The scariest monsters in modern games

Most of the monsters beloved by players appeared thanks to videos and fiction. But in our best games, there's no problem with having in intimidating monsters. There are monsters that hunt one at a time, and there are hideous creatures that attack in large groups. In modern life, there are many things to fear or be afraid of, but man, such an unusual creature, he constantly needs a shot of adrenaline in his blood. It makes us taste life to the fullest. And the adrenaline rush happens when a person feels all-consuming fear.

In our modern world there are many things to fear and be afraid of. But man has enjoyed the adrenaline rush that occurs when we are afraid since its inception.

There are a large number of ways in which a player can be frightened. One of the most reliable and surest is to introduce repulsive, maddening, unbearably disgusting, plunging opponents into chilling fear. Some project creators rely on horrible appearance, others use game design and narrative techniques. Let's remember the games with such terrifying monsters, with which we are unlikely to want to meet in reality, or in the most nightmarish dreams.

Necromorphs from the Dead Space games

This trilogy, is on the list of the best projects of the "survival horror" genre. After all, it has a unique pressurizing atmosphere, in which there is a large amount of inexpressible horror and a sense of despair. And this is especially appreciated by the majority of gamers in the projects, telling about the space setting.

This series of games has relied on a repulsive and terrifying look and feel. The most memorable and intimidating monsters that create this frightening atmosphere are the Necromorphs. These dangerous and chilling creatures of their mere appearance wait for you at every corner to kill in cold blood, affecting the dead tissues of other organisms and transforming them into various hideous forms. They grow lethal and life-threatening blades and tentacles from their bodies, ooze pus and kill the protagonist in disgusting and unpredictable ways with extreme cruelty, among which dismemberment is the most harmless and quickest end.
Necromorphs - are the reanimated corpses of once-living creatures, their bodies severely altered and mutated into horrifyingly ugly forms due to exposure to cosmic radiation. They are the main opponents of the protagonist, their main task is to collect as much biological material as possible for the Moon Fellows - huge monsters of planetary scale. And since the infection is transmitted only through dead tissue, they will kill any living creature they encounter on their way.

These undead monsters can be found literally everywhere: in apartment complexes in sewers and service tunnels, on the planet's surface and even in outer space.

Alien in Alien: Isolation

This monster, which we first saw by the late 1970s, is not uncommon to see him in game projects, but his actual shocking incarnation for many people occurred in 2014. The Alien in this game is shown as viewers first saw him: frightening, unpredictable, and deadly. For this purpose, the developers of the game created a unique and special artificial intelligence. Thanks to which the xenomorph remembers your actions and starts looking for you more chaotically. He looks under the tables and cabinets, which allows him to approximate the location of the protagonist. This makes this monster truly intimidating and sudden. The tension grows with every second from the understanding that you are in danger everywhere and does not let go for a second. Also adds to the atmosphere exactly with the constant changes the alien's behavior changes beyond recognition: time after time he will learn more and more new ways to find the player, developing more and more unpredictable behavior. Even more frightening in this monster is the fact that it is impossible to kill an Alien, and hiding with him is not an escape from the threat and only delays the inevitable meeting.

Pyramid Head - Silent Hill 2

The popular cult project Silent Hill, is the second installment of the most famous horror in the history of the modern video game industry. Silent Hill is a small town covered by a veil of impenetrable fog. Here the necessary dark atmosphere of uncertainty and fear is created. Authors of literary creations of the psychological horror genre have been working on this for many years. In the course of the plot of this game the protagonist has decided to go to Silent Hill after receiving the unexpected mysterious news from his deceased wife, and as always you have to figure it all out. During the gameplay we are looking for the answers to the disturbing questions of the hero. In the course of which we are waiting for a meeting with Pyramid Head. This is the most famous monster in the Silent Hill series and in the whole gaming industry. The mysteriousness of this monster perfectly complements his creepy peculiar image. No one knows what's behind the metal helmet of the repulsive-looking monster. A huge gun, and whose clothes are stained with the still not yet dried blood of unfortunate victims, instills in us the understanding that when you meet him you can die.

Pyramid-head constantly presses his presence, constantly pursuing the player throughout the game, sometimes attacking directly. At times it is possible to avoid meeting with him. Pass by while he is busy torturing another unfortunate person, because this unkillable creature inspires real fear and a sense of hopelessness not only to you, but also to other monsters - because they are just as victims for him as the character of the project's plot itself. An exceptionally devastating and unhurried embodiment of the protagonist's inner fears. This part of the game will be well remembered by new players, thanks to the excellent gameplay experience and unbelievably scary monsters.

Nemesis - Resident Evil 3

The Resident Evil series of games gave us a lot of really ugly and diverse dangerous monsters, and the most horrifying and chilling and disturbing the peace of mind are big silent Titans, among which the project Nemesis, which scares several generations of players with its catchphrase "S.T.A.R.S.", stands out especially strongly. He is a huge, nearly immortal monster, somewhat clumsy, clumsy, clumsy. The monster always has a minigun or grenade launcher in its arsenal, with which it stalks the player on his heels. Its ability to regenerate is frightening, and its ability to mutate very quickly, allowing it to acquire new "organic" tools for killing and take new murderous and repulsive forms of its own body. He doesn't have to get close enough to you to kill you, because he can use long-range weapons, which keeps players from relaxing for even a second and reduces your chances of escaping. He may not look particularly intimidating at first, in the final form of mutation his body transforms dramatically, making Nemesis a truly creepy and deadly creature willing to take your life.

Richard Trager from Outlast

Unlike the other mentally ill madmen who inhabit Mount Massive asylum, this game features the truly creepiest creature of all: the insensitive Dr. Richard Trager. Trager is capable of reasoned articulation and deliberate action. He is quite polite and in some ways even charismatic. But this does not prevent him from committing acts with sadistic tendencies. After all, no fictional monster is as frightening as the man. He is a psychopath and sadist, experimenting on his defenseless patients without remorse or doubt, collecting human limbs, and treating people as material for his vile research. The illusion of rationality, combined with the character of a sadist, has made Richard Trager one of the creepiest characters in the game.

27 December 2021