman. This hero is also not blessed with fate, for a short period of time he has lost many of his family and friends. But he is not discouraged, tries not to dwell on these unpleasant events, but on the contrary is always collected, restrained, acts decisively and quickly, without delay. He is ruthless to his enemies and opponents, but he has one weakness, he adores the female sex and can not resist it. But this flaw, only makes him even more interesting and causes sympathy for him. Leon is a very gallant conqueror of the opposite sex, it's a pleasure to watch his advances. The player can easily choose this character as a role model, his dignity is at a high level, his fine appearance, everything is admirable.

Gordon Freeman from Half Life

The game Half Life from the first person, this is one of the advanced and interesting projects of the modern game industry. The game benefits from a well-designed game world, high quality gameplay, colorful graphics and beautiful soundtrack. I think the game will have a long existence and will be appreciated by our grandchildren. Gordon Freeman is, you might say, an ordinary man, with a developed intellect. He's a theoretical physicist, and like all scientists lives in his own world, with his own heroes and priorities. And so would live in his own, scientific world this hero, but fate suddenly turns one hundred and eighty degrees. Gordon is forced to fight enemies, very diverse, by the way. Gordon's character is reserved and cold, he is silent and carefully considers his actions. At the beginning it is hard to like this character, but in the process of the game his personality opens more and more. And the gamers just soak in his charisma and charm, they begin to respect him, to sympathize and accept him for who he is. Though, for some gamers, just looking at his attractive looks is enough to feel love to the hero.

28 February 2022