A selection of strong quest-adventures with elements of interactive cinema

At the moment, projects created in the genre of adventure quests are very popular. Equipped with fascinating elements of interactive cinema. An example of this project is the game Life is Strange, created by developers and designers studio Dontnod Entertainment. In these games, the development of the plot and the ending depends entirely on the actions and actions of the player. These projects are completely captures and makes you forget about reality. If you like these games, and after a successful passing, you want to experience similar emotions, we can help you understand and find an excellent option. Here, in our opinion, is an interesting list of games in the genre of quest-adventures with elements of interactive cinema.

Broken Age

This wonderful project, filled with exquisite personality, was created by Tim Schaefer. His company Double Fine Productions has participated in the creation of many no less interesting and fascinating hits. But this game is worth highlighting separately. It all came together harmoniously, and the plot, and the interface, and great graphics. The storyline conveys to us the interesting world of teenagers Vella and Shay. Young people, full of strength, to resist society and public, established opinion. Their dream, is to live the way they want, according to their characters and inclinations. Not the way society teaches them and their environment expects them to live. Teenagers live in two different, parallel worlds, between which the player can quickly switch. The lives of teenagers go on as if in parallel, without intersecting, they will never meet. Such an interesting and modern idea, could only originate in the imagination of such a genius as Tim Schaefer. The main characters live the same thoughts, and feelings, and even do the same things. What a shame that one of them lives in outer space, and the other on earth. Throughout the gameplay, the theme of otherworlds is actively touched upon. Therefore, it is interesting to follow the parallel otherworldly realities. Reveal for yourself the character and behavioral features of the main characters. To study their deeds and actions, which can abruptly change the entire gameplay line.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

This project was given to us by the developers of Life is Strange. The plot of the adventure game takes place in the same universe as in Life is Strange.
A boy of about ten years old, suddenly imagines himself to be the Captain Ghost, and he gets so involved into this role, that begins to lead a rather successful fight against demons, that live inside him. The game merges the first and second parts of the hit Life is Strange 1 and Life is Strange 2. Here the player has an opportunity to meet the heroes of the previous season and get acquainted with the new ones. All characters actively influence the outcome of the game and its storyline. The entire project is studded with a variety of quests, each of which reflects the fears of the main character and helps to overcome them. Gameplay on time is not prolonged. An experienced gamer overcomes it in an hour and a half or two hours. But it doesn't take away its value. The project is still interesting and varied, draws the player and makes him sympathize and empathize with the hero.

Beyond: Two Souls

The developers of the game, the famous studio Quantic Dream, which brought to life a lot of different and interesting projects. The main chip of these developers, is to immerse the heroes they have created in a fairly tough and harsh conditions. Coming up with for the characters is a very tragic stories and legends. For example, Ethan experienced a great tragedy, having lost his child as a result of a car collision, and Jody, having experienced a personal tragedy, became authentic, has no close friends and avoids society as much as possible. It is Jody's story that will be told in this fascinating project. All these nuances make you empathize and sympathize with our heroes. The player merges with the character and begins to actively live the life of his character. These are the miracles of the game with elements of interactive cinema. The gameplay spans a girl's life from toddlerhood through adolescence, giving us a chance to participate in Jody's life and adventures over the course of 16 long years. We learn about and participate in the challenges of childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. In the action game, a girl with unusual abilities learns to master them, live with them, and use them in her life. We understand from the storyline of the game that unusual abilities are not called in full happiness for the heroine. Or maybe it's even a curse, depending on which way you look at it. The girl, like many such children who have an unusual power, will have to go its way alone. No one will be able to help her cope with such hardships. That's probably the way of all unique people in their own way.

Remember Me

This interesting action game is equipped with a unique combo system. Players, passing this project, will participate in battles with the strongest opponents, but will also be able to change the memories and memory of almost all the characters in the game. The main character has a unique feature called Memory Remixing. She can change people's memories for her own purposes, thus affecting reality. A person begins to relate to his memories differently, his actions and behavior are adjusted. And consequently the present and future change. And in some cases, it is possible to change what has already happened. But care must be taken to ensure that the changes in memories do not harm the very character whose memory is being corrected. In the worst case scenario, this could lead to the death of the character. The game is very interesting, and will appeal to every fan of games with elements of interactive cinema.

Until Dawn

This horror game, a real exclusive, was released in 2015, and since then its popularity has not fallen, but rather tends upwards. The gameplay is directly related to the actions, remarks, characters of the main characters. It is very interesting to go through the whole game, look at the end result, what happened. And then start playing all over again, changing the routes, dialogues, picking up other words, changing the actions. And as a result, you will find that the ending of the game has changed from the word go. Returning to one of the points of the past, stopping time and a steep turn of events, this option is not possible in this game. But this does not make the gameplay any less attractive, on the contrary, it attracts you with an interesting storyline and other additional features.

13 June 2022