A selection of fascinating professional and simple versions of simulation games for hunting dangerous and fantastic animals

Statistics show that games simulator hunting is not as crazy popular as shooters with exciting adventures and shootings. But still we advise to turn a benevolent gaze and attention to simulation hunting all those who are tired of games of high brutality, dynamic, with a quick change of story and events. You can play projects where hunting or fishing are shown without blood, with the most positive, peaceful side, focusing only on the process of pursuit and tracking animals. Usually gamers expect from such projects a large arsenal of a variety of weapons and devices for hunting, a fantastic amount of game, as well as the creation of a close to the reality of the atmosphere of the hunting process. Graphics and content storyline go for a secondary position, but still, without these attributes will also be boring to explore the project. Very many players in their minds are successful hunters of ordinary animals and reckless participants in safaris on unthinkable monsters. In real life, ordinary people are deprived of such an opportunity as to participate in the hunt for large animals, or even mythological creatures, so we offer to review our selection of games hunting simulators. We have tried to mix and advanced projects equipped with weapon stores and simple arcade games for undemanding PC.

theHunter: Call of the Wild

I wanted to start my list of games with the most popular and interesting hunting simulator from the developer Expansive Worlds, which was presented to gamers in 2017. This is the third part of the famous trilogy about hunters - theHunter: Classic and theHunter: Primal. And the third project is no worse than its predecessors. But the distinctive feature and the calling card of the trilogy, is the beautiful, amazing graphics, created by the developers. Initially, the game involved two locations, but now the level of the game has increased and in the final point, the player is invited to participate, and six different and exciting locations. Players will be invited to take part in interesting adventures on the savannah, or travel through endless snowy forests and plains. The game will be quite varied, all the time will change the environment and the collection of animals that must live in these natural conditions. The player uses a map of the area, which must be downloaded at the beginning of the game. The map is filled with different animal species that are searching for food, water, and a place to rest. The spotter actively brings the player up to speed, tells him where the animals congregate, recommends certain species to hunt, advises how to properly organize tracking, sit in an ambush, and helps him choose the appropriate weapon. It is practically impossible to get close to an animal; the animals sense a man from afar. The best option is to organize an ambush on the trail where animals move every day in search of food or water. And organize in this place a good ambush. The player has the right to choose the weapon, and in the arsenal of the game there are a lot of it and it is very diverse. You can make a choice according to the caliber, the type of ammunition and weapons.
To conduct the hunt is possible using two methods. The first method is tracking, the second - the baiting. The bait can be a favorite food of the animal or, for predators, a stuffed animal with a luring taste and smell. The player is free to act, you can actively participate in quests, which offers a caretaker of the area, or you can just wander around the locations, admire the nature and hunt all the animals that fall on your eyes. The gamer will be able to use the transport. After all, it is much more convenient and faster to chase a deer or wild boar by car.

Hunting Simulator

The perfect, famous hunting simulator, which also saw the light of day in 2017. In front of the player opens up huge locations for hunting, tracking and luring the beast. A large arsenal of weapons and equipment, gives the opportunity to try out its many types. And a large and diverse number of animals that live in the game locations, allow you to diversify the hunt or just admire the animals and learn about them. Which is also very interesting and instructive.

Hunting Simulator 2

In 2020 a sequel to the previous project created by Neopica is released. The sequel, truly and forever won the hearts of fans of the previous part, because it was undeniably better. In the hands of the gamer is a set of location maps with unforgettable, beautiful nature of the Colorado plains, endless Texas deserts and European forests. Maps are quite large about fifteen kilometers square and inhabited by more than thirty-three different species of animals The nature of the location corresponds to the natural features of the area that the map represents. To hunt the player can use the tracking of animals, the definition of the place of accumulation of traces and organization of high-quality ambush, of course, with the leeward side. The gamer is invited to choose a weapon from a fairly rich arsenal of one hundred and sixty units. But the main feature of this game were pedigree hunting dogs. Excellent trained dogs of three different breeds. Labrador retriever, Beagle and German Kurzhaar, each dog in his own way can help his master. After all, each breed has only her unique abilities. One dog is an excellent swimmer and will retrieve prey from a deep river or lake. Another dog, well able to track down and catch small animals, bringing the prey at the feet of the owner. Without a faithful friend, the gameplay will be boring, and the dog's loyalty and devotion will be enjoyable.


An excellent, extremely realistic dinosaur-hunting simulator, a monster that has long been a fantasy. Huge lizard-like monsters inspire inexplicable horror, you do not feel sorry to kill them. You only need to overcome your fear of them and calmly aim and shoot. The nature of the locations offered to us is fantastic, made up from the beginning to the end. That does not prevent us to enjoy the surrounding scenery, thanks to the open world, well-drawn graphics and the atmosphere of realism. The player will feel like a direct participant in this phantasmagoria. The dangers of the dinosaur hunt are conveyed quite plausibly. Players can fully enjoy the sense of danger in the hunt and the mystery of the unusual locations.

Monster Hunter: World

This hunting simulator is based entirely on tracking and destroying monsters and a variety of terrifying creatures. Giant monsters resemble lizards, dragons and dinosaurs at the same time. It is difficult to determine who it is in front of you. One thing is clear, this monster must be destroyed immediately. Otherwise, you could pay with your life.

24 July 2022