Remember Tamagotchi? Well, the top tamagotchi games

Not everyone can afford a pet. There can be many reasons for this: allergies, constant travel, lack of time, busy schedule, and more, but it is so sad that you can not take care of someone, go home and feed him, to which he will certainly reciprocate.
Computer technology has offered an alternative - apps with virtual pets. Yes, yes, this is the same principle of the Tamagotchi, when you can have it, feed it, clean it, take care of it.

The favorite of millions has remained in the 90s, and it has been replaced by many games with a variety of pets that are just as adorable, and with interesting tools and interface. Check out a selection of Tamagotchi games, download and start grooming him now!


Bubbu - he bears a great resemblance to the Tamagotchi. The user can bathe him, feed him, and even cuddle him, change his clothes, and make a house for him.
The combination of functions of care for your pet and the ability to arrange his comfortable stay in the house - very much like the owners of virtual pets. For those who do not like cats, it is proposed to try a mini-game of the same developer, where you have to take care of the dog. Both games are very similar and exciting.

Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja is a virtual Tamagotchi-style application in which the role of animals is played by humans. The main character is a ninja who needs to be cared for, trained, and played with.
The toolbar allows you to customize your character and choose tasks to complete. Fun with balloons - they can be tied to the ninja to try to fly. Users have appreciated the developer's product and enjoy playing with the little ninja, maybe you should try it too?

Cthulhu Virtual Pet

Cthulhu Virtual Pet - in this game, the object of your care will be your own Cthulhu, which requires constant attention. The game unfolds in the classic Tamagotchi style scenario - the hero constantly asks for care, he must be regularly fed and cared for until he grows up.
Users are so fascinated by the gameplay that they've found a way to speed up their ward's maturation by setting the clock on the device. Also, Cthulhu will be happy if you pray to him.


A free game for the Android operating system is Dogotchi. It is a game with the easiest interface, where the main pet is a cute dog, requiring attention and care. Feeding and playing with your pet is a must.
The dog can be chosen from the offered twelve options, it grows. It is convenient that the application is absolutely free for Android, and for its genre it is an excellent version of the Tamagotchi style toy.


Godville is a unique application in which you can choose your virtual pets and take care of them. The user only has to choose a character to play instead.
Surprisingly, in this android app you do not need to control the main character - you need to give a voice command and all, the rest the hero does for you. The game can be fully completed without playing it - paradoxically, but interesting. You only need to properly understand how to complete a task, pass a quest or which guild to join.


Hellopet is a unique product from the developers of the game series with pets. The peculiarity of the game is the use of the overlay function. The little pet will always pop up on the desktop and demand attention, and even in applications you can't hide from it.
Opening the game, you have to take care of the pet, play with it, show interest and care. In its essence, this game is a classic version with a pet.


Welcome to the game - your new mentee's name is Mow. His name is a standard app choice, you can always rename your pet. He is quite unusual, very similar to those famous slugs from the cartoon Futurama, but this one is much kinder and he is yours - you now take care of him.
Mow will be a great addition to your free time and cheer you up - you can play mini arcade games with him, where you can earn gold. The coins you earn can be used to buy new clothes, food, interior improvements, or medicine in case Mow gets sick. You can even take pictures of him in his new outfits and share them with your friends.

My Boo

My Boo is a mega popular app in the line of virtual pet games. Your pet is a little creature, similar to Kapitoshka, that you have to raise. The feature set is standard: comp, grooming, sleeping, playing, and caring.
Features or unique features the game does not offer, but a pleasant interface and uncomplicated plot will allow fun to spend time. Everything in this game is good, except for the constantly popping ads. It can be turned off by paying to use, but in general - a pleasant and unintrusive toy.

My Tamagotchi Forever

A classic of the genre is My Tamagotchi Forever. This is a remake of the world-famous Tamagotchi, which reached the peak of its popularity in the distant 1990s. The new version is slightly different from the classic Tamagotchi. The standard things in the form of feeding, sleeping time, cleaning and so on are certainly preserved.
But the extra feature is a reality that fits right in with the new game. It's worth a try.

Neko Atsume

For cat lovers popular gameplay offers the game Neko Atsume. Users love the plot of the game: feed hungry pets, then get the opportunity to adopt. The goal is to get all the cats of the game, there are 3 or 4.
A small difference from the classic games with virtual pets has made the game popular and in demand. An interesting scenario, fascinating tools and tasks - very much to the liking of the game for fans of taking care of our little brothers.

Talking Tom

Talking Tom is probably the most popular app for smartphones and other mobile devices today. It is hard to find a child or an adult who has not heard of Talking Tom. The number of downloads of Tom exceeds 500 million times. To choose from in this genre, developers offer other similar applications - Angela the cat, Talking Pierre, Talking Ben and others.
The popularity of these applications is not due to the fact that the cat can be fed or stroked - Tom is happy to chat with you if you suddenly got bored. What's not a pet?

Previous listed games Tamagotchi was an ordinary egg with bathing and feeding, and in our time you can have any virtual animal and give him all your free time. Touchscreen smartphones and tablets make the game more interesting, and the capabilities of modern gadgets allow you to do with them everything the user wants.

01 April 2021