The romance of the long haul. Virtual truckers are back in action

Which of us has not dreamed of a long road, behind the wheel of a huge car, which is difficult and dangerous to drive. The job of a trucker is hard and interesting work. And where else can we experience these unforgettable feelings of freedom and speed, as not in the trucker simulation video games. This genre is actively developing and every year it has more and more fans. This is the realism in full measure, and participation in responsible work, to move cargo from one city to another. This responsible job takes a large amount of time. The driver is behind the wheel for many days. The player along with him will overcome difficulties in the road, at night to fight sleep, trying to avoid a variety of hazards, follow and obey traffic rules. But most importantly - it is to deliver the goods in one piece, keeping within the given time frame. Trying trucker simulator, you for many years to become a loyal fan of this interesting genre. After all, it is very difficult to manage a huge truck, this clumsy unit, and is eager to slip out of the hands of his master. But the vast experience of a trucker, composure, care and faith in yourself, all together will help to avoid any trouble and defeat any difficulty. Try yourself in this field by choosing one of the games below in our list.

Truckers 2

In this game, fans of driving multi-ton trucks, are given all the fun. Here you will not only sharpen your driving skills, the game has a note of financial development, strategic plans to increase profits. Gamers take part in a variety of interesting and varied quests. Engaged in the development of their own profitable business, increasing finances. If the player is well prepared, then he has no problems in time to deliver the goods to their destination. This is the key to his personal success. The more successful he will perform the task at hand. The more money he earns, will be able to provide wealth for his family, as well as have the opportunity to expand their business. The first step to independence, is to buy a huge truck, to develop his own business plan, to fulfill customer orders on their own. Trucker, can independently handle the delivery, and can hire assistants. It all depends on the amount of your finances. In the process of the game, you need to carefully monitor the state of the machine, on time to carry out maintenance, repair, produce fuel tanks. The plot of the game is to sharpen the skills of management of the company, which is engaged in trucking. The player starts with the minimum, but gradually develops himself, earns money and develops his company.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

The game was released in 2012, the developers of SCS Software, who created it, offer the player to get behind the wheel of a truck to transport goods over long distances. If you can get your goods to their destination quickly and safely, then you are an ace at truck driving. The same rules and laws rule here as in real life. The roads in the region are well developed, all areas are equipped with road signs. In no case can you break the rules of the road. On the roads where our car will travel, representatives of the traffic police are actively on duty, they are strictly watching for violators. And if they catch one, they will impose a fine or take away the license. The chip of the game is the state of fatigue in the driver. The player will spend eleven hours behind the wheel, and in return must get at least nine hours of fruitful rest, sleep. If you exploit the driver's body for more than eleven hours, depriving him of sleep, you can get a lot of trouble in return. One of them is that the driver sleeps right behind the wheel. And here you know what negative consequences can be. Another feature is the incessant expansion of the playing field. The roads on which the trucker will be driving, this is a copy of the roads from reality. The map is expanding more and more every year, adding cities, countries, and their roads.

18 Wheels of Steel Series

Games in this series, will help the player to feel in the place of a man who owns this male profession. Get to know the working days of a trucker, the ordinary everyday life of a hard worker and daredevil. The project consists of eight games of varying complexity, which, with the active promotion to the finale, become more and more difficult. And it is extremely interesting, the gamer appears gusto and excitement, to pass these difficulties to the end and successfully overcome them. The game differs from similar projects, because it presents our attention huge locations, with interesting and colorful scenery. Looking out the window, watching the beauty flying by, it's a separate pleasure for the player. An unusual bonus to the beautiful gameplay. To achieve success in the game, you need to quickly and efficiently deliver goods in your car, in all, even the most remote, places of the United States of America.

Also, the gamer, who has taken over the control of a beautiful car, should carry out its regular maintenance, to identify breakdowns, repair, upgrade the car, to change the equipment for a new, more modern and sophisticated. Of the pleasant features of the game, it should be noted, excellent physics, covering both the management of the car and the game environment. The driver will be able to keep in touch with other truckers, listen to your favorite music and songs to get a little distraction in a moment of rest. The police monitor the trucker's behavior on the road, and if he violates the rules, fines him or takes away the right to engage in trucking.

Hard Truck Apocalypse. Ex Machina

This truck driving simulator, will show the player the scary landscapes of the world, with the consequences of the apocalypse. The world is divided into a large number of diverse communities, the communication between which can only be maintained with the help of these trucks. There is almost no air in this world, all the inhabitants wear masks, and the distance between the communities is very long, so the cars of our heroes are very popular with the population and do a great job. The plot of the game is about a boy of eighteen, whose parents give him a car for his birthday, which was very convenient for the protagonist. The guy has acquired a real and true assistant. Circumstances were complicated enough and so the car will serve as a house and a bed and a kitchen and a recreation area. It will often bail out their owners, and if you further improve the car, it will be able to overcome even more severe obstacles. Traveling through a world torn by destruction, the player will feel like a grain of sand in the flow of life.

24 July 2022