The Best Open World Games 2021

Experienced gamers know long before the game's release and the beginning of its sale. They eagerly await the release of their favorite strategy game with sequels, updates, and new characters. Here is a list of the most anticipated and most successful open-world games in 2021:

Jaws of Extinction

A game in the genre of action role-playing, where you have to fight for a place in the world, and do everything to survive. The plot is worked out to detail, the action unfolds on a mysterious island.
The game has upgraded multiplayer, which makes it possible to play several dozen players simultaneously. A brave battle awaits you against the world of evil - the island is crawling with bloodthirsty zombies. The most interesting thing this time is the zombies that can think

These are not the usual crowds of monsters, these are creatures that can control their actions. The only way to kill them is to hit them in the heart - that's where the fungus that parasitizes the zombie body is located.
The game allows you to survive in a world of evil, do it in a team with friends, or choose random players over the network.

Far Cry 6

A new part of the beloved game is coming out this year. This time the developers have worked on the plot - in the land of Yara. The brave hero of the local resistance is not afraid to engage in battle with a tough dictator
After the announcement of the new part of the game immediately hit the top of the most anticipated games. In the upcoming version of the game, the user will be able to fight not only with armed people, but also with the animals living on the continent.

It will be the biggest open world of all parts of the game. A fascinating journey through the entire country awaits the player. Animal and human levels are the only limitation in the game.
The creators promised some freedom for the hero in Part 6, as the controversy surrounding the fifth game did not subside because of the unrealistic levels of the environment and items

Diablo 4

The product from Blizzard offers a re-imagining of the world of adventure a few decades after the last game in the series of the third part
The gates of heaven are closed, Lilith has returned, and heaven has abandoned humanity altogether. The mephisto's daughter's mere presence plunges the world into chaos, bringing the awakening of evil. It takes a team of heroes to deal with the horror of humanity

The peculiarity of the game is that here it is possible to enjoy the fight only playing in the team, but even so it will be difficult for the players to try on different roles in the open world, where there are no restrictions.

Heroes 8: Might & Magic

The game that everyone has been waiting for, which is already being prepared for release this year. Many people still do not understand how the developers managed to create an open world in the game

There is information that the storyline of the campaign will unfold on a single map with clearly delimited zones. But whether the heroes will be able to move from zone to zone - is unknown, most likely, it will be possible with certain restrictions
Fans of the game assume that the story will be built around one day, and all the characters will take actions that will lead them to new events with new cataclysms

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

A game that will be introduced in 2021 with a new version of the dark world setting and life of bloodthirsty monsters. For the last three years the developers have been working on the creation of a new game series
The plot unfolds in Seattle, where Dale Tully comes to the rescue. Dark forces will rise over the world, preceded by a rift between the clans at the fault of a weak vampire. He will have to face the vampire court and choose who he will follow

Front melee combat is worked out for improved combat. The player will enjoy immersing himself in a world of entertainment and independent travel through a city whose streets you can walk endlessly
A huge number of random events and interactive moments in the open world without any restrictions - in the new version of the game

Black Myth: Wukong

The most anticipated and perhaps the most extravagant release of the game. The company unveiled a stunning video that garnered more than 13 million views in the first 24 hours, and sparked unprecedented user interest in the upcoming version of the game
The basis of the game is closely intertwined with the story of the Monkey King, which was previously found in the game Dota2. Quite an attractive interface, the fresh version is gaining the number of interested users with great speed
The developers promised an open world, not the biggest, but full of different mysteries and riddles

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

Unsurpassed open world style implementation. The gameplay is quite brutal, a feature of the game in continuous battles and battles with monsters anywhere in the country or city
There are options to upgrade your character, equip them with better gear, and the ability to use additional items. Gamers are frozen in anticipation, and hope that the developers will not let you down.

Lineage 2

A classic of the genre, if you can characterize the game that way. The interesting and at the same time brutal fantasy world is still remembered to this day, despite the fact that many years have passed since the presentation of the first part
The developers are trying to resurrect the former glory of the famous game through user support. The first part, as we know, unfolded in 2002, when it told the story of the world 150 years before the game itself.
Masses of dangers, dozens of players, friendship and enmity between them, a brutal and exciting world of adventure

Dying Light 2

A story for fans of zombies and the apocalypse. The first part of the game gathered millions of fans around the world. This time the developers are going to surprise gamers with a new, living and changing world, which can react to user's actions
The game allows you to make a strong bet by trying to interact with the multitude of factions on offer. A spectacular melee system, dynamic action, parkour, and great open-world graphics are what die-hard fans should expect

Horizon Forbidden West

Open-world fans have been eagerly awaiting the release since the announcement. A series of obstacles awaits the protagonist as she travels to the West, where she will be met by mechanized creatures
The authors in the second part is unlikely to move away from the success of the first, so the player will certainly be waiting for large-scale locations and a lot of details in the light of the highest quality graphics, much better than in the first game.

The open world of post-apocalyptic will become brighter, more realistic and more beautiful. The authors have already intrigued gamers by posting screenshots

31 March 2021