The most amazing and unique weapons that are actively used in popular games

A lot of incredible game projects exist in our world. And they offer us quite a number of interesting and unusual ways to massacre our enemies. No matter what genre you are playing, you will definitely find a lot of interesting tools to choose from. Somewhere we'll see such a unique weapon that it's not immediately clear what it does and how to use it. But in the end it will be the most effective compared to the standard ones. Video games offer us to decide for ourselves how to pass this or that part of the story. From the classic to the most original and unusual weapons, video games of different genres will give you all new and interesting ways to defeat fictional opponents.

Hand cannon - Dead Space 2

One of the popular franchises is rich in different kinds of weapons to complement the already exciting gameplay. You never know what will be waiting for you on an abandoned space station. The player can choose from a large number of modifications for his weapon against the Necromorphs. Each of them completely changes the firing mode and recoil of your weapon. You can put a nozzle that can shoot a laser or pour huge sharp harpoon-like projectiles on your enemies. This part of the game is not only rich with all sorts of modifications for your arsenal. It also has a rather unusual weapon. Unlike the standard one, it is distinguished by its uniqueness and completely changing the gameplay by shooting. It is hard to get such a weapon, but it is worth it. Namely - it will become available to you after passing the game on the hardest difficulty level - impossible. This is the red fan's glove. Not only it has unique appearance, but also it has infinite ammo and immense firepower. The gauntlet is capable of destroying Necromorphs with a single shot, leaving no chance and requiring no reload. A very strong weapon will be a worthy reward for passing the game with this difficulty level. Enjoy the gameplay transformed by this unique weapon and have your share of fun.

GIPS gun - Prey

Another interesting shooter that takes place while our hero is wandering around the Talos 1 space station. The game has a lot of horror elements, which will make you stay in suspense throughout the game and keep a close eye on your surroundings. After all, the main opponents we will face in Prey are the creatures called mimics. They are able not only to kill our character in open combat, but also go to all sorts of tricks, laying ambushes and traps for us during our wanderings around the deserted space station. These creatures unknown to mankind can mimic any object that catches their eye. Be it a cup or a piece of paper. Therefore it is necessary to always pay attention to the interior objects entering the unexplored area. Going into a particular room, do not forget to check if there is somewhere duplicated objects. Maybe one of them is your enemy. It helps us in locating the enemy not only attentiveness, but also an unusual weapon. Namely a GIPS gun. Firing it, you can cover this object with viscous foam, which hardens in the blink of an eye. The mimic caught by the shot can no longer retain the shape of the object, and you will find it immediately. Not only that the weapon is very useful in combat, limiting the movements of enemies. Thanks to this gun you will also be able to get into previously inaccessible places, just paving your way with this hardened foam and easily pass on.

Chainsaw Motorcycle - Dead Rising

Dead Rising is a gameplay project about the town of Fortune City, willy-nilly the subject of a zombie apocalypse outbreak. The protagonist will have to experiment a lot and use any available weapon at hand. After all, the zombie horde is a very serious opponent. To break through the countless monsters we'll have to create weapons from the elements at hand. Many unique weapons that will help you survive in this ruthless city will delight you with their uniqueness. You can find the weapon of your choice and enjoy full freedom of action and different variations of wagering. One of these unique and quite deadly weapons is a motorcycle equipped with chainsaws. Thanks to its high speed, it contributes to your fast movement through locations. And if a crowd of zombies gets in front of you, you can safely go for a breakthrough. Thanks to chainsaws integrated on the sides of the motorcycle you can easily break through the seemingly impregnable crowd of dead. This unique vehicle, which is also a weapon, you can get after one of the game's missions and fully test its power in action. Although there are a lot of interesting and various weapons for fighting against the walking dead in the video game. Still, a motorcycle with a chainsaw is by far the most effective and deadly means to eliminate the enemies. In addition, it is also the most creative and easy to use.

Expalibur - Dying Light

Another game project that tells us the story of a fictional world filled with crowds of bloodthirsty zombies. A game in which you have to survive. Fighting your way through the many dead and finding a cure for your people. We'll have to look for weapons ourselves, as well as keep an eye on their condition. After all, broken weapons more than once can let you down at a dangerous moment. The number of monsters is not decreasing, so you need to learn how to prepare for the battle and see that your weapon is in good condition. After all, each weapon in the game not only has different combat characteristics, but also have the durability. Waving your weapon for too long without consequences will not work. Any tool in your hands can break and put you in danger. There is a huge variety of specific and unusual weapons in the game. Each one of them is unique and will help you to fight off the dead. But among the whole assortment of weapons. Present in the game there is one weapon that deserves attention. The location of this weapon is a kind of clue. If you swim to the other side of the city, in which we will spend most of the time in the game. Then you can find a small size island. On which you can find a special sword. It's called the Expalibur and it's one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Weapon does a lot of damage to any enemy. The weakest can be killed with a single swing. Although the Expalibur is a formidable weapon, it breaks very quickly. Though it can't be restored after the breakage, it's possible to make an exact copy of this sword and use its power further. A slightly weaker copy than the original sword, but it will also allow you to mow down crowds of monsters with one blow and bring you a lot of fun.

07 September 2022