A selection of games where the player has to go through the development from ancient times to modern times

Video games that allow us to really solve the problems of a nation of our choice, as well as develop its cultural values and general development are really addictive. You will be able to try yourself in the role of a real ruler. Go with your people through many centuries of evolution and earn worldwide recognition. Players who want to see with their own eyes the everyday life in which our distant ancestors lived. Or just those who are interested in playing something historical and close to real life. These games cover a large number of time periods. And each of them is interesting and unique in its own way and requires in-depth research.

CIVILIZATION game series

Probably one of the best representatives of the genre to date. As the best series of global turn-based strategies. In Civilization games we will develop our own civilization, in which we will be given a choice of a variety of nations. We will use our own forces to promote our chosen nation to world leadership. And all the events of your promotion will take place through several real historical eras. From ancient times to the space age. In your own hands will be a huge range of public affairs of paramount importance. We will be working on our nation's culture as well, keeping in mind the roots of our ancestors and improving the way it is presented. Of course we will spend a great deal of time building our own cities and improving the welfare of its inhabitants. It will always be necessary to solve problems with the population of the cities, providing jobs and housing for the common people and improving their well-being. There are also various scientific studies, the degree of development of which also depends on the time epoch and the degree of development of civilization. You should also not forget about such an important thing as diplomacy. More than once you will have to make allies from neighboring nations and enlist their help or support in this or that problem. After all, if you are bogged down in war, it is not very good for the development of your nation. And your enemies will be vindictive and will always be looking for a reason to conflict. You will also have to trade a lot with other countries, so that you don't need those resources that are not available in your own land. Achieve your own success by your own means and get the best results. After all, the game offers a variety of ways to achieve your goals. Everyone will find their own approach to this or that situation.


Another interesting global turn-based strategy game with a focus on the development of your own civilization. We are free to take our choice of one of the many different eras represented in the game. Whether modernity or the Stone Age, you are free to decide where the history of your people begins. Take charge of one of the many nations inhabiting our Earth. Unlike most games of this genre, in Humankind you will play as a civilization that does not contain explicit national features. After all, as your civilization develops you are free to decide what traits your nation will adopt. Will it combine the traits of other factions or will you want to create it from scratch? In this way you can turn it into a unique and unrepeatable fusion of culture, science and social values. The variations of your experience when you start a new game will be so different from the previous one that you'll want to return to this beautiful fictional game world more than once and leave your mark on the history of your civilization. The game also features a very convenient and interesting network mode, where you can start your own development race with your friends. The game allows you to lead your own style of leadership in the game and does not limit you to anything. You are free to do what you want and how you want. Everything depends on your desire and imagination. Humankind will give you a precious gaming experience and allow you to experience unique events.

AGE OF EMPIRES game series

A wonderful franchise of truly historical real-time strategy games. Each part of the series captures a different historical era. Each of these different eras has contributed to the history and development of humanity in its own way, allowing us to become who we are today. The first parts of the Age Of Empires franchise are considered to be some of the best even today. They offer you to take control of one of twelve unique civilizations and lead them to the world top during the Stone Age and up to the Iron Age. The second part of the series allows us to experience a different historical time. Namely, the early Middle Ages and the well-known Renaissance. You have to develop your civilization, improving its many aspects. Be it cultural values or economy. Military politics are also of great importance here. You never know which of your neighbors will decide to invade your lands so it pays to be prepared. Assemble your indestructible army and don't let your opponents think you're an easy target. Each of the civilizations available to you in the game has different types of military units and capabilities. Having thoroughly studied your weaknesses and understanding your advantages, you will not leave your enemies a chance to win. The many different game mechanics and abilities will give you invaluable experience and enjoyment.


The second part of this wonderful franchise is still considered a real classic in the genre of global real-time strategy. Though we are given a small interval of historical history in our hands, namely from 1066 to 1337 and you are free to continue your history up to 1453. Crusader Kings II, although in such a small interval for world history. But within this period a lot of fascinating and interesting events are possible. It's up to you to decide which way your history, as well as the whole world, will go. After all, your actions and decisions always move the plot of the story in some direction, even if you do not know about it at the beginning. A seemingly small decision by you can change a global event. You can never predict how your story will end in this game and whether you will be able to walk out in one piece from its consequences. Take charge of your own country, appoint your heirs to responsible positions and strengthen your relationships with your neighbors. There are no set limits to your abilities in this game and the game encourages all kinds of improvisation and unusual approaches.

08 September 2022