The coolest games in the castle defense genre

Games in the genre of "defense of the castle" in recent years are becoming more and more popular. The player must take a defensive position and defend his lands, which are encroached upon by the enemy.

The use of magic and the ability to rearrange towers is the main weapon in the player's hands to prevent the enemy from entering and taking over the territory of the tower.
The complexity of enemy attacks depends on the level of the game, they are gradually increasing, their number is constantly growing. In between battles the player will have to strengthen the castle and the construction of additional walls and towers for protection, because there are more than a dozen battles ahead.

Defense Grid 2

One of the games for fans of strategy in the "tower defense" style. There are surprises ahead for the player in the form of changes in tactics, which is very unexpected.
Building your own strategy is an important part of defense to deal with new threats and repel the most dangerous attacks. The difficulty of the game can be chosen, as well as the way to pass the level.

The player will be prompted to pass the game as a single player, and online, where there is an opportunity to play in a team with the same real players. This option allows you to learn how to conduct tactics in a team, which is not only exciting, but also very fun.
The campaign walkthrough is quite challenging in terms of levels, but that doesn't stop the game from engaging more and more people seeking positive emotions and wanting to pass an interesting puzzle game.

Plants vs Zombies

A two-dimensional computer game that has the main task of defending your humble castle from attacking zombies eager to defeat you and become the rightful masters of your lands.
Zombies can attack not only in groups or alone, they have the ability to do so with plants growing near the house. The latter will only grow if they receive sunlight, which, in turn, is the main unit of money.

Inside the big strategy you can get carried away with the minigames that are offered to choose from in the main menu.


A game where everywhere surrounds a void that is far beyond our reality. There is an island in the distance with many fortresses, and they are the target for monsters coming out of the void and trying to take them over.
That's how the plot of the game Deathtrap unfolds, where monsters have left the confines of the laboratory and scattered across the island, hungry for blood, murder and power.

You can't let the evil creatures prevail and penetrate our world. The player is offered many tools - traps, building fences and towers to help avoid disaster.
The player is important, but it is much more important to be able to set the right traps to help you win against an evil world.

Evil Defenders

A game that fans of the towerdefense genre will appreciate. The graphics in the game are unique - bright, high-quality, it is harmoniously complemented by visual special effects.
The player is invited to test their skills by completing fifteen missions in five game regions. Throughout the game, it is possible to build towers, fortifications, and new structures, all complemented by the ability to use magic.

With sixty building types and six difficulty levels, it's all about building the strongest fortifications and saving the world at your own discretion.

Kingdom Rush

A well-known type of strategy game in the "tower defense" style. A heroic game for true connoisseurs of warlike wars for their territories and buildings.
Countless enemy attacks in the form of trolls, evil mages, goblins and other representatives of the dark forces will show who will triumph in this strategy and take over the kingdom.

It is up to the player's discretion and desire to choose a strategy to defend the castles. Call for reinforcements through magic, which will bring a rain of fire and, with a wave of one hand, erect many towers that will become a reliable defense against otherworldly forces.

Orcs Must Die

Action game for those who prefer strategy, where the main task will be to protect their lands and castles from the dark forces and monsters.
The game unfolds in a colorful world full of fantasy and magic. You control the main character, who is a brave knight, with a real bow, sword, wields martial arts and can control magic and spells to build towers.

The nimble daredevil must prevail in the endless attacks of his enemies, the green orcs.

Last Hope

A fascinating strategy game in which the player has an important mission - to fight squads of bloodthirsty zombies and other vile creatures.
You can choose a hero of your choice from three options, each with different skills to wield the hammer, shoot missiles, control the rain, and other superpowers.

The main player improves throughout the game. Your task is to develop your own, unique tactics to emerge victorious from each fierce battle.
You can build towers and fortify them, which will help protect your territory from the terrible mutants.

Solar Division

A game where the action unfolds directly in the vastness of the universe. In open space there is a defense tower, in which the main player will settle. The station will be attacked by aliens, and your task is to repel the attacks and fight back the enemy.
To succeed - you need to develop your own, unique strategy, where tactics should not have blunders. Properly placed towers and the course of battle - that will help to win the battle and not let the uninvited monsters to conquer the space station.


A favorite game of gamers who are drawn to the world of "tower defense". A distinctive feature of this gameplay is the ability to build your own structures and improve your fortifications, as well as to defend and protect your territory in the three-dimensional dimension.
Players are encouraged to use a system of skill and experience accumulation. Each user has access to a free camera and special platforms that allow him to increase the number of construction sites in the space.

The game does not allow monsters to raid. Multicolored balls are attackers and must be destroyed using defensive constructions.
The game allows you to lead a strategy of eight players simultaneously with the support of a custom online co-op.


The game in a new light appeared before the fans of strategy. The familiar turrets have acquired a new look, and the ability to manage heroes in units that earn their experience and self-improvement is already available.
New armor, options, and weapon options are all waiting for players accustomed to bloody style battles with enemies, moving from level to level in a fascinating game of classic towers.

31 March 2021