The most powerful and incredible knockouts in games

Game creators try to give us a large number of options for the most powerful punches, which give us a sense of strength and power over the enemy. Players take on the role of their favorite character, who is endowed with extraordinary strength, and the ability to inflict such blows on the opponent that can quickly send him to the knockout. Even the most serious enemies, endowed with tremendous power, fall under the precise and accurate blows of the protagonist. One such strike clearly demonstrates a huge advantage in the final game, and looks spectacular in the decisive battle at the end of the game. Almost all action games have fierce and bloody fights in their storyline, which result in the hero's pain and terrible wounds

Technology development games from year to year is getting better and better, so we see on the screen is a very real suffering from the pain suffered. Such demonstrative fights in the final part, which are represented by beautiful knockouts, most modern games are decorated. We have collected a selection of games, where the final blows are polished, beautiful and attractive to a large number of players.

A fan of hand-to-hand combat. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Bypass its attention this game is simply not possible. The project every year is becoming more and more popular. Its popularity of the game is largely due to the charisma and charm of the protagonist. The main character is called Ezio Auditore Da Firenze. He is already in the very first part, demonstrates his martial art, together with his friends shows the technique of combat mechanics. The developers gave the protagonist a cocky and brave character, as well as the skills of fighting techniques. They are very diverse in nature, some are precise and strong, which quickly incapacitates the enemy. Others are equipped with spectacular throws and grapples, steals and slingshots

The game has a feature called counterstrike unlock. Once the player achieves it, the strength of the protagonist's punches, his skills, will unfold with new strength and a new and different side. The hero will be able to unleash a hail of blows, which will simply stun the enemy and quickly incapacitate him. He finishes this fight with a strong vertical blow to the head, and successfully leads the enemy into a long knockout. In the sequel to the game Ezio has an edged weapon, but the player is much more enjoyable in hand-to-hand combat to defeat an armed opponent, head to toe in armor. Participate in a show of force, don't be afraid to deliver powerful blows, play as the famous protagonist. There is no better discharge than to chase and knock out a virtual enemy. It will help relieve tension and aggression, get rid of depressed mood.

The ability to see things through to the end. Marvel's Spider-Man

Spider-Man is a very famous character, he quite often appears in a variety of projects, where well demonstrates the power of impact agility and power. Thanks to this, such projects are gaining a lot of popularity and love of all gamers in the world. A striking example of this rise and increased attention is a game Insomniac Games

A distinctive feature of Spyderman's martial art, is the lightning quickness. He moves quickly and delivers lightning-like strikes. This time Spider-Man appears in the Insomniac Games' project. The creators of the game are not stingy and gave the hero a lot of abilities. Great reaction, courage, bravery. Spiderman can hang on a spider web near the enemy, and swinging it, making strong and clear strokes. It all looks very spectacular, thanks to acrobatic tricks hero and his powerful knockouts. He doesn't leave his opponent even for a minute, finishing him off and bringing him to the extreme point of the battle. At the decisive moment of the fight, the protagonist flies over the defeated enemy, and finishes him off with strong and powerful kicks or hand blows, trying to flatten the enemy with the ground. Spiderman hasn't beaten a single enemy to death in this entire project. But the fights and battles in the game are shown with a demonstration of extreme cruelty, without embarrassment or false modesty, so the game is marked as 16+, so as not to traumatize the younger generation with close-ups of violent and bloody fights

If you are over 16, have a stable psyche, and your soul craves adventure, then take part in this beautiful demonstration of excellent punches and the strongest knockouts. You won't regret the time spent, have a great rest and feel like a superhero.

The famous Sandman knockout punch in Project Punch-Out!

Cult game knows every self-respecting gamer. What made it famous and popular are the charisma-filled characters and exciting gameplay that tests the player's adequate reflexes. When fighting, the player is encouraged to dodge his opponent's blows well and quickly. And it is also necessary to cunning, try to catch your opponent suddenly, rain down on him a rain of blows and end the fight with a strong and sharp knockout. Conducting the gameplay makes you feel all the delights of close combat and covered in cold sweat, even an experienced gamer. Here you can fight King Hippo and Michael Tyson

In the next part of the game more and more evolved fighting techniques, boxers thanks to the developers have been endowed with individual animations that clearly demonstrate the style of battle hero. Well, and the final knockout, which holds a boxer, it's just a masterpiece of the project. Sandman, as in slow motion, flies upwards, and then gently falls down and freezes. This allows the player to feel the taste of victory and enjoy the view of the defeated opponent. Participate in the fight boxers, learn the techniques of combat, learn how to resist your opponent. Here you can develop and apply all your skills.

Batman's decisive strike in the Arkham Asylum project

In my opinion, this is the best and most decisive project in the history of Batman games. The developers paid a lot of attention to even the smallest details of the gameplay components when creating the game. Thanks to this, and a great storyline full of meaning and romance, the project became famous. This game is played all over the world. And in my opinion, every year its popularity only grows. The main character gets new enemies in the form of Bane, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, and many other evil characters. Well, in the finale our hero is going to fight Joker himself. This villain has prepared an unusual "surprise" for Batman, thanks to a magic injection, the Joker turns into a huge monster, a strong and powerful enemy. This transformation gives rise to the final battle of the Man in the Bat-suit. The whole battle is colorful and fascinating, keeping you in suspense until the last moment. And Batman's final blow, this is simply a masterpiece of this project. The protagonist, too, uses some kind of magic, applies gel to his gloved hands, which explodes on contact. Then delivers his final and decisive blow to the Joker, knocking him out. The victory is won by the GOOD. Let's celebrate it by taking part in this gameplay and trying on the costume of a brave bat.

13 April 2022