The most interesting games in which the main characters - the police

It's not often you come across a video game that allows us to experience the hard day-to-day work of law enforcement officers. But there are such games, and they boast an interesting gameplay, revealing to us the difficulties of the complex daily life of police officers. Although in a virtual game world, but not believable from the real one in some details. It is really interesting to take on the role of one of the servants of the law and fight lawlessness. After all, later we will begin to notice. That by making certain decisions for a policeman under our control, we are imbued with this difficult job and think about the consequences for the people around us. After all, a policeman's duty is to ensure the safety of ordinary people and to judge a situation fairly. There are game projects that allow us to understand what it's like to be a law enforcement officer.

This is the Police video game series

And two whole parts of This is the Police game will allow us to gain gaming experience by taking on the role of Jack Bond, the chief of police. This adventure game with management elements will allow us not only to control the actions of the protagonist, but also to control other police officers, giving them orders and instructions. It also has an interesting storyline, further emphasizing the difficulties of everyday life of such people. The protagonist will now and then come face to face with various difficulties and trials on which his reputation depends. There is no right to make a mistake. The mayor of the city, mired in corruption and crime and is waiting for the misstep of Chief Jack. One wrong move and he could be forced to resign. In these games we will be allowed to dispose of our assigned precinct, disposing of its employees, putting them on shifts. We will also have to respond to calls for help by sending groups of capable workers on outings around the city. After all, this is the only way to cross out the possibility of crime or minimize its consequences. The protagonist will also have to spend his considerable time in dialogues with certain people. Interrogating criminals or collecting witness statements are all part of the job. By taking on tasks responsibly, we will get people to like us and find out what's going on in this troubled town.

Police Simulator: Patrol Duty

Another rather curious project in a setting that allows you to take on the role of a simple, but important for the safety of civilians, a police officer. In this game you can also play online with your friend, keep order together and prevent violations in the open world. You can do a lot of things in this game. The beauty of the game is that the game gives us an unforgettable feeling of how difficult and time consuming this work. Alone or with a friend we will perform various tasks. Whether it's a man ran through a red light or a suspicious type in the alley, our duty is to make sense of the situation. For those who care about American movies about police work. Assuming the role of patrol officers, we have a tough job to do. Recording traffic accidents, looking for and arresting lawbreakers. All this is possible in this approximation to the realities of everyday life policemen game. Police Simulator: Patrol Duty is made on a good game engine UE4, which can be seen on a pretty good graphics and physics of cars and people. The large open city of the game is not stingy in showing us one event or another, saturating the gameplay. Police officers under our control are free to do various tasks. You can take an orientation on the person wanted by the authorities, go to the scene of already committed crimes and look for clues. Interrogate witnesses and detained suspects. More than once you'll have to perform evidence collection in search of at least some clue about a crime in progress. This and much more awaits you in this game project.

The Raven: Legasy of a Master Thief

Another interesting game about officers of the law, published by THQ Nordic point-and-click adventure game. It tells us about the complicated and tangled investigation of constable Anton Jacob Zelner. After all, just recently a huge precious ruby called "Eye of the Sphinx" was stolen from the British Museum. Interestingly, a black feather was found at the scene. Suggesting that the kidnapper is none other than the legendary master thief nicknamed "The Raven" in the city. Constable will have to make a lot of effort to find any clues, because the offender is experienced and cunning. This game project will not let you get bored. Its strengths lie in the intricate and interesting storyline. Participants in the action unwittingly drags intriguing, fast-paced detective story. Performed in the best traditions of the works of writers such as Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie. Many interesting characters that you are sure to remember, and incredible events that you will experience together with the main character of the game. High-quality visual style of the game and the entourage will add specificity to this gaming project and will interest the player even more. And an unexpected and multifaceted plot does not make you wait long. You can plunge into such a classic detective from the first minutes of the game.

Rebel Cops

Rebel Cops is another creation of the game studio, which gave us the beautiful game This is police and is its spin-off. It is made in the same interesting visual style, it tells us the story of law enforcement officers. We will take on the role of a group of policemen, who can not put up with the unjust actions of the criminal authorities in their own city. As we take on the role of former police officers, who will make almost no guerrilla sorties in dangerous areas of the city in the hope of weakening the position of the authorities. It will be up to us to denounce the hiding places of criminal dangerous elements. Preventing the possibility of crime. But the heroes of the game should not draw too much attention to themselves. Avoiding fights and not making too much noise. After all, because of your reckless actions and decisions may suffer civilians. If innocent residents suffer, your reputation will be diminished, and you may even lose those who have supported you all along. Not to mention that you could lose your own fighters forever. A game in which you will have to cope with a lot of hard decisions. After all, its main advantage is that it teaches the player responsibility, and the ability to correctly assess the situation. On the police is always a big responsibility, and committing a mistake, you can not always fix anything. You must always think about the consequences of your actions, despite the challenges ahead.

13 June 2022