The most successful strategy games, where you can play as one or two heroes

Not always game projects of the strategy genre provide the player with gameplay built on large-scale battles or the construction of a settlement with its subsequent development. There are individual instances that allow us to take control of a small group of characters, allowing the player to think strategically about certain actions. Some of these video games give us at our disposal or a small squad, or even a couple of people who will have to combine their efforts. These game projects make playing it think about making decisions rather quickly and think carefully about their actions in a short period of time. Gameplay in these games definitely can not be called shallow and superficial.


The XCOM franchise video game series is quite popular and in demand among players around the world. It has taken a significant place in the popularization of the tactical strategy genre for a long time and is almost a symbol of games of this genre. The game will give you an interesting gaming experience. In this game you will be accomplishing missions that are designed to destroy your enemies as quickly and effectively as possible with a small detachment. XCOM video games are quite generous with various and interesting game situations. Every now and then in each mission changes our position, forcing the player to adjust to the piled on his difficulties and overcoming them. XCOM is a unique blend of pre-battle planning and strategic tactical battles in turn-based mode. It's a game that will delight you more than once while playing, allowing you to experiment with your squad of fighters and even during firefights you're free to take any position and fight with whatever weapons you think are interesting. The operatives you've played become more experienced and you get a warm feeling for them, not wanting them to die on the next mission. New weapons that you can equip on your soldiers pleases every time, encouraging you to experiment. And the evil aliens that threaten to take over the Earth will not once regret going up against your squad. After each unsuccessful battle you will become more experienced, thanks to the fact that you will analyze your mistakes and improve.


A game that has won the hearts of many gamers who love strategy games with stealthy mechanics. The game was developed by Mimimi games studio in 2016 and surprised many players with its attractive visuals and, of course, high-quality, well thought-out tactics. The game takes place in Japan during the 17th century. Cold-blooded rebels, other people's lives mean nothing to them, have seized power in the empire. It is up to them to challenge our four heroes and rectify the situation in this war-torn country. Each of the characters, who now and then will work together all together or in pairs, have at their disposal an interesting equipment, helping them to overcome the territory occupied by the enemy. Each character has its own unique and varied skills, which paired with others form an interesting tactical solutions. To successfully complete your mission and get out alive you have to successfully use the skills of your heroes, confusing your enemies. Catching your opponents by surprise, conducting a deadly combination of actions you can skillfully overcome any level in the game. A beautiful game that gives us a glimpse into the world of Japan at that challenging time is truly captivating. The game will appeal to many who are looking for an interesting tactical strategy and the atmosphere of 17th century Japan.


Another interesting game, which came out under the direction of developers Mimimi games. The game is a tactical strategy with a bias in stealth action like their previous game project Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. Though these video games have a lot in common, but still players get not only a new setting, but also the addition of new interesting mechanics in the gameplay, as well as new characters and their history. Desperados III can rightly be considered one of the best tactical strategy games in the world, which was released in 2020. The place of action in this game will now be the Wild West. In which we will see a new and interesting story of completely new characters, with whom we will pass the whole thorny path. We will see how to survive in a world full of lawlessness and brutality, when your only true friend is a trusty revolver. But the winner of the battle is not the one who gets his gun faster and starts shooting, but the one who can predict the actions of the enemy a few steps ahead. But it is not always beneficial to our heroes to act in the open. After all, the advantage in favor of the enemy. Constantly being in the minority, when detected by the enemy will mean a hard fight or even death. At such times, we have to act stealthily. With four characters with their own personalities, beliefs and abilities you can play the game the way you see fit. Many different tools to achieve the goal will allow you to diversify your gameplay and look at it from different angles. The Wild West is harsh and does not forgive mistakes. Immersed in this beautiful and appealing setting, the player will witness an intriguing and entertaining story campaign in which several people who have not yet known each other will unite to achieve a common goal.


Another great tactical strategy game based on the popular Gear of War video game franchise. The story part of the game project is a prequel to the entire series of games. It will tell us about the events that take place as much as twelve years before the events of the first part. The player will be offered to take control of the protagonist Gabe Diaz as well as his squad of loyal companions. Our heroes will have to deal with a sudden large-scale threat that threatens the peace of the whole city. Appeared out of nowhere creatures called locusts, forcing residents to hide in their homes in the hope of escape from certain death. We will have the honor not only to end once and for all this massive threat to humanity, but to find information that will tell us the reason for the emergence of these sudden visitors. Although Gear Tactics has undergone a genre change and is a tactical strategy game it is not without the brutality and dynamism that this popular game franchise could boast. The game design consists of interesting tactical battles, customization of your squad. As well as many interesting new game mechanics.

13 June 2022