Realistic games in the genre of gothic quests with vampires

Games take us into virtual reality, where we completely forget about real time and plunge into the mysterious and tempting world of video games. Therefore, the theme of gothic vampirism fits in well. Demonic, supernatural creatures, inhabitants of the world of twilight. They have unique fantastic abilities, which give a huge scope for the creation of any situations and plots for games. We tried to make a selection of some of the best games, in our opinion, where the main character is a vampire.


The role-playing game has elements of stealth action, and the well-drawn 3D graphics delight the gamer's eye and give him pleasure. The protagonist of this action game, Eric Bane, wakes up in a strange nightclub. He doesn't remember anything from his past, but he realizes that he is starting to turn from human to vampire. Eric has vampire powers, which he strives to learn to use to the fullest. He teleports, vanishes from sight for a while, and has a vision that allows him to see right through. This helps him quickly and deftly deal with his many enemies. Eric's goal is to find out what happened to him and under what circumstances he became a vampire. But in order to find out how it all ends, you have to go through all the levels of the game, which are built so that you can develop tactical maneuvers, to act according to the circumstances.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds

The creators of the game were inspired by the youth series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". The game has excellent graphics and an exciting plot, where the main character Buffy Summers is hunting vampires. At the heart of the game is an active combat system. Buffy and her friends try to prevent the resurrection of the original vampire. To do this, they are searching for a magic dagger, with which they will stop the otherworldly monster. The atmosphere of the game held in accordance with the eponymous series, what attracts a large number of fans. For example, authentic neighborhoods Sunnydale, the cemetery, the underground passages, the stairs to the school, which began each episode of the series, all these chips give the game a kind of nostalgic, positive note.


The game is set in early twentieth-century London, after the end of World War I. The city is afflicted with a terrible disease, the Hispaniola epidemic. The views of the city at night, through which the protagonist wanders throughout the game, induces horror and inward shudder. The ancient, gothic streets of London are covered in mystical mists and resemble a horror movie. The player waits every minute for the fog to clear and reveal a terrifying demon or vampire. The main character, doctor Jonathan Reed, has only recently become a vampire. The storyline, clearly intriguing, as the vampire once took the Hippocratic Oath. So his heart is torn between his demonic thirst for human blood and his duty as a doctor to save people's lives. Most of the game is built on the doctor's thoughts on what to do with the next character, to kill or pardon. We end up with a psychological thriller with explicit moral dilemmas.


The protagonist, cowboy Jericho Cross, unwittingly becomes a bloodsucker. He tries to rob a train belonging to the mysterious Darkwatch order, and accidentally frees a vampire. This is where all the cowboy's misfortunes begin, with the vampire biting him and condemning him to a slow transformation into his own kind. But after what happened, throughout the game, Jericho Cross fights the vampire character, and by saving people, actively destroys all sorts of evil things. Players are presented with gothic images of the Wild West, populated to death by scary vampires and the living dead. The game is distinguished by beautiful, professionally made graphics.

inFamous 2: Festival of Blood

The storyline unfolds around Cole McGrath, who has the unique ability to control electrical discharges. The protagonist is imprisoned by vampires, whose queen turns Cole into a bloodsucker. But this did not destroy the character of the game, not to break his strong and brave character. Cole needs to get rid of the curse at any cost, and to do this you need to destroy the queen before dawn. The developers have developed an interesting and original storyline, and before us appeared a multifaceted hero with a fascinating story, which can hardly be imagined as a vampire. Great graphics and intelligent dynamic gameplay, made the game extremely colorful and interesting.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard

In this game the theme of vampires is fully disclosed, it tells the story of the war between the vampires of the clan Volkihar with the hunters of the Order of Harkon Seran. The main character, has no limits. He can remain human and fight the vampires, or he can become one of the bloodsuckers. The dynamics of the storyline puts the game character before a series of different decisions. He can become a vampire lord and gain new magical abilities. The game portrays the life of gothic creatures in the world of Skyrim quite realistically. The images of vampires are based on the classics, they are afraid of light, drink human blood and scare the local population.

Dracula: Origin

If you enjoyed the novels of Bram Stoker, then this adventure saga will appeal to you. The game takes us to nineteenth-century Romania, where the beautiful heart and soul of a young man named Van Helsing is trying his best to stop the hated Count Dracula. The goal of the protagonist to return the soul of his beloved, which was taken away by killing her horrible vampire. To revive the girl, you need to perform a variety of complex tasks, find a manuscript with spells and still be ahead of the fanged killer. The plot of the game from the famous novel about Count Dracula, differs minimally, and throughout just pervades the scenery of the gothic city and castle. The tasks throughout the game are moderately complex, the puzzles are fascinating, and the vistas of Transylvania stir the imagination.

16 August 2021