The most anticipated games of spring 2021

In the past year 2020 a lot of interesting and exciting games that literally conquered the hearts of gamers were released on PC monitors. But this does not mean that gamers have calmed down and are no longer interested in what the world of video games is all about. Today millions are waiting for the spring novelties that developers are preparing to release in the coming months of spring. So what interesting things are waiting for users with the arrival of spring? Will gamers again be able to tear themselves away from their monitors and enjoy the warmth of spring?


Outriders - There's no escaping the RPG elements of the new third-person shooter in this game. You can talk with your heart here, but it won't affect the storyline in any way.
The plot is quite familiar - the human race attempts to take over an alien galaxy where other living beings live. After the energy storm, something happens - everyone gains an irresistible superpower. You can control time, manipulate fire, and use seismic weapons. Quite an interesting and fun game should turn out.

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise - this game is designed to diversify the list of expected novelties. The platform is sure to have its fans, who are waiting for the role-playing game. The gamer will have to get up on the hunt for fabulous creatures. To do this, the arsenal of the user is offered a lot of interesting techniques, weapons. A special environment will help the user to keep his character alive. The player won't notice how new locations are added, the open and instantly accessible world will suddenly open in front of him.
The developers decided to "please" the fans, and added to the locations the ability to make vertical jumps, and to do it on the plot will be much more frequent than in previous versions. The game offers two modes to choose from: for one and multiple users, the maximum number of hunters is four.

King's Bounty II

King's Bounty II is the original, no, we can even allow you to call it legendary, long released first part of the game. Now fans are waiting for a sequel to the cult game, but their expectations have been somewhat compromised by the events of the last two years, so the release of the second part has been decided to postpone until spring 2021, instead of the planned 2020th.
In the new part the player enters the vast expanses of Nostria - the great royal lands, which today suffer from the power of bandits, evil reigns there, it is ruled by dark forces and monsters, and the name for it all is Perdition. The plot assumes three main characters: one of them will take matters into their own hands and risk looking fear in the eye. A non-linear story, where every step taken entails unpredictable events, and the outcome of the game depends on the path chosen by the character.

It takes about 35 hours to see the end credits. And if you are distracted by additional tasks, the passage will take twice as much time. The game has two phases: completing quests and exploring the world around you. During combat, the user sees it from a bird's eye view. It is worth noting the work of the developers - in the new part of the game the graphics is elaborated thoroughly, it is expected to see 3D graphics and three-dimensional models of the troops. The squad will have exactly as many fighters as they can really be, and everyone will be visible.

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 - the user will have to fight with the main villains of the game: the dictator Anton Casillo and his son, the evil Diego. Father raises a worthy successor to himself, and prepares his son for the fact, that he will take his post, and along with it he will continue the started work: humiliate, mock, destroy, kill, strangle.
This tactic presupposes, in his opinion, that the people should feel a strong hand in his person. But Casillo's father is not ready to sacrifice his personal corner of paradise; he exchanges it without hesitation for his people. The main character, Dani Rojas, has to wander the lands of the imaginary country of Yara, somewhere near the Caribbean islands. He must save the people and destroy the dictatorial regime. A huge game map is a novelty from the developers, which distinguishes the game from the previous part of the quest. In general, the games of all the series are similar to each other.


Deathloop - the famous Arkane studio has prepared another shooter. Initially, the game was supposed to act as a console exclusive. The release was planned for 2020, but it was decided to postpone. The plot of the game comes from the title, which has the word "loop" in it.
The main feature of the scenario is the play with time, when the protagonist becomes a hostage of the temporal trap. He is surrounded: nearby is a once-military base on Blackriff Island, whose fame reeks of strangeness and danger. It was the experiments conducted at this base that caused the anomalous "loops", while the recurring events can only remain in the memory of the main character - Colt. The others are caught in a time trap - they regularly relive the same events. There are eight targets for the mercenary to remove in order to prevent another temporal recurrence. The most important thing is to stay alive in order to have time to learn the cycle and start acting, otherwise everything will start in a circle.

Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights - very little is known about the novelty, but one thing is certain - Batman will not be in it. Problems in front of the team of characters is more than enough, and with all will have to cope. Assassins in the team resistance group Court of Owls will confront strange heroes in tights and other fancy clothes.
Opponents improve as the character's skills improve. You can't overdo it, or it will play a "cruel joke". A second gamer and pairing is a feature of Gotham Knights.

Resident Evil VII

Resident Evil VII - the main character named Ethan and his beloved wife Mia dream of a peaceful life and try to do everything possible to return to it. Everything that happened in the previous part to the Baker family is a pain forever for them, and they try never to remember it.
All would be well if not for Chris Redfield, who causes Ethan to find himself in a mysterious village in Transylvania, amidst the snow and cold. He is searching for his missing daughter. His arsenal includes a large selection of weapons: he can use shotguns, use pistols, destroy targets with a sniper rifle, deftly throw a knife and more. All the necessary items can be created by the players themselves. Snowy village - a place to explore up and down. There are not only enemies waiting for the main characters, but also a lot of mysteries, puzzles and riddles. Ethan's main enemy is a female vampire, and she is the one who commits theft of people from nearby settlements.

06 May 2021